Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Erasmus IP Program of Forestry - Bazas, France

TAMK just took part in an Erasmus Intensive Programme of forestry in Bazas, France. Six fourth-year students of forestry and one teacher joined a group of French, Spanish and Romanian partcipants getting to know the local forestry and especially the local storms and effects of storms in forestry.

Photo: Lecturer Manne Viljamaa and students of Erasmus IP project observing french forest

The programme was organized in a local school of agriculture and forestry in the town of Bazas in south-western France, 60 kilometers from Bordeaux. The hospitable hosts and the surrounding massive forest area of Landes gave an excellent setting to explore the case! The first week of the programme was spent mostly in lectures and field trips lead by local professionals. To ease the understanding the lectures were translated in two languages, english and french.

On the second week the participants were divided in six groups with a specialized task for each group. On the weekend the participants were able to visit the beautiful city of Bordeaux and also the Atlantic dynes nearby.

Thanks again to our hosts - next year in April 2011 we will meet in Rovaniemi!

The participants of TAMK:
Manne Viljamaa
Anne Haukkovaara
Markku Laine
Jonna Ritala
Anne Pöyhönen
Sonja Nurmi
Tuomas Kähö

Text: Tuomas Kähö

Happy Festive Season

TAMK students and lecturers have holidays until January 3rd, when our spring semester starts.

January 3rd is also the kick off date of the application period of our international Bachelor's programmes.

All details about application

The blog wishes everybody happy holidays. See you next year!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Tutors tutors tutors!

As every year, TAMK again organises training for students who want to become tutors for international students. Riika Poikela, a present tutor and Student Union TAMKO's board member, advised the tutors-to-be on how to take care of new students and how to help them.

Mr. Brown Onduso, a guest lecturer, talked a bit about culture shock and how it affects people who travel abroad, in this case, how exchange students experience it. Mr. Onduso has himself a lot to tell about experiences in Finland and the stages he went through when he arrived in Finland. Also Kirsi Tolvanen, Head of International Services, and Mirja Onduso, International Coordinator responsible for incoming exchange students were in the meeting.

The tutor training is an absolute "must" for those who want to take the plunge and become tutors. Before helping anyone, the new tutors need to be trained on how to deal with any problem or issue that exchange students might experience. There is no problem too small or too big - students are the best group to help students!

In addition to information on how TAMK and Tampere works, tutors are able to provide the new students with many good tips and - of course - friendship and understanding. Since life abroad can be a tough one for those who haven’t ever been abroad, a tutor is an important person exchange students can turn to.

TAMKO provides a lot of support services, including pick-up services for new arrivals, "survival kits" with linen, kitchenware, towels, and so forth. These have received high praise from all the students, who have benefitted.

Want to become a tutor? Want to get a tutor? Contact TAMKO.

Text: Felipe Ludeña Vaquerizo

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Innovative technology solutions interested audience in the opening seminar of TAMK’s new learning environment

In the roof visitors got to see the wind and solar energy systems.

TAMK’s new learning environment is ready for action. Opening seminar was held on 10th December in the main campus. Environmental friendly and unique learning environment combines energy- and environmental technology targeting to create more sustainable environment and future. Learning environment includes geothermal heat system, two different kinds of wind power systems to generate electricity, two solar collectors for heat and electric production and monitoring systems for these all. There is also Finland’s first public indoor dry toilets and water saving toilets as well as grey water purification included to the learning environment.

The aim of the learning environment is to serve students from diversified technical study programs and to provide professionals of new energy- and waste water technologies for companies and municipalities. This is now the genuine moment to study right at own school premises not only in theory, but also in practice by monitoring, trying and maintaining the different energy and environmental technology systems.

'Opi enempi' project is funded by European Regional Development Fund.

After the seminar lectures, the audience was taken into the learning environment to know more about the installed energy systems and ecological toilet solutions. In the picture, group getting to know the greenhouse.

