Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Our Students Are Gems!

A couple of weeks ago Rosa Pons and Cristina Perales from University of Vic, Barcelona, did their five day staff exchange at TAMK School of Art and Media. They did a workshop with our film and television students, who loved it. The visit once again showed that carefully prepared and implemented visits of lecturers really make sense and pay off.

More joy was to follow: Rosa and Cristina send their feedback, and it was so uplifting I simply have to publish it in our blog:
  • We found your students very well prepared for team and autonomous working and they have a huge capacity for work.
  • They are quick in learning and seem they aim to improve their skills.
  • They are respectful with the others and have a positive attitude. They accept having a leader to guide the production.
  • They know how to comprehend the subtext of a scene.
  • They can play a role and do it properly, they have intuition and talent.
  • They can handle a problem, improvise and organize an audiovisual production in a short time.
  • They listen and value the teacher’s suggestions.
  • They have a strong cultural background which gives them the ability of having criteria and opinion.
  • They know the economical worth of an audiovisual production.
It is very important that friends now and then remind us, how privileged we are working with such brilliant students :-)

Read the story about the visit
University of Vic

Pictured: Rosa Pons and Cristina Perales at the roof garden of the Finlayson Campus

Monday, 28 September 2009

Finnish-Russian co-operation in forestry education leads to European-style curriculum and new kind of know-how in Russian forestry colleges

The participants were very interested to see a harvester at work.

TAMK’s forestry degree programme has been working in a three year –long project with Russian forestry colleges since 2006. The objective was to renew the curriculums of the forestry colleges and give the teachers of the colleges a chance to see how forestry works in Finland. The most important target has been achieved, because in September 2009, The Russian Ministry of Education and science accepted the draft curriculum standard. This means that from the beginning of 2010 all forestry colleges will in practice apply the same curriculum everywhere in Russia.

The project has been financed by Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it is part of the Finnish-Russian Development Programme on Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation of Biological Diversity in North-West Russia. The budget of TAMK has been the total of 140 000 euros.

In practice the project’s realization has meant seminars both in Pushkino, Russia and Tampere, Finland. The project group also visited Luua college in Estonia in order to see how successful changes in forestry education can be done. The core partners in this project have been the vice-rectors of forestry colleges in North-West Russia and Aura Loikkanen and Ari Vanamo from TAMK.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Electrician Won Three Prizes in St.Petersburg

VIII Open St.Petersburg Student Film Festival "BEGINNING" took place this week in St.Petersburg, Russia. The global contest of the festival invited again this year two films from TAMK to be shown in the category for Fiction films.

This time it was success for the Electrician. Sound designer Jarno Muhonen was awarded as the Best Sound Supervisor and scriptwriter Jussi Jokihaara with the Best Script of Fiction Film. Director Miina Alajärvi was granted a diploma for the image of the cinematographic language.

Jussi Jokihaara's script was a result of his work when he was a student of the MA in Screenwriting programme, jointly arranged by TAMK and University of Salford.

The Electrician is the story of Marvin - an executioner in charge of the electric chair, who has to find a new way to use his unusual skill when he becomes unemployed. The film is a co-production with Salford University, UK.

Earlier this month the Electrician became second in the Audience Award Competition of the Reikäreuna Film Festival.

The Electrician will keep busy this autumn, it has been invited to:
Upcoming International Film Festival Hannover
Shnit International Short Film Festival in Berne and Cologne

Beginning festival&winners

The Electrician home (also trailer)
All posts about the Electrician (TAMK School of Art and Media blog)
The Electrician@Facebook

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Forest invites exchange students

At the third meeting of the 'Finnish Way of Life Club' it was time to see some Finnish nature by walking in the Niihama forest. At first the group of students took a bus to Niihama area and then walked to the camping area to grill some sausages and marshmallows.

I was so happily surprised of the large amount of exchange students who came, as there were altogether 25 exchange students of PIRAMK, who wanted to walk in the forest and taste some Finnish sausages. They even wanted to walk back from the forest to PIRAMK and didn't want to take bus, even though it was already getting dark. This evening was really successfull in every way!

