Friday, 28 November 2008

Long distance staff exchange: Unicen, Tandil, Argentina.

TAMK has some exchange universities in South America, one of them is Universidad National de Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Unicen) in Argentina. When I started to plan my long-term exchange with our international coordinator Riku-Matti Kinnunen, I told him that I am interested to go to Tandil for three reasons: one of my students, Johanna Velling, was here two years ago and another student, Minna Raitapuro, is going to study here next spring. I also want to improve my Spanish skills and I have been in Argentina before, I really like this country.
Photo: Staff from Faculty of Arts, from the left:Victoria Fuentes, Secretaria de Extensión, Cristina Dimatteo, Secretaria Académica, Carlos Catalano, Decano and Maximiliano Napa, No-Docente

I am mainly working at the Faculty of Arts, which is located in the city center of Tandil, just beside the main square and park. I will also have some lecturers at Department of Languages and next week a lecturer and workshop at the Faculty of Economics, which is located in the campus area, about 7 kms from the city centre.

Photo: Students working at Unicen Campus 18.11.2008

More reports from Tandil during next week!

Russian specialists of forestry education in TAMK

A group of Russian headmasters from forestry schools visited TAMK this week. This visit was part of the project, in which a new curriculum standard for the forestry schools of Russia is being developed together with TAMK. The group contained 10 people from different parts of north-west Russia.

During the visit, the group visited Metsähallitus, a visit which the group had especially wished for. The visit also contained a field trip, where the group saw examples of sapling care. TAMK 4th year Forestry students also participated by showing the visitors how organising wood procurement is handled in Finland.

The project of renewing the curriculums in Russian forestry schools is a part of the Finnish-Russian Development Programme on Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation of Biological Diversity in Northwest Russia, which is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


During the last 3 years i have been participating in a unique idea, combining travelling and culture exchange. The idea of Couchsurfing is simple: instead of staying in a hostel and finding yourself surounded by turists, you are invited to people's home, share their lifestyle and get to know how they live.

Couchsurfing helped me a lot when i decided i would move from Israel to Finland. When i came to do the entrance exam i was hosted in Stockholm, Tampere and Jyvaskyla. After i got invited to study in TAMK, I already knew some members who later become good friends till today.

It helped a lot for the idea of being with new cultures all around while im part of an international study program. Couchsurfing opened my eyes to the simple fact that there are many nice people around you and sometimes our culture stops us from meeting them.
If you do not travel and hesitate of inviting strangers to your home, there are meetings events all the time or you can create one of your own. Meeting for coffe, for beer or just a small picnic can be aranged easily.

In the last 2 and a half years since i have been living in Finland i have hosted dozens of guests from all around the world such as Australia, United States, Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, Israel and more. Some stay for a day or over night while some stay for a few days or even a week.

If you are tarvellers by blood or looking for some culture exchange and different experiences, you are more than welcome to join the ride. I'm sure you will find it just fit to you as a glove to your hand.
For me, Couchsurfing is a perfect place to gain friends and colleagues, a way to make connections around the world and most important: Have fun !

p>Yoav Magen.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Environmental Engineering 3rd Years Iceland Excursion

The 3rd year of Environmental Engineering Program went to a study excursion in Iceland. To 3rd year IENVE degree student added one exchange student and three 4th year IENVE degree student.

Iceland is an unique country, sitting on the bridge of europe and america continents it is providing some magnificent and devine sceneries.

during the trip the group visited the hyrdopower and geothermic plants at the north of the country. The University of Akureyri provide its presentation about the special programs it offers such as RES (Renewable Energy Science) and Polar law.

During the stay in north of iceland the group went visiting the geothermic phenomenon.
Krefla power plant was the main site and followed by visit at the smoking lava fields.
The group visited two public hot springs lagoons - the Green lagoon near Krefla in the north of Iceland and the Blue lagoon in the south of Iceland, near Reykjavik.
Last day in Iceland contributed to Svartsengi geothermal powerplant, which its waste water runoffs forming the famous Blue lagoon.

From my point of view Iceland is such a unique place and it was amazing experience just to be able seeing it, something that might never happened in the future and for that i have to say thanks for TAMK and the IENVE degree program.

Yoav magen.