For more information see projects webpages or contact aino-maija.kyykoski[at]tamk.fi

Tampere - the Focal Point of Northern Europe

Where is Tampere? At the edge of the tundra? Why should one bother to move to Tampere to study or to do business?

Tampere is actually the central spot of Northern Europe. If you draw a circle with a radius of 1000 km, including the Baltic sea, Scandinavia, Finland, and northern Russia, your circle will hit the Russian capital Moscow, the Polish capital Warsaw, Rostock in Germany and Hammerfest in northern Norway. And there it is, the centre of this circle, Tampere in Finland.

This 1000 km circle includes other capitals like Copenhagen (distance from Tampere 913 km), Oslo (726 km), Stockholm (394 km), Helsinki (160 km), Tallin (235 km), Riga (505 km), Vilnius (762 km) and Minsk (873 km). St. Petersburg (396 km) is really close.

Tampere is really accessible: Direct flights from Riga, Kaunas, Milan, Bremen, Frankfurt, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Tallin, Alicante, Edinburgh, Malaga, Pisa, Gdansk and Helsinki, train from St. Petersburg and Helsinki, ferry + train from Tallin, Stockholm, Gdynia, Travemünde and Rostock.

Tampere is an attractive and international centre for students, 200 000 inhabitants and 40 000 students of higher education in four universities. The cultural life is rich, and the city is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests.

Application period for our international degree programmes run in English January 3 - February 15
All details about application
Photo: The traditional Christmas Market at the central square Keskustori
Story and photo: Cai Melakoski

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Application for Bachelor's programmes start soon

Applying to programmes conducted in English at universities of applied sciences takes place through a joint application system. Applying takes place online at www.admissions.fi. Applicants can use the same on-line application form to apply for a maximum of four different degree programmes conducted in English at up to four different universities of applied sciences.

TAMK bachelor's programmes in English:
  • Environmental Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering
  • International Business - Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Media - Bachelor of Culture and Arts
  • Nursing - Bachelor of Health Care, Tampere
  • Tourism - Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Tampere
The applicants of Degree Programme in Media must return also the required pre-task by 15 February to TAMK.

All details about applying for TAMK programmes in English

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Visitor from Prague - Tomáš Bouška

This week we got a visit from the College of Media and Journalism in Prague. Tomáš Bouška is Vice-Director for External Relations and Communication of the college, and he is looking for international partners, because CMJ has decided to join the European networking community of higher education.

The educational programme of CMJ has been divided into three main fields: Journalism, Audiovisual and Digital Media, Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

I had a very good discussion with Tomáš Bouška and gave him a tour of our premises at Finlayson campus. We agreed to be in touch again when CMJ has joined the European exchange programmes. Of course Tomáš also got the invitation to Tampere Art Factory International Week April 11-15.2011.

Cai Melakoski

Pictured on Finlayson Campus roof garden: Tomáš Bouška on right, Timo Malmi, information officer at the University of Tampere on left side.

Friday, 10 December 2010

EVA - the virtual campus of visual culture studies

Prof. Doru Pop, coordinator of the project, leading the curriculum workshop

Last weekend the EVA-project was kicked off in Cluj, the capital of Transylvania in Romania. Our aim is to build the campus of visual culture studies as a pilot of European Virtual Academy over the next two years. We will have courses, library, labs and forums in the digital world, taking advantage of social media tools and Open Source software.

We will involve the best experts of learning - the students - to create the campus. Professors, lecturers and artists are already preparing the first nine pilot courses to start next autumn. The general language of the campus will be English, but courses will also be translated or subtitled to Romanian, Italian, German, Hungarian and Finnish.

EVA will allow the students of the media and art programmes of partner universities to do exchange studies in a truly international environment without traveling.

We are Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania (coordinator), University of Milano-Bicocca, Milano, Italy, Hochschule Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida, Germany, Sapientia Hungarian University of Transilvania, Cluj, Romania and Tampere University of Applied Sciences, TAMK.

Later we will also invite other universities to join us.

The project is funded by the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme.

The web site of European Virtual Campus will be launched in April.

