Monday, 26 March 2012

International Week for Engineering on 19 – 23 March 2012

The second International Week for Engineering took place on the main campus of TAMK on 19 - 23 March 2012. The week consisted of lectures, networking, socializing, and familiarizing the visitors to some aspects of the Finnish culture.

Everybody gathered to the welcoming session

The Degree Programmes of Engineering, Technology and Natural Resources hosted 21 visitors from 16 partner universities of TAMK. The group was quite international, since the participants came from 10 different countries – mostly from Europe, but one guest arrived all the way from South Korea. In addition to some familiar faces, we were happy to welcome several new lecturers for the week.
The visitors held 34 lectures in English for the students and staff of TAMK. All together ca 850 engineering students participated in the lecture sessions.
The first-year Environmental Engineering students organized the Water Day on Tuesday 20 March, and three of the visiting professors contributed to that event by giving lectures in the Assembly Hall. Prof. Otilija Miseckaite, guest lecturer from Aleksandras Stulginskis University, Lithuania was talking about Pollution from Agricultural Areas, Prof. Seongho Hong from Soongsil University, South Korea lectured about the Treatment of Drinking Water, and Prof. Hedda Sander from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany was focusing on Phycology – the World of Algae.
Water day event took place in the main campus of TAMK
Every participant had a chance to introduce their university with a 10-minute slot and tell the necessary info. The session was open to all TAMK students and personnel.

Prof. Clemens Derndorfer from Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Wels introducing his university

The guests had a chance to get to know more of Tampere on a sightseeing tour on Monday 19 March. Unfortunately, the weather was not the most clement, but luckily the guide was quite good and had many stories to tell about Tampere and the history of the city. The sauna evening was organized by a lake in Hangaslahti, and all the guests enjoyed it a lot and were praising the scenery. Most of them also tried ice swimming. The experience was great, even unforgettable, and it was not at all as extreme as you may have imagined.

The guests were admiring the view from Pispala
The feedback from the guests was mainly positive. The ideas for further development of the International Week were very much appreciated by the organisers, and all the feedback is going to be taken into consideration while planning the similar event in 2013.
All in all, the week was a success, and TAMK wants to thank all the guests who joined the second International Week of Engineering. Hope you all enjoyed Tampere, and will visit us again soon!

Text & Photos: Sanna Hosike

Friday, 23 March 2012

TAMK in Indian television

TAMK teachers and students visited India and got interviewed by the local TV9.

Here's the link to the video:

The Finnish week of Universities of Applied Sciences in Bangalore was shown also in Deccan Herald news paper:

New international tutors are trained and ready!

Among many other TAMK students, Jyrki Paldán and Jarkko Oksanen took part in the International Tutor Training organized by Tamko Student Union this week.

The engineering students Jarkko and Jyrki are already looking forward to the arrival of the exchange students next autumn. They have both been already in exchange, Jyrki in Iceland and Jarkko in Hungary, and they enjoyed their time abroad. Now they have a possibility to meet new people and have international contacts in Finland too. Jarkko wishes to have a Hungarian tutoree in order to learn some Hungarian language.

As they both have already exchange experience and also experience of being a peer tutor, they’re convinced that being an international tutor can’t be difficult. The first task to the tutors is to contact their tutorees in June and help them with the arrangements by answering to the tricky questions that incoming students might have.

During the two sessions this week, the becoming tutors learned a lot of useful information about practical matters, tutor’s responsibilities, cultural challenges etc. The participants of the training represented many different TAMK degree programs and campuses including Kuntokatu, Virrat, Ikaalinen and Finlayson campuses.

Text and photo: Kaisa Merilahti, International Services

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Visitors from JAMK

TAMK International Services hosted a visit by colleagues from JAMK University of Applied Sciences: International Relations Manager Nina Björn, International Relations Planner Maarit Sinikangas and International Relations Secretaries Anu Lietonen and Sini Nousiainen.

The aim of the visitors was to familiarize themselves with TAMK International Services’ operations and how they differ from their own. This was best accomplished by presentations both ways and vivid discussions with each visitor’s counterparts.

During the day it became clear that although methods may vary, objectives and outcomes are quite the same. Within the JYTA consortium (Jyväskylä-Tampere, naturally) collaboration has always been close and international activities have been a spearhead in many cases.

Together we can offer more to our foreign guests and students and can share resources to focus on the essential. After all - Jyväskylä is not that far away.

Inland Finland rules!

Text & Photos: Sanna Hosike, Trainee, International Services

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ice Screen Project 2012 opening @ Finlayson

ISP 2012 :: Teaser Trailer from hermaxx on Vimeo.

It seems that in our fast-changing, crowded with new technologies world, everything is so common that there is nothing to amaze us. But the idea of a unique project organized by TAMK is a challenge. During one week of cutting and lifting ice blocks from a frozen lake in Lapland and assembling them to huge-sized custom-shaped ice screens which are being projected on, students are given the opportunity not only to work with ice in terms of large-scale sculpturing but also to explore new ways and possibilities of interactive visual installments.
Project is an opportunity for creative students to implement their visual creations on the prepared ice blocks. The format of those creations can differ from a picture on an ice block to the interactive video installation. 
Ice screen project – is a unique opportunity to expand the perception of ice by adding innovations. It transforms nature to a space where people are involved into visual world and touch the sense of new experience.
With the help of newest media devices we present the Ice screen project exhibition 2012. 

We invite You to the exhibition opening at
Spede (2nd floor), TAMK Finlayson campus
on Thursday 4p.m

Friday, 2 March 2012

New winter experiences

Eszter, Rebeka, Iris and Winnii enjoying the winter
The break from studies this week offered great possibilities to do winter activities. Also some of the exchange students took advantage of it and tried cross-country skiing for the first time in their lives. 

Eszter and Rebeka from Hungary and Iris and Winnii from Hongkong borrowed the ski equipment from TAMK and headed to the Kauppi Sports Park, situated right next to the Kuntokatu campus, where there is a wide range of tracks for cross-country skiing.

The day before, the girls already did ice-skating but the ice was already getting too soft. So now it’s the time to try out all the winter activities before the snow will melt away!
If you are interested in borrowing ski equipment, contact TAMK Sports Coordinator Esko Tirkkonen (

Text and photo: Kaisa Merilahti, International Services