Friday, 28 January 2011

Czech visitors enjoy sauna and skiing

Pavel Mracek and Robert Zich from Brno University of Technology visited TAMK under Erasmus staff exchange programme on 24-28 January. On top of meeting several TAMK colleagues, attending lectures given by a Spanish guest lecturer, who was visiting TAMK at the same time, and working on joint projects, the Czech visitors had time to experience the Finnish sauna in their flat, and to ski in the midst of the Finnish winter landscape in Kauppi.

(Pavel Mracek, left, and Esko Tirkkonen)

Esko Tirkkonen from TAMK offers a tailor-made sports service to international visitors, and also provided Pavel with skiing equipment. Quite a unique service to foster the international visitors' well-being in Tampere!

Pavel and Robert will return to TAMK in March to participate in the International Week for Engineering. More professional activities and exploration into the Finnish culture will await then.

Text and photo: Riku-Matti Kinnunen

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Postcard from Olomouc

Left to right: Tuomo Joronen, Jarno Tolonen, Sohvi Sirkesalo, Cai Melakoski and
Ari Närhi in front of the Palacký University

Happy regards from the magnificent city of Olomouc (first mentioned 1017), Moravia, eastern part of the Czech Republic. Olomouc has some 100 000 inhabitants, 25 000 of them are students of the oldest university in Moravia, second oldest in Czech Republic, the Palacký University.

Olomouc is also the Czech Twin City  of the City of Tampere.

We spent three days in Olomouc participating in the DETVET (Development of Educational Techniques in Vocational Education and Training) EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme funded partnership project meeting. Our input to the project is our expertise in implementing Social Media in education.

We will host the last DETVET project meeting in Tampere in May. The partners are from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania and Sweden.

We = Jarno Tolonen from the Educational Technology Center of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and the rest of us lecturers of TAMK Degree Programme in Media.

DETVET sightseeing in Olomouc. In the background The Holy Trinity Column,
a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cai Melakoski


Palacký University

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Postcard from Mittweida

This week I visited Mittweida University of Applied Sciences in Sachsen, Germany. Mittweida has been a partner of Media Programme since 2003 and we have cooperation in many fields: staff and student exchange, joint activities in EUROPRIX network, the European Virtual Academy project and the Swan Lake Award organised by Mittweida media students.

The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award (SL:MIMA) invites since 2004 young talented filmmakers to participate with a movie in one of the three categories: ’Computer-Animation’, ‘Digital Film’ and ‘Interactive Movie’. Modern piano music by international artists serves as the basis for the competition. TAMK is a SL:MIMA partner.

It was time for the Swan Lake Festival again, with the highlight, the Award ceremony on Wednesday.

No TAMK students were awarded this time, but Greta Stanciauskaite, student of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, who was awarded in the animations competition was exchange student at our Media Programme last autumn and designed her winning animation here. So we feel like a winner. Congratulations Greta! It was a pleasure to have you here!

Mittweida UAS is also partner of TAMK degree programmes in Business Administration, International Business, Film and Television and Engineering.

The Media Department has first class resources for audio-visual production.
They have two studios, this is the new one.

Mittweida is a wonderful old town, the facilities of the Media Programme top class, students and staff friendly and competent, so I look forward to strengthen the cooperation with Mittweida UAS.

Cai Melakoski
Head of Degree Programme in Media
Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award
SL:MIMA on the Artmedia blog

Mittweida UAS

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Visiting Chester!

University of Chester and TAMK have an excellent and very long cooperation relationship in both curriculum development and exchanges over the years.

Ms Gitte Taulo, International Coordinator and Lecturer in Nursing (photo: 3rd from left) visited the Faculty of Health and Social Care of University of Chester with great outcomes from their "Practice simulation week" coordinated by Doreen Collyer, Deputy Head of Department - Community and Child Health. The programme of the week included brief interventions , ECG feedback from on line activity, emergency scenarios, tracheotomy care for unconscious patients, catheterization, wound workshops and clinical equipment workshops (including pain, diabetes and palliative care). In her visit Gitte Taulo participated by teaching clinical skills and international communication skills.

Text: Gitte Taulo

Saturday, 8 January 2011

New exchange students arrived

The Exchange Students' Orientation took place on Kuntokatu Campus on 4-7 January 2011. The orientation was run by the International Services and Tamko's International Tutors.

This spring, there are 127 new exchange students at TAMK. The number is a bit smaller than last spring.

Most students come from Europe: 26 from France, 14 from Spain and 11 from Hungary. The furtherst students come from South Korea and Kenya.

The biggest group of the exchange students (34) will study at the International Business programme. Other popular programmes are: Nursing (23), Business Administration Virrat (11), Environmental Engineering (11) and Media (9).

Most students are taking courses in TAMK's seven English degree programmes, but there are also 34 students doing their Practical Training, a project, a final thesis or specially-arranged courses in the Finnish degree programmes.

Pictured on the roof garden of TAMK Finlayson Campus exchange students of our Media Programme.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Application period started today: 126 study places available!

 The joint application for degree programmes run in English of Finnish universities of applied sciences started today and will be open until February 15th 16:15 Finnish time.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers five degree programmes conducted in English starting in autumn 2011:
  • Environmental Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • International Business (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Media (Bachelor of Culture and Arts)
  • Nursing (Bachelor of Health Care)
  • Tourism (Bachelor of Hospitality Management)
Applying to Bachelor-level programmes conducted in English at universities of applied sciences takes place through a joint application system. Applying takes place online at Applicants can use the same on-line application form to apply for a maximum of four different degree programmes conducted in English at up to four different universities of applied sciences.

The application form must be submitted before the application period closes.

Note! The applicants of Degree Programme in Media must return also the required pre-task by 15 February to TAMK.

All details about the application