Cai Melakoski
Head, TAMK international Degree Programme in Media

Thursday, 9 December 2010

TAMK Today has arrived!

TAMK.today is our international news letter - mailed out to all partners informing them of international news, events, projects and exchange experiences.

In addition to the international spread of the magazine, it will be an important information source and inspiration to TAMK students and staff to get involved in international activities.

TAMK International Services publishes the magazine in collaboration with TAMK Communication Services annually and the 2010-11 issue has been sent to all partners across the globe. If you wish to receive a copy, please turn to your international office or contact us at international.office(at)tamk.fi

The magazine is also available electronically HERE!

TAMK International Services

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Increasing efficiency and sustainability in Azerbaijan water safety plan

The opening ceremony of the ecosan toilet build in SuGovsagi village/ Sabirabad.
Four pilot projects were implemented on alternative sources of energy In the project localities: Sabirabad, Saatli Shemakha and Ismayili: The construction of an ecosan (which  opening ceremony was  done the 11.11.2010 by Ke Tu ry , TAMK. The toilet was build for Gosvsagi village),  a water destilator and a solar panel  and two food dryers. Two students of TAMK, university of Applied Sciences environmental Engineering and one of TAMK teachers were actively involved in the project activities in Azerbaijan during three months (May-July 2010)

During the week trip to Azerbaijan made with the objectives to well know the  project implementations of KOVA which is  financed by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign  affairs and managed by KeTu ry  and TAMK, University of Applied Sciences, the project is implemented  for community approaches  to a better environment for all and poverty reduction in out of reach communities of rural Azerbaijan.

A meeting was held in the office of the European Union in Azerbaijan with its representative who has gotten acquainted with all project activities in all localities.

Together with the local Partner in Azerbaijan, the director of EKOT NGO, some results and presentations were giving to the representative of the EU including some details about the project proposal for the upcoming years of this cooperation.

Other meetings were also organized with the representative of WCEF : Women in Europe foe a common future, in order to look forward of a good cooperation for a better situation of the localities of this project. From the European Union representative point of view, all project activities are excellent and its future is very promising.

During the mentioned week 08.11-14.11. 2010, 8 schools were visited (SuGovshag school,  Axtachi school, Guragli school, Beylik school…..) and meetings were organized with the local teachers and the students, sometimes including the local inhabitants, in order to discuss about the water safety plan and all knowledges that were introduced to them during the project implementation since the first of January 2010 till November 2010.

Text and picture: Mina Bouhlal

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

TAMK presents at the Diabetes event in Nizhni Novgorod

Leena Minkkinen and students from Bogorodsk medical college

11.11-13.11 2010 TAMK participated in a World Diabetes day event organised in Nizhni Novgorod. The organiser was the Nizhny Novgorod Diabetic League.

The event was organised in The Puppet Theatre in two floors. It was aimed at both experts and patients. In conjunction with the event, patient consultations and discussion opportunities were organised for the experts of the Diabetes forum.

TAMK’s themes at the event were safety as well as the prevention and treatment of diabetes. The visitors were especially interested in the diabetes risk tests, information about foot care, fall prevention and the presentation of TAMK’s ITSE-space.

During the visitation, the discussions also covered developing collaboration and future project opportunities. The collaboration partners included representatives from Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, classic university, Continuing Education Centre for Health Care Specialists, Nizhny Novgorod Diabetic League and the city hospital.

Taking part in Nizhni Novgorod was Annikki Mattila, senior lecturer from the School of Business and Services, who initiated discussions about the collaboration with the department of tourism and service at Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. This visitation produced an agreement suggestion for teacher exchange.