To be continued next week...

Text and photo by Miia Lehtinen

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Markku Lahtinen to Lead New TAMK

Markku Lahtinen (50) is elected president of the new TAMK University of Applied Sciences as TAMK and PIRAMK UAS merge on 1 January 2010. He has been the president of TAMK University of Applied Sciences since 1997.

President Markku Lahtinen will lead the third largest Finnish university of applied sciences with approximately 9000 students. The new TAMK will have campuses in Tampere, Ikaalinen, Mänttä-Vilppula and Virrat. The number of staff will be approximately 850.

Education and related research and development of the multidisciplinary TAMK will focus on technology, wellbeing services, business administration, tourism and culture. The new TAMK provides degree-awarding education in more than 40 degree programmes in seven fields of study: Culture, Natural sciences, Natural resources and the environment, Tourism, catering and domestic services, Social services, health and sports, Technology, communication and transport, Social sciences, business and administration. In addition, TAMK provides vocational teacher education and diverse further and continuing education possibilities.

Read more

Saturday, 19 September 2009

First Tampere Guerilla Lighting a Stunning Success

YO-talo, design by Essi Santala, photo Riikka Kunnari

Song Stage, design by Otto Suojanen, photo Riikka Kunnari

Song Stage, design by Tiina Järvinen, photo Riikka Kunnari

Ojakatu, design by Elina Nopanen, photo Riikka Kunnari

Old Customs House, design by Crista Parviainen, photo Riikka Kunnari
(Click on images to view a larger version)

On Thursday night a big audience gathered on Tampere main square Keskustori to follow the first Guerilla Lighting event in Tampere. Fifty tourch carriers in uniform coats, followed by the light designers, organisers and some one thousand citizens marched around the city center to four destinations. The procession was accompanied by the Swaeg Collective.

The aim of the show by the lighting design students was to invide the streets with light for a moment and illuminate some forgotten architectural gems. This was a demonstration of the power of light in skilful hands.

Arrangers of this event were SuperMukava Design Store, lighting design students from TAMK School of Art and Media headed by light designers Annukka Larsen and Antti Hiltunen. Torch carriers were people recruited by DesignOnTampere event and students from TAMK.

See video on Tampere Guerilla Lighting (Aamulehti)

Read more about the background
Read about the international Guerilla Lighting Campaign

Guerrilla Lighting –events

Friday, 18 September 2009

Trainees from France!

During summer/autumn 2009, the e-learning centre eEDU had two French trainees!

Hello, my name is Aurélien Cas; I come from France. My internship in TAMK university was between the 3rd of August 2009 and the 18th of September 2009. I do this internship to finalize my bachelor degree. I study international chief project management in IT. My internship in Tamk consists on working on 2 totally different projects...

- The 1st one is a social project; I have to report and describe how I use social media tools (like Facebook, MSN...) to keep in touch with my family, friends in France and also new people that I meet here, in Finland.
- The 2nd project is a about Moodle. I have to make Moodle users lives easier by catching updated courses informations for them and create a specific link that displays those updated informations. In that way users don't have to login every days to know if something new happened or not.

I'm really pleased to be working here as you can see on my picture :D

I'm Guillaume Gagnerot, 23, from west of France (Nantes). I went in TAMK at the beginning of August for a 7weeks training period. I'm doing two projects here. One of them is a survey, it's about how do the trainee communicate by using the social media (Like Facebook, Msn, Skype..).

And the second one, the main project, is about MOODLE platform, I've to generate RSS feeds from MOODLE to an on-line agregator (gRSShopper). The goal is to create a better web personal environment for the MOODLE users. So, it's about programming stuff.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Greetings from Bemidji!


Three weeks of teaching at Bemidji State University (www.bemidjistate.edu) are now over. I have nice students: they are always present and do their homework. I’ve also attached a picture of them. On Friday, we learned about a Bio-Haus (http://www.waldseebiohaus.typepad.com/) in German. It is in a German village Waldesee, which forms a special part of the language school: Concordia Language Villages (www.concordialanguagevillages.org). They also have a Finnish Village. The weather here is sunny and warm, the autumn colors are beginning and we are looking forward to an extremely beautiful Indian summer.

