Friday, 8 June 2012

Summer is here!

The holiday season started this week. Summer has officially started though the weather has not been really summerlike. Schools are over for now and pupils and students are either spending their holidays vacating or working in summer jobs. People might easily think that schools and universities are practically graveyards during summer. That is not true since all the time there is staff in universities who are working through out the summer finishing up the previous, and preparing for the upcoming semester. 

Anyhow, Kuntokatu campus has been more quiet for some weeks now because the students are gone, but it all changed this week when the halls and classrooms were filled with thousands of hopeful applicants that took part of the entrance exams for different degree programmes.

Next week, Kuntokatu campus will be again filled with life. There will be an excited international atmosphere, when International Services welcomes 27 guests from our partner universities all over Europe.

On Monday 11th of June starts the 4th annual International Week for Non-Teaching Staff at TAMK! The following week consists of lectures, workshops and sessions where everyone participating will have the chance to exchange best practices with each other concerning their work in their home universitites and institutions of higher education.

Preparations for this week have been going on for months now and we are ready to receive our visitors. The signs are on the walls, the classroom is ready, the topics and presentations for Special Interest Group sessions have been finalized, and the staff’s mood is on international mode. The weather has also noticed that our international guests are slowly arriving since the sun has been shining during the last couple of days. I can’t wait for Monday finally to come!

Welcome everyone, we are waiting for you!

Text: Sanna Hosike & Noora Järventaus
Photos: Sanna Hosike

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