TAMK’s representatives
Leena Minkkinen, senior lecturer, School of Health Care
Julia Sergeeva, project worker, R&D
Tarja Heinonen, programme manager, Wellbeing Services and Technology
Annikki Mattila, senior lecturer, School of Business and Services

Text: Julia Sergeeva

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

TAMK and TAPS working together again

Once more, TAMK University of Applied Sciences received students from USA, who will have a brilliant opportunity to "go international" at TAMK. EU-US Atlantis Funding makes this possible - the coordinating university in Europe is Hochschule München in Germany, and our long-time counterpart in the United States is University of Wisconsin. Thís particular group of American students is From Wisconsin (Stevens Point) and North Carolina (Raleigh)

TAPS stands for "Trans Atlantic Paper Science". and the group aims at getting to know how paper science and technology is studied in other countries, and as a more general goal to have a chance to discover Europe, Finland in particular. They will submerge themselves in paper manufacturing, printing, coding, inking and so forth.

At this midway point, I sat down to talk to them a bit and was quite surprised that they are able to form some Finnish sentences already! In their opinion, even though Finnish society and life may be different from that in the US, they’re really enjoying their stay in Finland! For their last month, the group has planned travels to nearby Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and all over Finland - the full-on experience!

Text & photo:
Felipe Ludena Vaquerizo (trainee at intl. services)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Connection Lost among top 3 in Prix Europa

Outi Hartikainen directs Raimo Grönberg while cameraman Hannu
Koivuranta checks the composition (Photo: Eero Alava)
Languages Through Lenses 2010 -competition is over.

Languages Through Lenses is one of Prix Europa's film competitions. Last spring the international jury chose 15 best scripts among 100 competitors from over 18 EU countries. The chosen fifteen got a 5,000€ grant each to produce a short film from the script. The underlying theme of the competition scripts was to motivate people to learn languages and get people interested in learning more about other cultures.

"Connection Lost", a script by TAMK's very own Hannu Koivuranta and Outi Hartikainen, was among the chosen and was filmed last summer.

After all the 15 films were finished, three of them were chosen as finalists. In addition to "Connection Lost", the top three consisted of "The Forest of Babel" by Aalto university and "Langbeat" by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

The 1st place went to The "Forest of Babel". Getting to final three from among 100 film schools is still a huge achievement, so the blog would like to join in congratulations for the production team.

Watch "Connection Lost"
Read blog posts about the earlier phases of the competition
Prix Europa

Friday, 5 November 2010

Tere tulemast! Welcome!

Ms Luule Lipp and Ms. Eda Veeroja, two teachers from Vöru County Vocational Training Center in Estonia, lectured TAMK tourism students on sustainable heritage tourism product development and quality management among other topics. The lectures given were a part of our Nature Tourism course.

The way these experts like giving lectures and presentations is easy but very effective - by making them take an active role and speak up! They also had a chance to go on a mini-tour in Tampere city, where they visited the Pyynikki observation tower and Pispala (an old part of town, famous for artist residents), did some shopping and grabbed something to eat on the go in café Europa and in the Viking restaurant Harald.

In their opinion traditions and culture as well as cultural heritage should be passed to the next generation and so forth no matter how fast life is changing. Smoke sauna, good traditional cuisine, and the importance of continuing the traditions and language are “top priority” for the Estonian teachers. As well as Võrumaa, Tampere Region as a rural and traditional place has a lot to offer to the visitor besides technology, fashion, industrial heritage, services and avantgarde education.

It’s possible to step into the forest in less than ten minutes from the center of Tampere. Both universities are willing to continue their mutual cooperation and facilitate students and teachers mobility between TAMK and Vöru County Vocational Training Center.

Pics and text by Felipe Ludena Vaquerizo, trainee.

TAMK roadshowing in the Czech Republic

TAMK participated in the Gaudeamus international student education fair in Brno, Czech Republic on 2-5 November. TAMK shared its stand, namely "Study in Inland Finland", with Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK). The two universities of applied sciences in Central Finland were represented at the fair by Riikka Vanhanen and Sanna Tyrväinen from JAMK and Riku-Matti Kinnunen from TAMK. This was the fourth time TAMK attended an international student recruitment event this autumn, the previous time having been in Shanghai in October.