Finnish championship in project management for TAMK students

Antti Korhonen, Jussi Lehtonen and Santeri Lahdensalo, project management students of Business Administration, won the Finnish championship in project management on the 18th of November 2008.

The second place went to Novia from Tammisaari and the third to University of Oulu. The other TAMK team of Business administration (Jaakko Sartjärvi, Christer Törnqvist and Joona Venäläinen) did also well by coming in fourth.

Project management Finnish championship is an event organized by the Project Management Association Finland for the students of Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences. The language of the competition is English. This year over 20 teams from seven universities participated in the qualifying rounds. The six best teams made it into the finals organized during the national Project Management Days. The final consisted of an all-day long project simulation, where the teams had to implement a project as efficiently as possible, taking into account e.g. resources, costs and scheduling. The victory was not possible without top quality, exact work, which most companies doing project work can only dream about.

As one of the prizes from the victory, Antti, Jussi and Santeri will be the Finnish representatives in the World championship competition of project management organized by the International Project Management Association during the IPMA World Congress in Helsinki in June 2009. Next year’s Finnish champions will represent Finland in the World championship in South Africa in 2010.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dutch Media Industry Delegation Visits TAMK

A delegation with representatives of Dutch Media organisations and directors of graphics- and media schools pays this week a visit to Helsinki and Tampere. TAMK University of Applied Sciences hosts and coordinates the programme of the Tampere leg of the visit. The purpose of the study trip is to learn about innovation and higher education in Finland. It is organised by Media Update, a news and information service for decision makers of ICT and multimedia.

Yesterday the delegation visited TAMK Finlayson Campus, and was introduced to TAMK School of Art and Media and the proAcademy programme of entrepreneurship. The guests also heard a presentation about the activities of the printable electronics research team at Tampere University of Technology.

Today they visited the Nokia Innovation Centre in Hervanta. Presentations on the innovation centre, Nokia research projects, Demola innovation centre for students and companies and SomBiz social media business community were heard.
After lunch at TAMK main campus hosted by TAMK international office, the delegation visited the Hypermedia Laboratory at Tampere University.

Before departure to Netherlands tomorrow, the delegation will meet representatives of Zento Interactive digital media company.

Media Update

Read Jak Bouman's blog entry about the trip

Photo: The Duch delegation at the main entrance of TAMK

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

TAMK Students Awarded in Germany

Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award is about visualising music in two contest categories; Animation and Digital Film.

This year Vesa Jokinen and Hanne Zenjuga, students of visual design at TAMK University of Applied Sciences School of Art and Media, won second price in SL:MIMA Animation Category.

Vesa's and Hanne's nominated animation "It Dwells in the Depths" is a visual for "The Smell of Rain" composed by Kathryn Toyama.

The winners were announced at the Swanlake Gala in Mittweida, Germany last week.

Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Award
It Dwells in the Depths

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Visitors from Namibia

A group of students and teachers from Namibia visited our morning meeting on the 27th of november. ProAkatemia co-operation goes international.

What do the foreigners think?

Ann Seppänen has interviewed 30 foreign degree students during the past few weeks. She tells that the worries of the first year and second year students vary.

The first year degree students are still trying to get used to the climate and our educational culture and the idea that one should get up when it's dark and cold outside. When this is put against the Finnish very strict idea of punctuality, trouble might follow.

The second years are already starting to worry about their job prospects, particularly if they want to stay in Finland. They find that the job market is quite inward-looking - even the big companies whose official language is English, require functional Finnish. Ann says that the key is to improve funtional, professional, work-related Finnish skills.

What do the foreigners hope from us Finns then? The answer is straightforward: more informal interaction. We are at home here and in an excellent position to help in ways which are too obvious to notice! Think about the grading system. If I get one, am I good or bad? Also help to manage with the Finnish fixation with everything technical. How is one supposed to act when teachers inform that "this you will find on the internet".

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Exkursion nach Deutschland

In der Woche 48 werden 13 StudentInnen der Gruppen Deutsche Sprache und Kultur und Wirtschaftsdeutsch auf einer Studienreise in Frankfurt a.M. und in Mainz sein.

Auf unserem Programm stehen zwei Informationsbesuche pro Tag: zum Beispiel Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse, Europäische Zentralbank, Goethes Geburtshaus und Museum, Fachochschule Frankfurt und die Firma SCHOTT AG.

