Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spring Fizz at TAMK

The International Services of TAMK, TUT and UTA gathered together in June to celebrate the ending of successfull spring semester. Second time organized Spring Fizz was this time organized by TAMK International Services. The responsibility of organizing this event was admitted to the Sring Fizz committee which consisted of our Incoming Coordinators.  

Flags that were selected for flag recognition. How many of them do you recognize?
The Spring Fizz committee had planned "Olympics" for the participants.  The participants were randomly divided into four different groups that competed with each others in different sports.For the events committee had chosen darts, mölkky (with some specific features), croquet and flag recognition. There was a rumor that croquet would have been people's favorite sport but the judge for it was a bit too pedantic.
For the flag recognition the committee had selected one of  the most difficult and unknown flags. These flags confused even the staff members that have worked in the international section for many years.

Mölkky was connected with frisbee throwing

Spring Fizz Committee
 The groups were given points by their performance in different sports and the group with most points was rewarded with special diplomas.
The losers got chocolate as a consolation prize so hopefully every one left with cheerful mind. 


Croquet turned out to be
a bit more difficult than normally
One dart was lost to the hole in the middle of the background.
This didn't give any extra points for the group.

Text: Sanna Hosike

JULY - the summer holiday month in Finland!

The academic year 2011-12 is almost over and the students and staff members of TAMK are preparing themselves for summer holiday.

The summer holiday month here is Finland is definitely July. What this means in practice is that Finns are then totally enjoying their free time. Workplaces are empty, schools are closed and most Finns are on the countryside…far from the cities.

Many Finns have a summer cottage near by the lake. Spending a holiday in a cottage is a nice way to relax and have a good time with a family and friends. There are thousands and thousands of lakes and cottages in Finland. Majority of Finnish people live in South Finland but the summer cottages are located all around Finland. Summer cottages are usually well equipped and there Finns can live there “luxuriously” but close to nature. Also many overseas visitors rent a summer cottage where they can spend their vacation in Finland.  

But what else can foreign visitors do in Finland during the summer time than spend some time in a summer cottage? Visitors to Finland will find that there are always plenty of things to do there. Those who love the outdoors will discover a country just waiting to be explored, whether by foot, by bicycle, by boat or by car. And other visitors who want explore more cultural things can visit the museums, galleries, exhibitions or historical buildings and monuments. And one great option is also to visit our numerous summer events and festivals where it is possible to mingle with Finns. But whatever you decide to do in Finland or other destinations in the world during your summer holiday, don´t forget to relax and enjoy your free time!

And now when my summer holiday is about to begin I want to thank all our foreign partner universities for a great cooperation during this academic year. I really look forward to work with you again after the summer break!

Kirsi Tolvanen
Head of International Services

Monday, 25 June 2012

Rector Delegation from Ecuador

To ensure the exchange possibilities for students, teachers and staff members of TAMK, International Services constantly maintains the existing agreements and makes new ones. One of the agreements to renew this year was the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between TAMK and Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) in Ecuador. 

The rector of ESPOL, Mr. Moisés Tacle Galárraga, was on an European tour this June and visited TAMK on 21st of June to sign the renewed MOU. Mr. Tacle Gallárraga came to Finland from Estonia where he had visited some of their partner universities and from Finland he continued his work trip to Spain.

Mr. Moisés Tacle Galárraga and Mr. Markku Lahtinen with the signed contracts  

Text: Sanna Hosike
Picture: Kirsi Tolvanen

Monday, 18 June 2012

International Study Week on Cultural Diversity on Nursing and Family Nursing 21-25 May

Every May you can find the active and international School of Health Care in Tampere University of Applied Sciences!
The School of Health Care of TAMK organized international study week on 21-25 May 2012. The week included lectures and presentations from teachers, students and staff members, who are working in the field of health care and internationalization. Our international guests also made study visits to a nursery, Tampere University Hospital and the new patient hotel Nordic Care.

Themes of the week were family nursing and cultural diversity on nursing. Guests came from Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Kenya, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey and UK. Also all exchange students in School of Health Care and students from Norway Hedmark University College and Estonia Tallinna Health Care College participated in this week. 