The densely populated Central Eastern Europe offers a great potential for student recruitment to Finnish higher education institutions. The Czech and Slovak fair visitors do not know much about Finland yet, so the attandance at the student fair and distrubution of information were much anticipated. According to the preliminary estimations, the number of visitors to the Gaudeamus Fair in Brno this time exceeded 35.000 visitors which makes it one of the biggest events in student recruitment in Europe.

The five bachelor’s programmes conducted in English at TAMK caught the eye of the fair goers, and many were happily surprised to learn that TAMK would organise the entrance exams for the Degree Programmes in International Business, Environmental Engineering and Tourism in Brno, too. Those who fill in the electronic application form by 15 February 2011 will be invited to the entrance exams that will be held in Tampere in late April and early May depending on the degree programme, and in a number of locations outside Finland in mid-April 2011. Further information can be had at www.tamkadmissions.fi.

Story by Riku-Matti Kinnunen
Picture by Robert Zich

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Free Wall - Performance at TAMK & Tampere Friday

Who owns the space in our city?

We will own it on Friday 5.11.2010 when 27 students will be walking around Tampere centre wearing bullet boards.

Come and write your message, glue you stickers, tag your posters or just to leave you own print.

We are the first year fine art students of TAMK and we want to emphasise a question: Where is the street forum, which lives and develops in an interactive relationship with us, the citizens?

Until now, only temporary plywood of construction sites have granted free space for street artists, poets and event planners, and in time all these walls were torn down. We want something long lasting!

12:00 TAMK Finlayson Campus entrance and cafe
12:30 TAMK (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) Main Campus
13:00 University of Tampere
14:00 Railway station
16:00 Central Market Square Keskustori

You can also see us walking around the city!

We are offering you a chance to make this point heard, so you are warmly welcome. Not just you, but also your friends and their friends, so spread the word!

The performance on Facebook

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Great opportunity for great talents - The Swan Lake Award

The Swan Lake: Moving Image & Music Awards, short SL:MIMA, is an international short film competition which is exclusively organized by students on behalf of the University of Applied Science Mittweida (Germany).

No later than November 21st 2010 everyone can hand in their film in the categories "digital film", "animated film" and "interactive film". The choice of topics is free, but every film will be created on the basis of a modern piece of music, which will be chosen out of a pool of contemporary piano music.

The best entries will be adjudicate by a top class international panel. Oscar-winner Jan A. P. Kaczmarek is the patron of the competition, whose submissions award a prize to international stars of the creative branch. A public award will be granted in co-operation with the online platform “startnext.de”.

This prize includes the start-up financing of the following project of the winner and will help support future talents by developing their skills. The event will take place from January 10th to January 12th 2011. Besides the presentation of the awards there will be workshops, open space events and certainly an after-show party full of visual experiments.

For participation a registration for free at www.swan-lake-award.org/slmima.php and the assortment of a modern piece of piano music out of a pool of the partner portal www.newagepiano.net is necessary.

More information for the project you'll find at www.swan-lake-award.org.

Story: Stella Volmer
Stella, student at FH Mittweida, is doing her international exchange period at TAMK

TAMK is a member of the SL:MIMA international network.
TAMK students have been successful in SL:MIMA. Read previous story

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Odense - the city of H.C. Andersen and multimedia design

I spent some days in Odense, Denmark, participating in a meeting of the DETVET-project.
One of the project partners is SDE-college, which also is a TAMK partner. Now Odense is one of the most promising partners for IMP, our Degree Programme in Media.

Last year exchange student Ania Ciuba made her final thesis project in our school, and a couple of weeks ago lecturer in exchange Michael Koch gave a workshop called Flash for Mobile Devices.

The education in Odense is developing in the same direction as in Tampere. Focus has been moved from teaching to learning outcomes. Learning happens in open learning environments, in projects, in cooperation with the real world and lecturers are coaches.

Two SDE programmes, Multimedia Designer and BA in Web Development work in a previous textile factory building like our Media Programme does, and the number of international students is impressive. They also hire international lecturers, I had a long cup of coffee with my old friend Adam Montandon (UK), who decided to leave company and create interactive media with the students in Odense instead. Adam is EUROPRIX winner 2004, so Odense really invests in world class education!