Diese Exkursion wird sicherlich auch eine gute Probe für unsere Deutschkenntnisse sein! Wir hoffen aber, dass wir nach der Studienreise mit Johann Wolfgang von Goethes Worten feststellen können: "Wer eine Reise gemacht hat, hat viel zu erzählen". Sie werden also mehr von uns hören...

Great Opportunity for Teachers...

Dear Potential Exchange Teacher,

In April 2008 I attended ISCAP (School of Accounting and Administration of Porto)
International Week in Porto, Portugal. This event is now an established annual occasion which I highly recommend.

I made acquaintance with colleagues from several EU countries and with some of them the dialogue has continued on regular basis.

The week started with Opening Ceremony and Reception Dinner where members of the local Student Union provided live music, mainly Portuguese folk music known as fado.

During the week my knowledge of Porto and Portuguese culture grew a lot, not to mention the great opportunity to meet ISCAP students and staff. Now I know for sure that Port wine is named after the city of Porto, which is the second biggest city and
considered the economic and cultural heart of the entire region. And I can hardly forget the thousand majestic stairs of Porto - obviously for many reasons.

During the week I listened to many interesting lectures plus visited a trade show organized by ISCAP students. My own lectures covered the following topics: Finnish Success Stories (Nokia Mobile Phones and Marimekko) and Doing Business in Finland (Business Etiquette).

ISCAP International Week was an attractive and well-organized event and great opportunity for any exchange teacher!


Riitta Raimovaara

Erasmus staff exchange in Iceland

Pohjola Norden and its teacher scholarship enabled me to visit three universities in Iceland in the framework of Erasmus non-teaching staff exchange between 4 and 10 November 2008. The University of Iceland and University of Akureyri are currently TAMK partners, and hopefully we will have a new agreement with the Iceland Academy of the Arts, too.

There has been dynamic student and staff mobility from TAMK to the Icelandic partners for more than a decade, and now we wish that we would also welcome Icelandic students and staff for exchange and visits in Tampere.

For more information of the visited institutions of higher education:

University of Iceland
University of Akureyri
Iceland Academy of the Arts

In the pictures, you can see Helga Palina and fine art students at Iceland Academy of the Arts (top left), Finnish language students at the University of Iceland (mid right) and Rúnar Gunnarsson from the University of Akureyri (bottom left).

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

RetAiL project partners visited Tampere

The partners from project RetAiL - Retail Management for Adults in Lifelong Learning visited TAMK between 3.11-7.11. The partners came from Verzlunarskoli Islands and Fræðslumiðstöð atvinnulífsins in Reykjavik, Iceland, as well as from The North Highland College in Thurso, Scotland.

In addition to the items on the project meeting agenda, there was time to visit both TAMK campuses as well as proAcademy, to eat at the restaurant Harald, to take a tour of the old Finlayson area and visit the Moominvalley-museum and its wonderful display of art. And of course no visit to Finland would be complete without sauna, sausages and a quick dip to the near-frozen lake!

The next meeting of the project partners will be held in Reykjavik in April.

For more information:

Picture: The project partners enjoying a dinner in Harald

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Three Good Reasons to Study in Tampere

The Environmental Engineering programme provides training and education on a wide range of issues in environmental technology and management. Special emphasis is given to monitoring and assessing the state of the environment.

The programme is designed to provide advanced training and education in environmental analysis and management, thus offering the student the skills and knowledge needed for a holistic and sustainable understanding of environmental technology and management.

The TAMK BBA in International Business offers an internationally respected Bachelor degree. The programme provides students not only with first-rate theoretical skills, but also with flexible problem-solving and social skills in a truly international environment.

The objective is to prepare under-graduates for tasks demanding business expertise and entry-level managerial positions worldwide. Graduates from the TAMK BBA programme face exciting professional opportunities e.g. as sales, product and marketing assistants, as logistics coordinators or as consultants or entrepreneurs.

The BA Degree Programme in Media is about interactive media content design and production. The students learn about current digital media issues and gain deep insight into one of the three specialisation options: visual design, interaction design or project management.

The areas of application include web design and services, games, mobile media, multimedia, cross media and interactive installations.

Environmental Engineering
International Business
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