Saturday, 28 February 2009

Juha Suonpää Made Research on Finnish Photo Art

Science journalist Kalle Heiska has published a report about the research project Dr. Juha Suonpää made on Finnish photo art. Juha Suonpää is the Head of TAMK Fine Arts Degree Programme.

"Many Finnish photographers with international success have achieved fame in Finland “via foreign countries”. Likewise Finnish photographic art has begun to be increasingly defined through internationalization. Nevertheless photographic art has mostly imparted a traditional image of Finnishness."

The research was carried out during the period 2005-2008 as part of the research and development work of TAMK University of Applied Sciences. Suonpää’s research formed part of the Finnish Museum of Photography project Pohjan Tähdet (Stars of the North) examining the internationalisation of Finnish photographic and video art. The project was funded mainly by the Academy of Finland.

Read the article by Kalle Heiska

Photo: Fine Art Students Elise Mäkitalo (left) and Liina Mäki-Patola (right) contemplating the various alternatives for attaching significance to pictures with Juha Suonpää.
Photographer: Antti Haapio

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Russian Exchange Important

In recent years, Russia has recovered from the turbulent and often chaotic times of the 90s to become one of Finland’s top trading partners. Goods flow to and from our eastern neighbour in great volume creating jobs and opportunities on both sides of the border. So, a group from TAMK attended Russian Day at the Tikkurila campus of LAUREA University of Applied Science.

Professor Markku Kivinen, Director of the Aleksander Institute of the University of Helsinki spoke about what direction Russia is heading now. He pointed out that the Soviet Union is over and that the new Russia has cash reserves of 225 billion euros. The country, as a whole, is up and coming on the world stage.

He pointed out that European Union membership is not in the cards for our Eastern neighbour. Even though trade between Russia and the EU is enormous, niether side really wants EU membership for Russia. One interesting point was that almost all of Russia’s trade is with EU member states. He also pointed out that although Russia is important, it is also difficult to understand and predict.

In addition to other excellent presentations, Jaana Mutanen and Outi Jäppinen from the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) spoke about various exchange and work placement opportunities. Student perspectives were provide by Marja Heiskanen Laurea, Marjo Hämäläinen SEAMK, Jesse Niklander Laurea, Riina Vahertimo TOKEM and Hanna Vaurio SAMK, FIRST Network for Social Services and Health.

Mikel Garant from TAMK spoke on Russian exchange students in Finland. Katri Velin from KYAMK spoke about long term students exchanges to Russia and Ritva Salonen from HAMK spoke about teacher exchanges.

The day was well spent and educational and will help all of us gain a better understanding of contemporary Russia. TAMK will participate in an week long program on doing business with Russia at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, March 28 - April 5, 2009. For more information contact mikel.garant (at)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Call for Papers: Autumn Symposium of AFinLA

The annual Autumn Symposium of the Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics (AFinLA) is to be held at TAMK University of Applied Sciences, Tampere, November 12-13, 2009.

Main Speakers:
Anna Mauranen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Keith Richards, University of Warwick, England
Balázs Heidrich, Budapest Business School, Hungary

Call for papers:
The theme is "Professional Communication, Education, and Culture".

Papers are sought related to the conference theme. Traditionally, the majority of the papers are presented in Finnish. However, because of the need to attract more international participants, it is hoped that there will be a number of presentations in English. Swedish is Finland's second language so Swedish language papers are also sought.

Abstract should be 250 words and include the title, author's name and institution. The deadline for abstracts is September 10, 2009.

Please send abstracts and inquiries to:

Further information:
Mikel Garant:

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Coming this spring: HERA by Sanni Rajapolvi

HERA is a joint production of both the fine art and the media students of TAMK School of Art and Media. It started as an experimental exercise last spring, but grew up to be the graduation project of Sanni Rajapolvi.

HERA is a contemporary film about identity and motherhood.

This modern work portrays the thoughts of a young woman, who struggles with her self, seeking her identity. The battle of mind is presented trough a surrealistic fight with her double where the line between reflection and actual dissolves. The young and insecure mind is fluid.

HERA is a dream about seeking the right choice.

Sanni Rajapolvi, writer and director of HERA, is a becoming Contemporary artist. Her work includes modern motion picture and installation. HERA is her graduation work from TAMK University of Applied Sciences Fine Arts Programme.

HERA (Website and trailer)
HERA at Facebook

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Study trip to London

Business Administration 3rd year students are heading to London from 16th to 20th March. Our plan is to visit Finnish Institute, London Metal Exchange, Anglia Ruskin University of Applied Sciences, BBC Television Centre and Bank of England Museum. Before our trip we have gathered information regarding our visits. We have also made some questions which we are going to pose there.