Twin cities Tampere and Odense

Odense and Tampere have been twin cities (sister cities) since 1966, and they are alike in many ways; both have some 200 000 inhabitants and lots of international students, both have streaming water and beautiful parks in the city centre. Tampere has Finlayson, Odense has Brandts Klædefabrik etc.

Tampere is proud of her many famous writers, in Odense you can find Hans Christian Andersen inspired sculptures everywhere.

I'm sure during the next years you will read many posts on this blog about our projects with Odense and about the adventures of IMP students in Odense.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

TAMK’s team won the load bearing capacity calculations in Span 2010 bridge design competition

TAMK’s team won the load bearing capacity calculations series of the Span 2010 bridge design competition. The finals of the competition were organised at the FinnBuild 2010 fair in October.

The aim of the Span 2010 bridge design competition is to increase the students’ interest towards construction design. The students of construction technology and construction engineering competed in three different categories.

TAMK’s team took the gold in the load bearing capacity calculations. They exceeded their own capacity calculations by only 7 kg ending up with 209 kg. The winning team won 1000 Euros. The most robust bridge –category was a tie between the teams from Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu. The most aesthetically pleasing bridge –category went to the team from Tampere University of Technology.

In the competition, the students designed and built a miniature bridge out of wood, after which the bridges were tested. In the qualifying rounds, the teams drew plans of their bridges, consisting of calculations, CAD drawings and 3D presentations. The teams which were selected to appear in the finals built and tested their bridges on the 6.-9.10 at the FinnBuild fair. Four teams were awarded in the finals.

TAMK’s participants were future engineers of construction technology: Arttu Lehtonen, Jarkko Koli, Petri Timo and Iiro Villman.

For more information: Heikki Saarenpää, senior lecturer of construction engineering, firstname.lastname@tamk.fi

Picture taken by Jorma Kylliäinen

Monday, 25 October 2010

Slovenian visitors at TAMK

A group of five Slovenian visitors from Institut za Management, Ljubliana, came to have a short but intense visit at TAMK. The reason to visit us was to familiarize themselves with TAMK. To begin with, they had a meeting with Kirsi Tolvanen and Camilla Kalevo, who both explained thoroughly what TAMK is up to.

They discussed matters over a cup of coffee and enjoyed some Finnish sweet buns. Right after they all went for a tour in TAMK campus and saw some of the premises where students have their theoretical and practical lectures. They didn’t really have much spare time to see the rest of the university facilities but they got an overall picture of what it is like to be a student at TAMK. They were very satisfied with the visit as well as impressed at the TAMK organisation, methodology, degree programs, strategies and facilities too. They described TAMK in one word: “superb”

Picture and story: Felipe Ludena Vaquerizo

Monday, 18 October 2010

TAMK Applicant's Guide 2011 now online

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) Applicant's Guide for degree programmes run in English is now available.

The application time is January 3 to February 15 2011.

Learn all details about application and download the guide


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Students did well in the hotel and restaurant competition in Lisbon

The 23rd annual conference and hotel and restaurant competition organised by AEHT (The European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools) took place in Lisbon, Portugal on 5.-10.10. The competition, which was aimed for students, was organized by the Lisbon Hotel and Tourism School. There were over 700 participants from 31 countries and 150 schools.

TAMK Hotel and Restaurant Management student Johanna Miettinen and her German partner Angela Inglisa performed fantastically by coming in second. The winning team consisted of students from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and Slovenia, and the third place went to Denmark and Holland.

The Management competition was for the first time divided into two categories: university students took part in Hospitality Management and upper secondary level students in Management. The task was the same in both categories, but there were differences in evaluation criteria.

The participants had to renew the business of a bankrupt, 80-room Lisbon hotel. The judges evaluated the SWOT analysis, the innovations in the business idea and management. They also evaluated team work, English language and presentation. In addition to the judges, the student groups also gave and received peer feedback.

