Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Porto - the heart of Port wine, but also a lovely tourist trap

Ola!  I was privileged to take part into the international week of ISCAP - The Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto in the end of May 2012. There were over 60 persons of different EU countries, both teachers and non-teaching staff attending this traditional international week.
Our programme was quite intensive and days were long, but it was a great experience. Someone would maybe think that it was a Southern European chaos with over 60 persons, but I was very surprised and happy to notice that Portuguese people in Porto and at ISCAP were organized, effective, lovely and quick in their actions.  We were happy to see and hear traditional Portuguese dances and songs performed by the students. Local people, personnel and students organized also an international gastronomic fair and tasting of lovely Portuguese products, such as wines, jams, ham, cheese, olive oil products. The reception, opening and welcome dinner were really warm and energetic occasions in Portuguese way to meet and learn each others. The local wine culture helps evidently to cross language and culture barriers.
It was interesting to meet so many people of different EU countries. Our programme was divided into two different ones: a programme for teachers and a programme for non-teaching staff. Teachers were teaching for the ISCAP students from the morning to night - really until 11.30 p.m. Non-teaching staff got the possibility for project brainstorming, learn about languages, translations and communication, learn about international relations and public relations and other activities at ISCAP. Non-teaching staff were for example people from international office, project office, projects and financial and administration staff. 

My goals of the international week were to activate and improve my English language skills, to meet project people, to discuss a mutual project idea together with people from different EU countries, to learn about Porto and Portugal and its culture, to get new ideas and energy for the near future and enjoy international and intercultural atmosphere.
I was really tired and happy after my international week at ISCAP in Porto, but I was able to fulfill my goals and tasks fully. Obrigada Porto, obrigada all lovely Europeans of different universities or institutes. Especially muito obrigada to the international office of ISCAP. Finally my 12 points go to Alexandra Albuquerque, Head of International Office J
We will meet again for sure! Adeus bela Porto!
Obrigada = thank you
belo, bela = beautiful
Adeus = goodbye
ola! = hallo!

Text & pictures: Ursula Helsky-Lehtola

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