Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spring Fizz at TAMK

The International Services of TAMK, TUT and UTA gathered together in June to celebrate the ending of successfull spring semester. Second time organized Spring Fizz was this time organized by TAMK International Services. The responsibility of organizing this event was admitted to the Sring Fizz committee which consisted of our Incoming Coordinators.  

Flags that were selected for flag recognition. How many of them do you recognize?
The Spring Fizz committee had planned "Olympics" for the participants.  The participants were randomly divided into four different groups that competed with each others in different sports.For the events committee had chosen darts, mölkky (with some specific features), croquet and flag recognition. There was a rumor that croquet would have been people's favorite sport but the judge for it was a bit too pedantic.
For the flag recognition the committee had selected one of  the most difficult and unknown flags. These flags confused even the staff members that have worked in the international section for many years.

Mölkky was connected with frisbee throwing

Spring Fizz Committee
 The groups were given points by their performance in different sports and the group with most points was rewarded with special diplomas.
The losers got chocolate as a consolation prize so hopefully every one left with cheerful mind. 


Croquet turned out to be
a bit more difficult than normally
One dart was lost to the hole in the middle of the background.
This didn't give any extra points for the group.

Text: Sanna Hosike

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