Friday, 31 July 2009

Research Report compares R&D activities of European UAS

Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences (PIRAMK) has published a research report on a comparative benchmarking study made by TAMK, Pirkanmaa, Seinäjoki and Novia universities of applied scinces (UAS) about the conditions of R&D activities of the UAS in Finland, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

"In higher education research and development activities play an important role as a basis for education and also as a tool for innovations and developing work practices. Within the universitiesof applied sciences research and development focuses on regional economic and service development. In the Finnish higher educational system universities of applied sciences were established in the 1990’s. The two main, interlinked tasks assigned for them were education and regional development. Each of the higher education institutes have designed their own way of fulfillingthese tasks answering to the needs of the region." says Editor-in-chief Ulla-Maija Koivula in the foreword of the publication.

The report compares the organisation and the funding of the R&D activities, how R&D is integrated into education and learning, and how R&D is linked with the regional and economical development. The report also includes examples of R&D projects in the UAS involved. The report is concluded with an analysis and comparison of best practicies and challenges of R&D.

The European UAS benchmarked in this project are Fontys University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), Provenciale Hogeschool Limburg (Belgium) and Fachhochschule Dortmund (Germany).

For further information, read the article by science journalist Kalle Heiska

Read the research report (in English)

Pictured: Research Director Perttu Heino of TAMK (right) and Principal Lecturer Ulla-Maija Koivula of PIRAMK. TAMK and PIRAMK will merge 1.1.2010.
Photo: Kalle Heiska

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ubimedia Competition Deadline August 21!

One of the three focus areas of TAMK University of Applied Sciences research and development activities is Digital Services and Technologies. Ubimedia is one of the most interesting future area of digital media applications. Organising a worldwide competition in Ubimedia enables us to analyse the newest trends and innovations in this field.

The Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award is a worldwide unique competition to award the best ubimedia products. The award ceremony takes place during the annual MindTrek Conference in Tampere, this year October 1-2. The competition is open to artists, producers, researchers and companies everywhere.

Ubi(quitous) Media is a form of human-computer interaction which is integrated into things and environments. It is technology that is embedded "everywhere".

The Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards is arranged by TAMK University of Applied Sciences, MindTrek, Nokia, EMMi Lab. – Tampere University of Technology (TUT)and the Tampere Region Centre of Expertise in Ubiquitous Computing.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage makers of digital media to generate ideas and develop new and innovative ubiquitous media products & services. The entries are expected to take a stand on the question, how ubiquitous computing affects intelligent media environments and what the future of location-and context aware media services might look like.

The entries are expected to take a stand on the following questions, for example:
  • How does ubiquitous computing affect media environments?
  • What are intelligent media environments like?
  • What will the location- and context-aware media services of the future be like?
MindTrek Conference
Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards
Download the Ubimedia 2008 report
Wikipedia about Ubiquitious Computing

Pictured: In the centre 2008 First Prize Winner Peter Frohlich (Point-to-Discover, Telecommunication Research Centre, Austria), on left Head of Jury Björn Stockleben, RBB, Germany and on right Competition Chair Artur Lugmayr, Tampere University of Technology.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Technical implementation for the open innovation bank developed at TAMK

Science journalist Kalle Heiska has published a report about the open innovation bank technical implementation developed at TAMK.

"The open innovation bank developed under the leadership of TAMK University of Applied Sciences is now being tried out and is to be further developed. The innovation bank is open to all; an interactive databank intended for various innovative ideas, problems, proposed solutions and future information. Last year the innovation bank was awarded the Konsta Prize for an invention and promising Finnish success story."

The idea of an innovation bank, called the Open Innovation Bank System (OIBS) evolved at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, which is also leading the development work on it. This bank is public and ideas can be freely stored there of, for example future information can be sought there.

TAMK leads the technical development work on the bank and its computer science students have created an Internet-based platform for it. The implementation is based on an open code so that anyone can design, define and develop the bank’s functions.