I will still be here for 4 more weeks teaching. I teach each group for 50 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and for 1 hour 15 minutes on Tuesdays and Fridays. This makes up the 42 hours required!

Best wishes,
Claudia Daems

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Postcard from EUROPRIX Jury, Salzburg

EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards is a contest in nine categories for young talents (under 30) who create digital contents. EUROPRIX has been arranged since 1998 and has had participants from 34 European countries.

The Jury, with 14 members this year, met from Thursday until today at ICNM (International Centre for New Media) headquarters in Salzburg, Austria. During four days the jury had to identify the nominees and winners of the categories and the overall winner + the best business potential special price winner among the 333 entries. It was a hard job, but finally we made it after hard but friendly debates and lots of votings.

TAMK has been very active in the EUROPRIX network. It has had a member in the jury since 1999. A lot of cooperation, joint conferences and workshops have been arranged as a part of MindTrek several years. The EUROPRIX gala was arranged during MindTrek in Tampere 1999.

The nominated EUROPRIX teams are invited to and celebrated at the EUROPRIX multimedia Festival in Graz November 12-14. The highlight of the festival is the EUROPRIX Gala. Parallell to the festival there will also be the Academic Network Conference for digital media lecturers from all over Europe.

EUROPRIX in the TAMK School of Art and Media blog

Photos: Debating and voting

Friday, 11 September 2009

A guest lecturer from the Czech Republic visits TAMK for the 9th time!

Professor Robert Zich from the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, visited TAMK for the 9th time this fall. His first trip here was in 2003. He said to be a big fan of Finland even though he prefers mountainous regions. Why he likes this flat country so much is beyond him. “Maybe it’s the quietness and lack of rush your people have. In the Czech Republic everyone is always in a hurry. I also love the nature here.”
During his stay he also did a lecture series at TAMK called “Competitivity of Company”. The lectures dealt with competition from many different angles. Zich used numerous different practical examples mostly from the Czech market. He seemed to be very fond of examples especially from the car and mobile phone industries but also a few comparisons with ice hockey came up too. The lecture series was popular and around 50 TAMK students attended this three day course.

Photo: Robert Zich teaching at TAMK

Visitors from Esslingen, Germany

Beate Maleska, Head of International Office and Stefani Maier, Vice President for International Affairs and Marketing from Hochschule Esslingen, Germany, visited TAMK from 10th to 11th of September. The aim of the visit was to discuss about student and staff exchanges and co-operation possibilities between the universities in general (R&D etc.). The guests schedule at TAMK was very busy with introduction to the Teiskontie and Finlayson campus as well as different kinds of meetings and presentations. The program also included Tampere city sight seeing tour and dinner. During their trip to Finland Beate and Stefani also visited other universities such as Tampere University of Technology, Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

This was their 1st visit to Finland, and when asked what Beate Maleska has taught of the country so far, she assured that the expectation she had prior to the trip were met. “I’ve head many good things about Finland and have wanted to come here for a long time. I especially like the fact that here the nature is all around. I hope come here soon for a holiday and just enjoy what nature has to offer. I’d just love to listen to the endless silence and relax.” She also mentioned that Finnish people are very open, friendly and helpful and they like to take the opportunity to speak to foreigners. “One old man helped me with my bags at the train station even though he didn’t talk much English. Not everyone in Germany would do the same thing.”

When asked about her impressions of TAMK, she mentioned that the facilities set up for students are very good. She thinks that good facilities and services make studying easier and probably also causes less pressure on the students, when for example it is easy to borrow the books you need or have many computers to work with. She also said that Finnish school food is a little better compared to the food served in German schools. “In Germany the quality varies and it is a little more expensive. For example salads and drinks cost extra. But our school is located near the city centre so the students can go out and get a cheap lunch from the numerous Asian or other ethnic restaurants.” Finnish food in general Maleska described as fresh and creative with a good variety of ingredients.
Photo: Visitors from Germany in the middle, joined by the staff from the International Office of TAMK and other guests from Spain.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

2009 Tursajaiset was 090909

Tursajaiset is a legendary party for all new students in PIRAMK UAS and TAMK UAS. Tursajaiset of this year was celebrated yesterday at Härmälä Camping with hilarious assignments for the different student teams.

