Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ars Viikinsaari 10: Fine Art meets nature

Environmental Art Exhibition
July 1 - August 11 2010

In July daily, not on Mondays in August
Departure from Laukontori harbor every hour
Boat tickets: Adults 10 €, senior citizens and students 8 €, children (age 4–17) 5 €.

Welcome to the vernissage Thu 1.7. 5pm

Viikinsaari is a beautiful summer recreation island only 20 minutes boat trip away from Tampere city center. Every summer the Fine Art students of TAMK host an environmental art exhibition on the island in cooperation with the City of Tampere Cultural Office and Suomen Hopealinja (Finnish Silverline). This year the exhibition is called Ars Viikinsaari 10.

The artists are: Liisa Ahlfors, Anne Lehtelä, Jyri Lisowsky, Ninni Luhtasaari, Minna Mukari and Viika Sankila.

The exhibition deals with the relation between the reality of the nature and human created culture using the methods of contemporary art. The features of city culture are brought to be a part of a nature reserve, and the scenery you are used with shift at a closer look. Some of the works are participatory, the viewer is a part of her environment for a moment.
Viikinsaari Island (City of Tampere)
Viikinsaari Island (Finnish Silverline)
Ars Viikinsaari 2009

Monday, 28 June 2010

Visiting professors from the Michigan State University

Marcia Lampen, Karen Newman and Amanda T. Woodward visited TAMK 15- 19th June. They arrived in Finland on 14th June and spent two days in Helsinki. In Helsinki they visited “ Malmin pienkodit” (sheltered housing) and Helsinki City Social Services Department. The theme of their visit was Finnish social services and social work.

The guests arrived in Tampere on 15th June. The aim of their visit in Tampere was to develop cooperation between TAMK and Michigan State University (MSU). The key person in starting this cooperation was TAMK Master`s Degree student Mirka Häyrynen, who spent three months in MSU as an exchange student in 2009.

The coordinating host in TAMK was principal lecturer Ulla-Maija Koivula. In Tampere the guests visited “Päiväperho” which is a rehabilitation centre for drug addicted pregnant mothers and families with small children, Viola-home, Tampere City Social Services Department and Askel (Askel-course is rehabilitation service for young adults recovering from mental illness).

In the end of their visit the guests had a final meeting considering the future cooperation between TAMK and MSU.  

Story: Annika Haanpää, Trainee, International Services

Thursday, 24 June 2010

TAMK R&D: Well-being tourism to attract people to the Tampere Region

Helvetinkolu in Helvetinjärvi National Park. Photo: Seppo Pajari
Science journalist Kalle Heiska has published a reportabout the development project of Tampere UAS that has created major impetus for the development of the northern Tampere Region as a well-being tourism destination, even internationally.

Local enterprises offering nature and culture services, Metsähallitus (a state enterprise administering state-owned land and water areas) and experts in tourism and well-being at TAMK have arrived at a common vision to make well-being tourism a major occupation in the area.

Erkki Kelloniemi (right), project manager at Tampere UAS describes the song ritual of a pair of diver birds in Soljanen March in the Seitseminen National Park. Photo: Seppo Pajari

Read the entire story by Kalle Heiska

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Erasmus success Story and the Diploma Supplement Label

TAMK will be included in this year`s Erasmus brochure of success stories. The European Commission received 64 proposals from 27 countries. TAMK was chosen due to its unique feature and an impressive range of activities for internationalisation.

TAMK received also a Diploma Supplement Label, which is a Label by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency. The supplement is developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.  A Label award ceremony and a seminar for Label holders will take place in Antwerp Belgium on 5 October 2010.

Story: Annika Haanpää

Friday, 18 June 2010

Engineering, business, IT and culture professionals graduated from TAMK

Bachelors of Engineering, Bachelors of Business Administration, Bachelors of Culture and Arts, and Bachelors of Natural Resources graduated from TAMK on Saturday 12 June. Degree certificates were also granted to graduates of the master-level degree programmes.

”The graduation ceremonies of the former TAMK and PIRAMK are now held separately for the last time”, stated President Markku Lahtinen.

”Today we are celebrating the graduates of the former TAMK and approximately a week ago we were celebrating the graduates of the former PIRAMK.”

As TAMK and PIRAMK merged on 1 January 2010, Tampere University of Applied Sciences became one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Finland. Lahtinen told that Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is the largest Finnish university of applied sciences being followed by TAMK, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Haaga-Helia, which are virtually equally large. TAMK will in future have graduates from seven fields of study.
Courageously forward and passion for work

Lahtinen reminded the graduates of the importance of lifelong learning.

”Your future work requires continuous studying. As you now have the study skills, go forward courageously!”

A speaker of the graduation ceremonies, Docent Olli Niemi from Finland’s University Facilities Ltd encouraged the graduates to have a motivated attitude in working life.

”Passion for work is essential. Choose a motivated work community and have a motivated attitude to work.”

International professionals graduated from TAMK

Tanzanian Mwilumbwa Kibbassa graduating from the Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering thanked for the quality of the education.