There were also free time activities during the week. Exchange students were having a picnic in Viiking Island and teachers went to dinner cruise by boat seeing beautiful Pyhäjärvi lake. The weather was favoring this week with sun.
Head of Degree programme Pia Keiski welcomed guests to the TAMK
International coordinators in Nursing  Gitte Taulo and Sanna Laiho introduced 
Finland, TAMK and the Degree Programme in Nursing
Gitte presented the school premises and gave instructions for the week.
During the week participation was very active and all presentations were very interesting!
Mogambi Linda Kwamboka lectured about nursing profession and education in Kenya.
Teachers in the expert forum discussing about The European Qualifications Framework.
On Friday there were studyvisits to visiting teachers and students in Tampere University Hospital, Day Care and Patient Hotel.
The international week was very fruitful. Over 200 students participated week, visiting teachers were 16 and TAMK´s own teachers participated actively in lectures with their students.
We already wish you welcome to visit us next May 2013!

Text and photos: Miina Nupponen & Gitte Taulo

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Examined Tartu Art College Theses evaluation: We have much to learn

Our active partner Tartu Art College invited me to participate in the committee evaluating their New Media theses - an honorable challenge which I accepted with pride and pleasure. During one very long day and a half I have seen 15 videos, games, animations, interactive installations and performances and had very intense and in-depth debates with the six other members of the committee. Brilliant days, because I learned so much from the students, their supervisors and evaluators and the evaluation committee members.

The Graduate Show Lend 2012 is open in two locations: at the Market Hall
and in Gallery Nooruus (Youth), the gallery of the Art College.

There was a lot of value for me in this trip, but two things impressed me outstandingly:

First: the university shows clearly their reverence of the graduates: The rector reads all theses and is member of the evaluation committee, the vice rector is the sectetary, respected Estonian professionals are invited to the evaluation committee. The graduates are treated with highest esteem and are the central heroes of the process.
In addition to theses works of Department of Media and Advertisement Design, the theses
of which I assessed, Tartu Art College departments are Furniture, Leather Design, Paintings,
Photography, Sculpture and Textile.

Second: the students are mature and professional; they have prepared very well and able to motivate their decisions with dignity also when the critique is sharp. Simultaniously they are humble and take the advice of the more experienced with respect.
Uku Pira's thesis was the installation "Memory loss" dealing with
electronic waste. The screen  (not seen on photo) was a grave-
yard of abandoned computers. A brilliant Performance I'll never
forget. Uku interviewed by TAC Rector Vallo Nuust

The first TAMK international Media Programme students will graduate next spring. So happy I made this trip, I got so many brilliant ideas to implement.
Game Design is a rising field also in Tartu, three Theses were games. Pictured
Mari Kukk and her iPad Game Funky Fauna

Read more about our cooperation with Tartu

Tartu Art College on Facebook
Tartu Art College home

One of the things we share with Tartu Art College is the Interactive Film
professor Chris Hales, here in discussion with the authors Eduard and Oscar
Wilde in front of the pub where we (Chris and me) followed the UEFA Eurocup
game France vs, England on Monday.

Story and pics: Cai Melakoski

Head, TAMK Degree Programme in Media
Trivia: Tartu is the Finnish Twin City of the City of Tampere in Estonia

Study Trip: Comprehending the German Aviation Industry

Group portrait in front of Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training.

On the 9th of March 2012, 20 mechanical engineering students climbed aboard a bus headed for Vuosaari harbor in Helsinki. There the bus was driven onto a Finnlines ro-ro ship for a 27 hour sea voyage destined for Travemünde, Germany. Thus began our study trip to Germany.
The group comprised mainly of mechanical engineering students specializing in aviation technology, so the emphasis of the trip was on the German aviation industry. We spent 4 days in Hamburg, whereafter we drove to Berlin for the remaining 2 days of the week. Daily visits were arranged in interesting organisations, companies or places, after which it was possible to do sightseeing and traveling on one's personal choosing.