Read the whole story at

Pictured: Toni Pippola, project manager at TAMK University of Applied Sciences and Marja Kallioniemi, senior lecturer at Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences have developed an Internet-based innovation bank which is open to all..
Photo: Teemu Riikilä

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fine Art Students' Exhibition in Tartu

MAAVARA (Ride Height)
Galleria Ferrodrum
Tartu Kultuuritehas

Pikk 58/62, 2nd floor

Tartu, Estonia

Welcome to vernissage July 24 at 7 pm!

Four TAMK School of Art and Media Fine Art students open their exhibition Maavara (Ride Hight) tomorrow at the Ferrodrum gallery at Tartu Kultuuritehas (Tartu Culture Factory) in the second largest city of Estonia, Tartu.

The exhibition perceives meanings connected to habitation trough e.g. national celebrities, sense of security and political commentary. The works emphasize habitation as staying locally in a space of architecture as well as living in a broader cultural sphere.

The methods used to create the works are photography, drawing and installation.

The artists are Jussi Koitela, Jaana Laakkonen, Tanel Päll and Mia Saharla.

Picture: Sportlased ja linn 13 by Tanel Päll

Galleria Ferrodrum

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TAMK School of Art and Media Exhibitions and TV shows in July

TAMK is having summer holidays, but the fine art students are busy with exhibitions and the Finnish National Broadcasting Company YLE shows nine School of Art and Media films in July.

Environmental Art Exhibition
In July daily, not on Mondays in August
Departure from Laukontori harbor every hour
Boat tickets: Adults 8 €, senior citizens and students 7 €, children (age 4-17) 4 €.
Read more

Tourist Information art Project
10.7 18 - 9.8.
Galleria Huoltamo
Suvantokatu 4 Tampere
Read more (Only in Finnish)

On TV:

If I Fall
(Jos kaadun) by Hannaleena Hauru
TV1 Tuesday 14.7.2009 2:00 - 2:15 pm
Read more

The YLE Documentary Project shows July 22 seven TAMK School of Art and Media documentaries with the title "Tulevaisuuden tekijät" - Makers of the Future.

TV2 Wednesday 22.7.
at 23:00 Expensive Shit - Melko kallista paskaa by Antti Tuomikoski


23:45 - 00:48 short documentaries:
Ilkka Rautio: Treasured Waters - Ei vettä rantaa rakkaampaa
Seija Hirstiö: Hiljaisuus
Kristiina Lehto: Asperger syndroomaisen päiväkirja
Jussi Autio: Up with attitude - Askel asenteella
Henna Inkinen: Viimeinen päivä
Helena Yli-Kyyny: Sotilasmuistioni

All the films will be presented in the blog in Finnish of the School of Art and Media starting Thursday July 16.

And the final TAMK film shown by YLE in July is:

YRITÄ EES! Hey Please! by Maiju Asikainen
TV2 29.7.2009 at 22.55
Hey Please!

Monday, 13 July 2009

National Center for Mariculture - Practical Training Vol. 4

Summer is here. Temperatures rounding from +38 to +45... Just too much...

These conditions, of course, effect the animals too. Rising temperatures causes better habitats for bacterias and parasites to grow and get strong specialy in standing water locations. In this case - Fish tanks.

(Figure 1 - Denitrification Reactor's system) During june we have been fighting the famous Mycobacterium which similar to human's Tuberculosis together with some other parasites as Benedenia and cryptocarium. Some have easier treatments while some have non.

While not able to work with groupers, i have been focusing more at the growth of gilt-head Bream in the Denitrification system. A project which supported by the USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) and providing a cooperation between Israeli NCM (National Center for Mariculture) in Eilat and Jordanian MSS (Marine Science Station) in Aqaba.

The work at the denitrification system currently been about the oxygen levels inside the reactor. Instead of oxygen level between 0% to 1% there are around 20-30% and most efforts are to locate where and how this oxygen penetrate inside.