There are altogether 22 students and four teachers taking this trip to London. Students participating have chosen courses related to economics, such as bookkeeping, financing and financial management. Besides the trip we have to do some assignments beforehand and reports after the trip. We have received a grant from TAMK to help with the expenses.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Business Administration had guests from Luxemburg and Romania

A group of Luxembourgian and Romanian teachers and students took part in the practice enterprise trade fair in Tampere (4.-5.2). They also visited TAMK and the practice enterprises of TAMK’s 1st year students. In the morning, the students visited the practice enterprises: the aims were to become familiar with the practice enterprise culture of the other countries, to do business and to network. The teachers got to know TAMK under the guidance of the 1st year coaches Marita Tuomala and Milja Valtonen.

Presenting their practice companies and carrying out business negotiations in a foreign language were good practice for business administration students, who are taking part in the International practice enterprise trade fair in Austria (10.-12.3). 9 practice enterprises are going to Salzburg from TAMK.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

TAMK Art Exhibition in New York

Pekka Ruuska and Teemu Räsänen - fourth year students of our Fine Arts Programme - made a successful exhibition in Syracuse, New York. They were joined by Inga Mustakallio who graduated last year and works today in Geneva.

The 12 hour exhibition included performances, a workshop in erotic art, community art, drawings and paintings. The local audience seemed to be very interested in Finnish art and artists.

Pekka Ruuska commented: Even though we live an era of globalization, there's still big cultural differences between Europe and the U.S. The different cultural backgrounds generate art forms that stand out from the customary art around us. This brought the audience to experience something they did not expect coming to the exhibition.

Video from the exhibition at Post Standard

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Batman and Elvis met Pippi Longstocking at the practice enterprise trade fair

The 12th practice enterprise trade fair was organised in Tampere on the 4th and 5th of February 2009. 27 practice enterprises too part, 6 of which were from TAMK. Other participants were from all over Finland, including Pirkanmaa UAS and Seinäjoki UAS. Practice enterprises from Romania and Luxemburg also participated, which gave the event an extra special flavour.

The trade fair went well. Business was carried out and practice enterprises had the change to network. The practice enterprises had clearly put a lot of effort into the trade fair – the presentation was excellent and the students had used their imagination in decorating the booths and in the outfits of their presenters. The audience got greeted by e.g. Batman, Elvis, Marilyn, Pippi Longstocking and a walking tomato!

Awards crowned the trade fair

TAMK practice enterprises Motivissimo and Tili-Evidenssi gained renown in the Verkot vesille –competition for active networking. As the award, both teams got diplomas and a Skype phone! The third company to be awarded was Benemoth Publishing from PIRAMK. The aim of the competition was to encourage practice enterprises to network and to present themselves and their companies in a professional environment.

As usual, the best booths were also awarded. The categories were Audience favourite, Best appearance and Best customer service. Benemoth Publishing (selling comics) from PIRAMK got the awards for both Best appearance and Audience favourite. Pohjanmaan Turvatuote from Seinäjoki got the Best customer service award.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Women’s position in Africa – SASA!

Sasa is Swahili and means now. This was the name of a film that was presented at TAMK on Tuesday February 10 when Sr. Regina Opoku from St. Augustine University, Mwanza, Tanzania was visiting TAMK. She had an interactive lecture about the position of women in Africa to an audience of both student and staff of TAMK.

The film presented the true stories of Mama Joyce in Tanzania and Josephine in Uganda about their experiences about domestic violence and HIV/AIDS. It also presented hope and encouragement by telling, how these two African women survived and how they are now helping others facing similar experiences. In her lecture Sr. Opoku raised questions to the audience about the situation in each ones own country and environment. The lecture together with the film launched a lively discussion and questions about the topic in the auditorium. The topic was somewhat different than we are used to here in engineering, media and business schools, but extremely important one. I am convinced that the discussion did not end to the end of the lecture, but continues also afterwards.

Story: Eeva-Liisa Viskari

TAMK Art Exhibition in Miskolc

Karton Szalon Gallery in Miscolc, the Hungarian twin city of the City of Tampere, shows an art exhibition of young artists from Tampere. All the artists are TAMK Fine Art Programme graduates from last year or still students of the programme.

The exhibition is arranged by the City of Tampere Culture Department in cooperation with the City of Miskolc and the Miskolc Art Museum. The local press and television notized the opening of the exhibition. It is open February 3-22.