In Hamburg we visited 4 sights. Our 1st destination on Sunday was the U-434 submarine museum. The U-434 is a decommissioned Soviet diesel-electric submarine that has been turned into museum ship docked in the Hamburg harbor. She was constructed in 1976 during the height of the Cold War and remained in active duty until 2000. It was used mainly in espionage and patrol roles. Allegedly it has sat undetected for months in the New York harbor on one of her many missions. Our guided tour gave as a broad understanding of the harsh living and working conditions the crews were subjected to on their long missions.

On Monday morning we went to Miniatur Wunderland, which is basically the world's largest model railway. After that in the evening we drove to Lufthansa Technik overhaul and maintenance facilities, adjacent to the Hamburg airport. Here we were first familiarized with the Lufthansa Technik organisation and history during a short powerpoint and video presentation. Then led by our awesome tour guide, we moved throughout the hangars and workshops, getting  detailed answers to our questions and seeing cutting edge overhaul and maintenance methods and procedures in action. For example we saw the liquid penetrant inspections facilities and saw actual parts up close being inspected for crack propagation.
Airbus has donated a pair of Airbus A320 cockpit simulators to HAW Hamburg.
The next day was solely reserved for visiting the local university of applied sciences: HAW Hamburg. They are one of our dozens of partner schools, so arranging a comprehensive visit wasn't difficult. Because of the proximity of large aerospace industry giants such as Airbus and Lufthansa, HAW has an impressive department of aerospace engineering. They have 2 wind-tunnels, a pair of A320 cockpit simulators donated to them by Airbus, a comprehensive array of metal and structure testing equipment and dozens of projects for the future designs (e.g. a project for the making of a viable and flyable model of a blended wing aircraft) of aviation backed by the likes of Airbus. Furthermore we visited their automobile engineering laboratory, Formula Student team, Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training, etc. All in all a visit that made me a bit jealous of the study resources and possibilities in HAW.
HCAT has a 'small' cross-section of fuselage from an Airbus A320 at their disposal for training purposes.

On Wednesday we drove a short way to the Airbus Hamburg factory. While we waited for our tour to start, we were able to watch aircraft in different stages of testing, take-off and land on Airbus' own runway. The actual factory tour was done on our own bus, by driving from hangar to hangar. We saw the huge A380's fuselage segment assembly hangar as well as its' final assembly next door too. We visited one of the A320 -aircraft family fuselage assembly lines too, as well as the final assembly line next door, where 1.5 aircraft roll out to meet their new owners every single day. After our Airbus factory tour, we headed for the autobahns for the trip to Berlin, where we arrived late in the evening.

An A320 manufactured for the Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo taxing down the runway at Airbus' Hamburg factory for a test flight.

Thursday morning we visit Anecom Aerotest Gmbh, a company specializing in the engineering,  testing and tuning of gas turbines, including aircraft engines. They have a test bench with which they are able to simulate the real running of a gas turbine, while at the same time monitoring and tuning the engine operation. Anecom Aerotest specializes in the art of optimally placing the right sensors in the right spots of the engine in order to find out as much as possible and as precisely as possible about  the gas turbines' operating events. They even have one of Europe's largest sound chambers, where they are able to test single components or larger assemblies for noise emissions and pinpoint the problems with the help of microphones. Later in the day, we also visited the Luftwaffe museum, where the German air-force has donated some of its' decommissioned aircraft. There was a large collection of aircraft ranging from WWI -era biplanes to WWII -era fighters to early jet fighters to modern attack helicopters and jets. 

As Friday was the last day of our trip, of course the sun came out and the temperatures climbed to an almost 20 degrees centigrade. This was perfect weather for the final event in our trip: a guided bus-tour of Berlin, which anybody who's ever been to Berlin will know, has a lot to see and learn about. After this we started the long trip back to Finland by first driving to Travemünde for the sea voyage back. On the whole the trip was a successful glimpse into the thriving aviation industry of Germany as well as giving us an undeniably important experience regarding German culture and aviation technology.