”The best was the practical training, which could be completed anywhere in the world and which was financially supported by TAMK.”

Kibbassa also told she valued the high-level library, international learning environment and good and close relations between the teachers and students.

Graduated mechanical and production engineering student Eetu Koskelainen was especially satisfied with the international experience he had during his studies.

”I was in student exchange both in Austria and Spain. I also had international experience in Finland when I taught Finnish to TAMK’s exchange students.”

Photo: Mwilumbwa Kibbassa, who held the graduating student’s speech, especially thanked for Head of Degree Programme Marjukka Dyer who was ”almost like a mother” to the students.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


The guests of international staff week arrived yesterday and TAMK staff was happy to welcome all of them in Finland for the first time! Guests arrived from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia and Spain.

The programme is a collaboration of all the non-teaching staff at TAMK and Senior Lecturer Mari Rytisalo, who leads us with the theme of the week: “My work in a multicultural working environment”

Rolf Heimdal from a partner university in Telemark in Norway commented on his expectations as follows: "If I'm here to learn anything - it is COMMUNICATION!"

Text: Annika Haanpää
Photo: Mirja Onduso

Visitors from UTA

The University of Tampere arranged an international week last week and guests from their international week visited TAMK on 10.06.2010. There were guests from France, Germany and Italy. Our international week will visit the University of Tampere reciprocally tomorrow - on Wednesday 16th of June!

Text and photo: Annika Haanpää

Good bye Liisa - and a big thanks!

International Project Manager Liisa Himanen is retiring at the end of this semester. Liisa has been working at TAMK for several years and was the first Head of International Office here.

Liisa was in a key role in starting the international acitivities that exist today at TAMK. The International Services wished Liisa everything wonderful and stress-free in the future and thanked her for her immense contribution. Kirsi Tolvanen, Head of International Services, read a poem for Liisa and gave her flowers as her colleagues gathered to remember her years at TAMK.

Text and photo: Annika Haanpää

Friday, 11 June 2010

Summer café done by Voimala

(From left to right) Annika Siuro, Mikko Paavilainen, Nelli Rahikainen, Titta Syväoja, Vilja Vuolle, Ina Suokko, Emilia Palomaa and Mira Mustonen, missing from the picture Janika Kuohukivi

Photo: Miina Makkonen

A new summer café opens up in Koskipuisto on Saturday the 16th June. The name of the café follows the Tampere-spirit and is called “Punane” (“Red”).

The café is maintained by nine 16-19-year-old youths. They have all attended the Voimala Bisnes –course and were selected to take part in the Voimala summer café project.

Each youth has invested 50 Euros into the café to get the first supplies from the wholesale. Voimala initiative offers the youth a red Christmas market cottage along with café equipment. At the end of the summer, the youth get to keep all the money they have made.

The persons running the Café Red did not moan about the lack of summer jobs, but instead did something about it. The café is done completely by the youths themselves: from the name to the products they are selling. These people are entrepreneurial and innovative! Depending on their own activeness, they may make a lot of money during the summer, or in the worst case, not at all. How will it turn out? We’ll have to wait and see.

For more information
Café manager Emilia Palomaa 040 811 1942

Voimala initiative

Voimala is a TAMK project, which coaches upper secondary and university students by using innovative methods. The main idea of Voimala is learning by doing and familiarising and encouraging youth into entrepreneurship. For teachers, coaching at Voimala offers tools for entrepreneurship and coaching.

Voimala is funded by ESR, Pirkanmaan ELY-keskus and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

EuroITV conference today at TAMK

The eight edition of the annual conference  on Interactive TV & Video EuroITV started today with the pre-conference workshop day in the premises of TAMK School of Art and Media in the Finlayson.area. The theme of the conference is “web.sharing.TV.content”, reflecting the increasing connections between TV and web services.

EuroITV is attended by academia and professionals from all over the world to discuss latest advances and research of media technology, HCI, media studies, and the content creation community. The conference is organized by the EMMi Lab., Department of Business Information Management & Logistics, Tampere Univ. of Technology (TUT) , Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), and the School of Science and Technology, Aalto University in cooperation with major players in the field of TV and video in Finland.

Professor Artur Lugmayr as general chair of the conference is expecting more than 170 attendees from over 30 countries worldwide:
– We have organized the largest EuroITV conference ever. We also have re-invented the conference by adding a global competition – the EuroITV Grand Challenge – with a price sum of 3000 Euro, new themes such as art & content, and a visionary club gathering leading researchers in a think tank to develop the future vision of video and television in the age of Web3.0. 

The conference will continue tomorrow and on Friday in Hotel Holiday Club Tampere.

Pictured: Pertti Näränen (TAMK) and Artur Lugmayr (TUT), two happy organisers and chairs of the conference

Monday, 7 June 2010

New vocational teachers and special needs teachers

Monika Naukkarinen and Antti Virtalaine performed at the graduation ceremony. Picture: Pekka Kalli

100 new vocational teachers and 22 vocational special needs teachers graduated from the Teacher Education Centre of TAMK this year. The graduation ceremonies took place on Friday the 6th of June.