(Figure 2- Large scale denitrification reactor pilot's project)

Another problems found out in the system is problematic blocks in the pipes caused by the sludge flowing from the reactor to the solid settler.

After come to decision that in order to make the sludge more active, a removal of some older less active might be a good solution. This will make the sludge younger and hopefully more active and by that more effective in consuming oxygen.
Measurements as OUR (Oxigen Uptake Rate) and NUR (Nitrogen Uptake Rate) helped to confirm the different assumptions.

During the last month i have been experiencing some laboratory work, getting more confident doing that which is why i am here.

Have a safe, relaxed summer and dont forget to put sunscreen when you go out!

Yoav Magen, Environmental Engineering Degree Program.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ars Viikinsaari 09

Environmental Art Exhibition


In July daily, not on Mondays in August
Departure from Laukontori harbor every hour
Boat tickets: Adults 8 €, senior citizens and students 7 €, children (age 4–17) 4 €.

Welcome to the vernissage Sat 11.7. 19:00-00:30

Viikinsaari is a beautiful summer recreation island only 20 minutes boat trip away from Tampere city center. Every summer the Fine Art students of TAMK School of Art and Media host an environmental art exhibition on the island in cooperation with the City of Tampere Cultural Office. This year the exhibition is called Ars Viikinsaari 09.

The artists are: Vera Arjoma, Anni Hujala, Riikka Kunnari, Tuija Lappalainen, Petra Lukkari, Vili Nissinen, Karoliina Paappa, Kristian Tuomainen and Päivi Viinikainen.

The artists describe their work:
"The reality of the nature and human created culture meet at the Ars Viikinsaari 09 exhibition. Nine artists take in various ways advantage of the means of modern art in their works. The works open a dialogue with the environment and the viewer, inviting to reflect on the human relationship with nature, its meaning and essence.

The works communicate about the tension between the momentary and the permanent, about the effects of deeds and events, and the desire and longing of the human to be close to the nature, although grown away.
The methods used include sculpture, photography and installations. In some of the works recycled materials, even waste have been used.

Nature does not consider which social class humans belong to, it is the same for everyone. And the human traces are ultimately the same."

Viikinsaari island
Photos "Making of Ars Viikinsaari" by Vili Nissinen

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Lep pozdrav iz Slovenije!

Greetings from Slovenia, Ljubljana. I have been here four months as an exchange student. For once I have had a good chance to enjoy a Real summer. It has been nearly +30 decrees almost every day. So you can gain a really nice tan.

I have paid attention that these middle Europeans like making out on a bench in the park. People are really hospitable, considerate and generous. And they all wear slippers inside the house.

Dober dan! = Good afternoon!
Nasvidenje! = Goodbye!
Hvala = Thank you
Glava me boli. = My head hurts.
Ti si umazan. = You are dirty.

You'll get a long well with these phrases.

regards: Merja Laine, visual arts-06This is a postcard from Merja Laine, Degree Programme in Fine Arts student. Merja has done her student exchange this spring in the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Ljubljana.

One of the best of the good sides of TAMK UAS is encouraging everybody to internationalise. All students who have progressed properly with their studies, can do an international exchange period. It is most practical to choose one of the TAMK international partner institutions in 40 countries, but it is possible to make an exchange elsewhere as well.

University of Ljublajana
TAMK partner institutions

Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Japanese Student's View on Life and Studies in Finland

In this blog there are many stories written by the international students of our Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering. Some of our international students also have their own blogs. Some time ago I found the "Better together" blog written by Onnellinen (=happy in Finnish). He is a student of the Degree Programme in International Business from Japan. The blog reflects experiences and observations of a foreign student in Finland.

Some of the postings are written in English, some in Japanese. If you don't know Japanese, you are able to enjoy the stories anyway, because Onnellinen likes to use the camera and prints a lot of great photos in the blog. Therefore you can also join his long trip to Lapland over the Midsommer in June. The blog is established in March, so you can also see photos from winter-time.

Onnellinen about studies at TAMK and in Finland
Better together blog