Text: Mikko Manninen
Photos: Santeri Viinikainen

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Porto - the heart of Port wine, but also a lovely tourist trap

Ola!  I was privileged to take part into the international week of ISCAP - The Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto in the end of May 2012. There were over 60 persons of different EU countries, both teachers and non-teaching staff attending this traditional international week.
Our programme was quite intensive and days were long, but it was a great experience. Someone would maybe think that it was a Southern European chaos with over 60 persons, but I was very surprised and happy to notice that Portuguese people in Porto and at ISCAP were organized, effective, lovely and quick in their actions.  We were happy to see and hear traditional Portuguese dances and songs performed by the students. Local people, personnel and students organized also an international gastronomic fair and tasting of lovely Portuguese products, such as wines, jams, ham, cheese, olive oil products. The reception, opening and welcome dinner were really warm and energetic occasions in Portuguese way to meet and learn each others. The local wine culture helps evidently to cross language and culture barriers.
It was interesting to meet so many people of different EU countries. Our programme was divided into two different ones: a programme for teachers and a programme for non-teaching staff. Teachers were teaching for the ISCAP students from the morning to night - really until 11.30 p.m. Non-teaching staff got the possibility for project brainstorming, learn about languages, translations and communication, learn about international relations and public relations and other activities at ISCAP. Non-teaching staff were for example people from international office, project office, projects and financial and administration staff. 

My goals of the international week were to activate and improve my English language skills, to meet project people, to discuss a mutual project idea together with people from different EU countries, to learn about Porto and Portugal and its culture, to get new ideas and energy for the near future and enjoy international and intercultural atmosphere.
I was really tired and happy after my international week at ISCAP in Porto, but I was able to fulfill my goals and tasks fully. Obrigada Porto, obrigada all lovely Europeans of different universities or institutes. Especially muito obrigada to the international office of ISCAP. Finally my 12 points go to Alexandra Albuquerque, Head of International Office J
We will meet again for sure! Adeus bela Porto!
Obrigada = thank you
belo, bela = beautiful
Adeus = goodbye
ola! = hallo!

Text & pictures: Ursula Helsky-Lehtola

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day Two in Pictures

For me the start of the day two was bit rough when I accidentally (well, I don't know who does it on purpose) overslept. Fortunately I managed to be on time at TAMK and I was only late from my own schedule. If my word for yesterday was hectic, this morning it wouldn't been even close to describe my feelings.

Despite of the hasty morning I had, the day has been another success so far. You might easily think I need a dictionary because my lack of variety in adjectives and descriptive words, but I still think there isn't any other word for today. 

So far this day has consisted of Dr. Irja Pietilä's second lecture, Special Interest Groups and visits either to Demola or Polamk. 
This day isn't over yet though since we still have a sauna evening and dinner in Marttilan pirtti ahead of us. Because pictures speak a thousand words, here are some from today.

Text & Pictures: Sanna Hosike, Trainee, International Services

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Kick Off

The first day of the International Week for Non-Teaching Staff is over and I can't say anything else than it really was a success. I met alot of new great people and I can't wait to get to know even more of them. As a Finn I'm used to the silent moments but with this group it's not going to be a problem since there's so much to talk about; there's no room for silence. 

Today the group got a kick off for the week's theme by a opening lecture called Intercultural Communication Skills in Own Professionalism by Dr. Irja Pietilä. The participants had to think in groups what does it mean to be interculturally awere and where do they need intercultural awareness in their work. They also had to put their ideas to paper by drawing them. This caused some amazement among the people and lot of "But I don't know how to draw" comments. After all the outputs of the groups were great and you were able to see that they put a lot of thought to them.

The programmed part of the day ended with a guided city bus tour and even though I have been on the same kind of tour four times before, I was still able to learn some more about the town where I'm living. Though that was not a surprise since this was the comment also from people living here almost 15 times longer than I have.

At the beginning of the day we were suppose to introduce ourselves and give an adjective that descripes best the feeling at the moment. I forgot to say my adjective since I was trying to do too many times at the same time. My adjective for the day would be hectic but even though I have been running from place to place for most of the day, I must say this day has also been really exciting and I would have not wanted to be anywhere else.