The artists of the exhibition are:

Hannamari Matikainen, photographs
Kaija Papu, photographs
Sanni Seppä, paintings
Jere Seppänen, installation
Samppa Törmälehto, installation
Jarno Vesala, installation

Risto-Pekka Blom
Henna Inkinen

Kaija Papu

Sanni Rajapolvi

There is also a TAMK School of Art and Media corner screening a collection of fine art student's video works.

Story: Minna Suoniemi

Monday, 9 February 2009

G.L.O.B.E. - Just what is it?

On the 16th of November 2008 I wrote this piece on the, then, new GLOBE forum:

“Well, G.L.O.B.E. was founded by environmental engineering students for environmental engineering students. If you have concerns about your studies then we will point you in the direction of the best person in TAMK to help, if you want some advice on aspects of your studies and student life in general then we are here to listen and help! But we are more than that. We want to get pro-active on the environmental issues that concern and effect us all, we want to help shape the future of environmental engineering, in TAMK, in Finland and around the world. We want your help in calling attention to and solving problems in the environment. GLOBE is much, much more than just a society for getting drunk together, for while we love a party as much as the next bunch, we want to make a difference!! AND A BIG ONE AT THAT! As a student body we offer such an incredible rich and diverse background that we can use for the advantage of everyone, so be proud to be a part of something BOLD!”

So to a more general view.

GLOBE is a student run society with lofty ideals! A society for anyone studying Environmental Engineering at TAMK, be it for 4 years or 4 weeks, your all welcome and the moment you start your studies at TAMK you automatically become a member. There is no joining fee, all that is asked is that you GET INVOLVED!

Environmental Engineering students are an incredible friendly bunch of people, who share many common ideals and while the academic programme is why your here, taking time to grow the social aspect of being an Env. Eng. Student is why GLOBE is here! GLOBE organises a wide range of social events, from Christmas Parties to cultural visits, but always with an ecological stand point! The students of the Environmental Engineering degree programme come from every corner of the globe, and harnessing that diversity is a big part of the ethos of GLOBE. Participating in GLOBE events with your fellow students not only further cements friendships but shows everyone the wide variety of ideas that only a group of students such as ours can achieve, and these ideas and ways of working not only contribute to a successful GLOBE event or initiative but can stay with you into your working lives and can help us all go onto.

President for G.L.O.B.E. 2008-2009

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Two TAMK Films Compete in Tampere Film Festival

A week ago I posted the story about Toni Edo, the former Interactive Media Programme student, been invited to Tampere Film Festival international competition with his film Family 068.

TAMK School of Art and Media is also present in the Finnish Competition by two graduation projects from last year:

Expensive Shit (Melko kallista paskaa) by Antti Tuomikoski is a portrait of Uljas-Ilmari Majuri, who lives on his secluded farm in Eastern Finland, surrounded by his endangered indigenous cattle. Ilmari is no typical farmer – he has never seen cow keeping as a profession or a profitable business. What, then, has made the young man isolate himself to his personal dreamland, trying to support himself and his cattle on nothing but a small disability pension? Is there a future for the endangered cattle and its master, and can people be any good compared to cows in the end?

Expensive Shit has already won the Student Documentary Film Award at Kettupäivät Short Film Festival. It was also chosen to the DocPoint Documentary Film Festival.

The Treasured Waters (Ei vettä, rantaa rakkaampaa) by Ilkka Rautio is a story about a young man who desires to live the finnish dream, but his hopes are about to be crushed under the unstoppably urbanizing society. A thoughtful, autobiographical story about the connection between water and a Finn as an reflection to the state of nation.

The Treasured Waters has been invited to a number of Finnish and international film festivals. Next week (February 13-21) it is one of the 26 films chosen among 603 entries to Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival Competition.

Tampere Film Festival 4.-8.3.2009
Antti Tuomikoski
Punto de Vista Film Festival

Photo: From Expensive Shit

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Visitor from the UK

Prof. Ian Arnott from the University of Teesside in the United Kingdom visited TAMK from 2nd of February to the 5th of February. He gave a course about sports management and marketing in English.

In addition to his teaching at TAMK, Ian had the time to meet with some Business Administration teachers, the people from the Education Technology Centre as well as to visit proAcademy. The busy schedule also included a quick trip to the practice enterprise trade fair at Pakkahuone. Ian is hoping to be able to come back to Tampere and Finland, preferably when it’s warmer, though. He is interested in further collaboration with the degree programme of Business Administration.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

First year business students to Salzburg Fair

Ira Järvinen, Merja Ketonen ja Meri Kallio belong to the group of ca. 100 first year business students who will travel to Salzburg to take part into International Trade Fair for Training Firms this spring. The 100 students belong to 12 different training firms which they run for the first year of their studies. Trade Fairs for Practice Firms offer training firms of vocational schools and of institutes for adult education the chance to present themselves in public.