The extent of vocational teacher education is 60 credits, and the students complete their studies alongside working in 1-2 years. The education grants the pedagogical qualifications to teach in vocational schools and universities of applied sciences, and also in general education institutions and non-formal adult education centres. The special needs education training consists of 60 credits of extension studies for teachers who already have completed their pedagogical qualifications, and grants the qualifications to teach as special needs teacher in various educational levels.

In addition to the teacher education groups in Tampere, there were groups in Kuopio, Pori, Lappeenranta, Kokkola and Seinäjoki. Some of the new teachers have completed their studies as on-line studies.

The education is organised by the Teacher Education Centre at TAMK (TAOKK), which is one of the five vocational teacher education centres in Finland. The next application period for vocational teacher education and special needs teacher education is in January 2011.

Four viewpoints into rural tourism in the intensive course Rural tourism – innovative products and marketing

In April-May, an international group of university students and teachers got together at TAMK to work in rural tourism product design and marketing. In addition to TAMK, the two-week intense training course had participants from Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge-Oostende in Belgium, International School of Law and Business in Vilnus in Lithuania and University of Salford in England.

The tasks included charting the current situation and the future of rural tourism in Belgium, England, Lithuania and Finland, to participate in creating new products for rural tourism companies and to learn about the special characteristics of rural tourism in each country.

The two-week intensive course included getting to know the City of Tampere and the rural tourism companies in the region, visiting the Tampere Convention Bureau, lectures, MayDay music event at Virrat as well as a food exhibition planned and implemented by the students.

In the food exhibition, our foreign visitors presented their culinary cultures and their special characteristics. After the presentations, the visitors got a chance to sample foods from Belgium, Lithuania and England.

”The rural tourism in Lithuania seemed surprisingly similar to the one in Finland,” explained the second-year hospitality management student Ulla-Mari Jarkko, who was one of the hosts of the event. “The English seem to favour package holidays, and I especially remember the bicycle tours organised by the Belgian tourism entrepreneurs, where the inn where the bikers spend their nights also organises the transportation of the bikers’ luggage into the next inn”, continued Jarkko. The special characteristic of the Finnish rural tourism might be the summer cottages. Britta Heinlaid from England first noticed the punctuality and openness of her Finnish hosts. “The first time we went out, the city seemed almost deserted. Vappu with its crowds and carnival feeling caught us by surprise – it was a special experience”, explained Britta Heinlaid.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Goodbye Finland!

This semester is over and it’s time for the exchange students and trainees to travel back home. Niels Devissch is a biomedical science student from Bruges, Belgium. Niels has been doing his clinical training in Tampere for the past 3,5 months and is now excited to travel back home. “It feels good to leave Finland, but I’ll miss the friends I made here,” he says.

Practical training in Finland differs from Belgium. “Here the laboratories are bigger and the people are less stressed”, Niels thinks.
TAMK has been a positive experience for Niels and he has enjoyed his time here. Niels even took two Finnish courses and can now introduce himself in almost perfectly pronounced Finnish.

Text: Annika Haanpää, Trainee, International Services

Photo: Marika Kyllönen, International Coordinator, International Services

Chinese alumni remember their years in Finland in the Shanghai EXPO

Approximately 200 Chinese alumni members got together to remember the time they studied in Finland. The event was organised in the Finnish exhibition pavilion Kirnu in the Shanghai EXPO, and its aim was to maintain the important network contacts. The event was organised by the Centre of International Mobility CIMO together with Finnish universities.

During the event, the Finnish delegates gave information about the current challenges and development of Finnish university education (Heljä Misukka), and the importance of networking (Risto E.J. Penttilä). The Chinese guests shared their experiences in studying in Finland; for example the former Chinese ambassador to Finland, Mrs Ma Keqing and the vice-chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC Luo Fuhe shared their memories of studying at the University of Helsinki in the 1970s and 1980s. The competition “This is my Finland” was also launched. It offers the alumni the opportunity to tell about their views of Finland through photographs or videos. Lepistö & Lehti entertained the guests with Finnish music.¨

The alumni present felt their time studying in Finland had been very fruitful and most of the visitors still had working contacts to Finland. “The foreigners, who have studied in Finland, form a very significant network, whether the collaboration is in the field of education and research or business. We at CIMO feel the promotion of this type of networking is extremely important” stated CIMO Director Pasi Sahlberg.

CIMO and the universities continue to promote the educational collaboration between China and Finland in the Shanghai EXPO in the autumn, when they organise the seminar ”Sharing Inspiration in Higher Education.” The seminar, which takes place in October, focuses on the Finnish expo themes: skills, environment and well-being from the viewpoint of university collaboration. The visibility of Finnish university education is also promoted in October by taking part in the student fair events in both Beijing and Shanghai.

For more information, Director of Communications Merja Lankinen / CIMO, tel. 0207 868 572 or 0400-247 757

Photo: Ville Salminen