But let the pictures speak to themselves :)

Text & Pictures: Sanna Hosike, Trainee, International Services

Friday, 8 June 2012

Summer is here!

The holiday season started this week. Summer has officially started though the weather has not been really summerlike. Schools are over for now and pupils and students are either spending their holidays vacating or working in summer jobs. People might easily think that schools and universities are practically graveyards during summer. That is not true since all the time there is staff in universities who are working through out the summer finishing up the previous, and preparing for the upcoming semester. 

Anyhow, Kuntokatu campus has been more quiet for some weeks now because the students are gone, but it all changed this week when the halls and classrooms were filled with thousands of hopeful applicants that took part of the entrance exams for different degree programmes.

Next week, Kuntokatu campus will be again filled with life. There will be an excited international atmosphere, when International Services welcomes 27 guests from our partner universities all over Europe.

On Monday 11th of June starts the 4th annual International Week for Non-Teaching Staff at TAMK! The following week consists of lectures, workshops and sessions where everyone participating will have the chance to exchange best practices with each other concerning their work in their home universitites and institutions of higher education.

Preparations for this week have been going on for months now and we are ready to receive our visitors. The signs are on the walls, the classroom is ready, the topics and presentations for Special Interest Group sessions have been finalized, and the staff’s mood is on international mode. The weather has also noticed that our international guests are slowly arriving since the sun has been shining during the last couple of days. I can’t wait for Monday finally to come!

Welcome everyone, we are waiting for you!

Text: Sanna Hosike & Noora Järventaus
Photos: Sanna Hosike

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

European Advertising Teams – EUTA IP

European Advertising Teams – EUTA IP

European Advertising Teams - EUTA IP 2012 was organised  by Plantijn Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium. The coordinator was Ann Gemoets. Altogether more than 40 students took part in the IP. From Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland students Pia Dag, Annika Dillenburger, Daniela Siegismund, Oana Syrjäläinen and Minea Tarkiainen participated the IP.  The coordinator of the team from Finland was Pirkko Varis.

Anni and smile!

Students were divided into 8 multicultural teams to work with company assignments. From each of the countries one company had given an assignment to the IP. The main task of the students was to plan a marketing communications and an advertising campaign for the European markets. Special lectures were given by experts in marketing communications and advertising to give students guidance in their work. Staff members of the universities worked as coaches for the teams. Students built up marketing communications strategies, campaign plans and produced creative solutions for the companies. Each of the team worked hard across the multinational boundaries. They produced excellent campaigns for the companies.  

Think Today multicultural team, Pia the second on the left
From Finland the assignment was given by THINK TODAY, a SME located in the Tampere Region. The SME has several target groups. The assignment was about raising brand awareness of the selected products and the SME among the selected target audience in some European countries.  The objective was to design an integrated marketing communications campaign including both traditional media and internet, online & social media keeping in mind the mentioned three products and selected target audience. The student team from Finland did a market survey before the IP and the multicultural team worked with the assignment in Belgium. Smile was in the focus of the campaign and we could see a lot of smiling faces in Antwerp. The company got the results of the work and is able to use suggested ideas in its operations. In the following you can find the statement of the company owner concerning the work of the students:

Hi from the THINK TODAY company in Finland,

Thank you for the ideas of your EUTA IP meeting in Belgium. The student team informed me about the new ideas and results for the THINK TODAY company’s marketing communications and advertising campaigns that the student team discovered at the time in the meetings in Belgium. Many of the ideas are really good and realistic to do. I found many issues to do better the marketing communications of the company. Some ideas are maybe useful later with some changes to do first. Everything was done with smile so the spirit has been good, thank you for that! It was great to be a part of this work.

Best regards
Susanne Hamari

Oana presenting the Think Today survey results

To work in a multicultural team with a real-life assignment was a very positive experience. More about the experiences and feelings you can find in the Facebook.

The team from Finland

Photos: Pia Dag

Minea, Anni, Daniela & Oana enjoying Antwerp