In the evening Tursajaiset continued at Onnela.

Photo: First year students at TAMK main campus preparing to march to the city centre to gather for Tursajaiset

Cristina Perales and Rosa Pons - Exchange Lecturers from Vic

University of Vic, Barcelona, is one of the universities TAMK has really intense cooperation with in different fields of education. We have students from Vic here all the time, and our students go to Vic.

Staff exchange is also frequent. This week Cristina Perales and Rosa Pons give a 5-day workshop titled “Visualizing: from the idea to the screen” to our 3rd year film and television students at TAMK School of Art and Media.

The student and staff exchange is really important for us. It gives new views, ideas and inspiration. And above all new international contacts and friends.

Most of School of Art and Media incoming staff exchange takes place during the annual International Week, when lecturers and students from up to 15 universities come to our campus at Finlayson. This academic year the International Week takes place May 3-7.

University of Vic

Pictured: Cristina Perales and Rosa Pons at the roof garden of the Finlayson Campus

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Guests from Sendai, Japan

Today our Finlayson campus had visitors from Japan. Six students from Miyagi University, Sendai, made a tour around the School of Art and Media, followed a presentation about TAMK University of Applied Sciences, saw some films, and of course had a look at the proAcademy.

The students are on a three week study trip in Tampere, hosted by PIRAMK University of Applied Sciences. Miyagi University is one of PIRAMK partner universities, soon also TAMK partner, TAMK and PIRAMK will merge at New Year.

Three of the students study architecture, two business and one graphic design. During the visit they compare Finnish and Japanese architecture, culture and design, they also have assignments related to their field of study.

Miyagi University
Other stories about cooperation with Japan

Photo: Guests at the Finlayson campus roof garden, on left PIRAMK International Coordinator Marika Kyllönen

Friday, 4 September 2009

Dr. Helmut Voulliéme, Guest from Ostfalia UAS

Dr. Helmut Voulliéme, Professor in Interactive Media from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (earlier Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel UAS) paid a visit to TAMK this week. On Wednesday he visited TAMK main campus to meet Head of International Office Riku-Matti Kinnunen & other international office staff members and Director of R&D Perttu Heino.

Ostfalia UAS has been TAMK partner for a long time and the exchange and cooperation have been intense, but there has been no contacts in the fields of art and media. On Thursday Helmut Voulliéme visited the School of Art and Media at Finlayson Campus.

Helmut Voulliéme is head of the Media Design Programme which started a couple of years ago in Salzgitter Campus of the university, so he is the right person to talk about extending cooperation between Ostfalia and TAMK to include exchange and other cooperation between the Ostfalia Media Design Programme and TAMK Media Programme during the visit. The result of the visit was excellent, and we might see professors and students from Salzgitter already in May participating in School of Art and Media International Week 3-7 of May.

After the School of Art and Media tour he visited our neighbour, the ProAcademy study programme in entrepreneurship, which was introduced by Jukka Siltanen.
Of course there was also a visit to Demola, the joint innovation space of companies and students of all Tampere Universities.

Ostfalia UAS

Pictured: Dr. Helmut Voulliéme in the roof garden of School of Art and Media

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Third MA in Screenwriting Started

The third implementation of the joint MA in Screenwriting Programme of TAMK University of Applied Sciences and Salford University started yesterday.

Fourteen students form UK, Czech Republic and Finland will learn film scripting this autumn in Tampere, next spring in Manchester. There will additionally be distance learning and project next summer and autumn. Salford University will finally give the Master's certificate.

TAMK School of Art and Media and the School of Media, Music & Performance of Salford University have had cooperation since 1994. There has been frequent student and staff exchange, joint film projects and finally the joint MA Programme.

Master of Art in Screenwriting
Read more about MA in Screenwriting in this blog