In the fair, business students will meet their international business partners from 355 training firms from 21 different countries. Ira, Meri and Merja expect to be able to conduct realistic negotiations which will lead to contracts. After the Trade Fair fulfilment of contracts, execution of deliveries and writing invoices will give them even more experience.

Ira's, Merja's and Meri's Training firm is called ProExperience and they produce events for companies in need of teambuilding and relaxation. Amongst the events they'll be promoting at the fair are Pirate Adventure, beginning from a dusky pirate pub in the harbour of Tampere, time travel to 70's disco or 50’s High School Prom or a medieval day in the company of Alianor and her brave loved one knight Nikodemus.

The twelve training firms, 120 first year business students, have started getting ready for the fair as early as last autumn.
The firms get traveling grant, but they also raise money for traveling expenses. The firms sold flowers before Christmas, arranged lotteries etc. ProExperience has already arranged one student party and another one will be held at the 12th of Fedruary at Onnela.

The Salzburg Fair will be in the 10th to 13th of March, and Ira, Merja and Meri have promised to blog from there, telling how the medieval adventures sell in Mozart's birthplace.

Here we come! Students from training firms ProExperience and Taukomaatti.

Hanna's greetings from Dublin

Hello and greetings from Dublin, Ireland. My name is Hanna Lind and this is my sixth year studying computer science. In this picture is my friend Silja and me standing outside our work place, Ballycoolin IBM. I work here as a customer service representative so basically I answer the phone and try to solve the customer's problem. More pictures and updates coming later.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

From China to Tampere - studying in TAMK

My name is YOU ZHOU. I am second year student in Environmental Engineering, coming from China.

Firstly, I want to say thank you to all my classmates and teachers. At the beginning of the first year, I felt a little bit lonely. I didn’t speak much English and Finnish. My tutors gave me a lot of help, so I quickly got used to the Finland’s study processes.

Also TAMK has the best teachers; The English teacher has given me extra English lessons when she was free and other teachers have helped me as well, even after the class hours. I was double trying my economics, but I still didn’t know much. Our economics teacher tried then different teaching methods to teach me. I can’t forget the encourage words from all my best teachers and especially our dean; I was doing some work during the late evening, so I couldn’t get up in the morning. But she asked me how I felt and whether I slept late. My learning atmosphere is full of love.

Oh, now I should talk about our classmates. Although, I was really shy at the beginning. I was the only Chinese in the class. A friend from my class helped me to feel brave when I was sharing my opinion with the other people. And now I get along very well with all classmates. They told me about their culture in different countries. I think this is very important in further working life. Lunch time is basically broadcasting time; you can hear all the news from all the countries and the comments from the students.

I would like to say to all the students, who will come to our school (foreigners), try your best to go to Finnish classes and learn Finnish that will then help to know the Finnish culture. There is lot of snacks in Finnish classes tooJ. Don’t miss it. Don’t worry when you are having any kind of problems: Just talk to your friend or your teacher, they will help you to solve any of the problems. Don’t hesitate. You will find your life is much better.

The last thing is the barbecue with all the students. The food is great and life couldn’t get any better, especially, when some classmates have taken their guitar with them and start playing…


I love TAMK, and hope more foreigners can come to join us. See you!

YOU ZHOU, South China

Monday, 2 February 2009

Toni Edo Comes Back to Tampere with Family 068

Yesterday I got a hilarious Facebook message from Toni Edo: "It's sauna time".

Toni Edo is one of the Interactive Media Programme 2005 students at TAMK School of Art and Media. He will travel again from Barcelona to Tampere, this time because his film was chosen to Tampere International Film Festival.

The film, Family 068 (Familia 068) is a 27 minute documentary filmed in Nicaragua. More than 500 people have their homes in Nicaragua's biggest dump. They are numbered, but have no name. Are they happy in spite of the hard living conditions? Or is it a resigned happiness?

Toni has directed and produced the short film together with Rubén Margalló.

More than 3000 films from 73 countries were offered to the Tampere Film Festival International Competition, 340 of them documentaries. Sixtynine films were selected, 19 of them documentaries including Toni's film.

Can't wait to see Toni and his film. Tampere Film Festival will be March 4-8 2009.

Welcome back to Tampere, Toni.

Tampere International Short Film Festival

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Game Development Club Score's New Website

Score, the game development club operating under TAMK's student union and from Finlayson, has recently published their new website. The visual design has been revised and the content has been updated. The site also states that there will be more sections in the near future. The site is run with the help of WordPress, the free, open-source content management system.

Juho Hartikainen
Score President

View the site

Earlier stories about Score in the School of Art and Media Blog