Friday, 31 October 2008

Hello from ELIA Conference, Gothenburg

I've been spending the last few days here taking part in the 10th ELIA Biennial Conference, Independent Forum for the Higher Arts Education Institutions. Represented here are all disciplines in the arts, including Fine Art, Architecture, Dance, Design, Media Arts, Music and Theatre.

This conference does not have a specific title or theme. First of all there have been many talks about ARTS - what is art, art's challenges, options and threats at the moment in the world with many problems (for example financial, lack of food, violence) and with the growing awareness of climate change. My favorite so far has been Peter Seller's impressive two hours talk he gave yesterday.

One of the important venues is THE TENT in the middle of Gothenborg's main cultural square - Götaplatsen. It's also in the middle of all other venues. It has been built up from outside and inside using boxes of beer bottles, so it's almost 100% recyclable. In the tent delegates can meet, have a drink, and exchange ideas and information about their school and any new projects. Every night from 21.00-01.00 there are presentations in the tradition of Pecha Kucha Nights (each presentation is six minutes and 40 seconds). I've have to be honest - I'm usually quite exhausted that late, so I haven't followed any night till the end.

Yesterday was also open house in Valand School of Fine Arts. That art school is part of Gothenborg's University and all of us (the Finnish delegation) were amazed by the huge and functional space.

Now I have to finish and continue listening and communicating at the conference.

With best regards,
Tiiu Baldwin

Tiiu Balvin is Senior Lecturer at TAMK University of Applied Sciences Fine Arts Degree Programme.

TAMK School of Art and Media is a ELIA member

European League of Institutes of the Arts

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Smartphone Laboratory of TAMK Presented at Symbian Smartphone Show

The Smartphone Laboratory of TAMK was present in yearly Symbian Smartphone Show. The laboratory is a part of Symbian Academy, which currently consists of 57 Universities worldwide. The Symbian Academy selected five Universities to present their applications and innovations on mobile devices in Symbian's yearly Smartphone Show.

TAMK presented a set of applications and ideas implemented during various projects. The Smartphone lab of TAMK is also a part of Forum Nokia Innovation network, which is a community of selected Forum Nokia Pro University members. The network was published last December in Nokia World, Amsterdam. The Smartphone lab has been active in S60 community and the laboratory presented its applications and innovations in Barcelona S60 Summit last May.

For further information, contact lecturers Jari Mikkolainen & Tony Torp (
Picture: Tony Torp (left) and Jari Mikkolainen at S60 Summit, Barcelona.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Marianne Connor from Hollywood at MA in Screenwriting

Marianne Connor has been teaching script writing for MA in Screenwriting students last week, and will do so over the next week. She will also advise students of the previous MA in Screenwriting course who are now writing their final script.

Marianne is screenwriter/producer/teacher from Los Angeles. Her teaching experience is from TAMK University of Applied Sciences, Salford University and three Universities in Philadelphia. Marianne has produced a number of films, two of them awarded; The Ghosts of Edendale, a feature-length supernatural thriller, and Time 'til Light (also Writer/Director/editor), a short film about a woman’s choice to deny her sense of self in exchange for a man’s desire.

Marianne has also been screenwriter in a number of films, now she has series in development with HBO.

During these dark and stormy late October days here many people would stay rather in Los Angeles than in Tampere. But Marianne came here for the second time. She says she enjoys working with the MA in Screenwriting students, they are very committed and open, wanting to apply the tools for screenwriting she presents during her lessons.

Marianne Connor at Internet Movie Database

Photo: Marianne Connor at the roof garden of TAMK School of Art and Media
Photographer: Cai Melakoski

Friday, 24 October 2008

RetAiL project meeting in Tampere

The project partners from project RetAiL - Retail Management for Adults in Lifelong Learning will be arriving to Tampere on the 3rd of November. The visitors will be coming from Iceland and Scotland and they will stay in Tampere until the 7th of November.

The aim of the project Retail Management for Adults in Lifelong Learning is to transfer and implement an existing written material for teaching retailing management into an ICT-based learning material based on modules for open learning environment targeted for adult learners.

The meeting in Tampere will focus on the current situation of the project as well as the future developments.

Picture: Taken by Hanna Torp at last spring's meeting in Thurso, Scotland

Visitors from Sapporo, Japan

Two visitors from Hokkaido University

TAMK hosted two professors from Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan last week. During the visit, student and staff mobility were discussed, as well as best practices and principles of practical training were shared.

Hokkaido University

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Tampere - the Focal Point of Northern Europe

Where is Tampere? At the edge of the tundra? Why should one bother to move to Tampere to study or to do business?

Tampere is actually the central spot of Northern Europe. If you want to draw a circle with a radious of 1000 km, including the Baltic sea, Scandinavia, Finland, and northern Russia, your circle will hit the Russian capital Moscow, the Polish capital Warsaw, Rostock in Germany and Hammerfest in northern Norway. And there it is, the centre of this circle, Tampere in Finland.

This 1000 km circle includes capitals like Copenhagen (distance from Tampere 913 km), Oslo (726 km), Stockholm (394 km), Helsinki (160 km), Tallin (235 km), Riga (505 km), Vilnius (762 km) and Minsk (873 km). St. Petersburg (396 km) is really close.

Tampere is really accessible: Direct flights from Riga, Milan, Bremen, Frankfurt, London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, train from St. Petersburg and Helsinki, ferry + train from Tallin, Stockholm, Gdynia, Travemünde and Rostock.

Tampere is an attractive and international centre for students, 200 000 inhabitants and 40 000 students of higher education in five universities. The cultural life is rich, and the city is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests.

Read about the Bachelor's Degree Programmes in English at TAMK University of Applied Sciences