Smooth collaboration was rewarded by second place

Even though Johanna and Angela had never met each other before the first day of the competition, their collaboration was even and natural: they supported each other during the presentation instead of having a clear division of presentation roles.

The central ideas in Johanna’s and Angela’s business renewal were the visibility of environmental factors in the hotel’s structure and products, offering healthy and low-fat restaurant food for the customers, lowering the hierarchy in the organisation and minimising marketing costs through the use of social media. They also planned to outsource spa and exercise services as well as day-trips in order to concentrate better on hotel, restaurant and conference business.

The aim of AEHT is to increase international collaboration and skills and to offer the participants interesting experiences in travel. The next competition will take place in Haag, Holland.
For more information, see:

Text: Riitta Brännare

Monday, 11 October 2010

TAMK roadshowing again in St Petersburg

TAMK participated in the ICIEP International Education Fair in St Petersburg, Russia on Sunday 10 October. TAMK shared its stand with the other two universities located in Tampere, University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. This was the second time TAMK attended an education fair this autumn, the previous time having been also in St Petersburg in September.

The densely populated St Petersburg area is within easy reach from Finland, and offers a great potential for student recruitment to Finnish higher education institutions. The Russian fair visitors did often mention the extra bonus that Finland offers with its high-quality education and attractive location. According to the preliminary estimations, the number of visitors to the ICIEP Fair this time exceeded the last year number of ca 3.500 visitors.

The five bachelor’s programmes conducted in English at TAMK caught the eye of the fair goers, and many were happily surprised to learn that TAMK would organise entrance exams for the Degree Programmes in International Business, Environmental Engineering and Tourism in St Petersburg, too. Those who fill in the electronic application form by 15 February 2011 and send the required attachments by the due-date will be invited to the entrance exams that will be held in Tampere in late April and early May depending on the degree programme, and in a number of locations outside Finland in mid-April 2011. Further information can be had at www.tamkadmissions.fi.

Story and photos: Riku-Matti Kinnunen

Sunday, 10 October 2010

MindTrek picture diary

MindTrek Conference is one of the highlights of the year of many students and staff members at TAMK. The conference is the most important annual digital media and business event in northern Europe since 1997. TAMK is one of the key actors and founding member of MindTrek Association. MindTrek Conference was this year arranged October 7-8.

  Some 70 students and 20 lecturers from different TAMK degree programmes took part in the conference that attracted over 500 participants from 30 countries.

MindTrek is the meeting point of digital media producers, researchers and students. Here we have Mark Sorsa-Leslie, Hammerkit Managing Director discussing with Antti Kareinen, second year TAMK-student. Antti did a project using Hammerkit application in the summer.

Also professional organisations ar a vital part of the MindTrek community. Here Jonna Asikainen, Union for Professionals in Communications, Marketing Research and New Media, MaMa ry, invites first year TAMK student Aino Yrjänä to join.

Korash Sanjideh, Chew TV (UK) taught our students on Wednesday and gave a presentation at MindTrek. He was fan number 1500 of TAMK fan page on Facebook, so he was awarded with This is Finland Comic book and TAMK bag during a conference break.

Taina Rajanti, Aalto University, Christian Fonnesbech, The Quantum Room (DK) and Korash Sanjideh planning their session "Social Moving Pictures" at the MindTrek VIP reception  hosted by the City of Tampere at Old Town Hall.

First year media students Emma Kiiski, Heidi Mäenpää and Anna Narinen exploring the exhibition during a conference break. Useful information and tasty lollipops!

Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award is the global MindTrek competition. TAMK is one of the contest organisers. Read about the three winning projects.

 The MindTrek Conference has plenaries and sessions in several tracks running in parallel. This is the "Social Moving Pictures" session produced by TAMK.

 Also a group of our exchange students took part in MindTrek. Here at MindTrek Party Thursday evening (from left) Lucas Raßbach, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo, second year TAMK student and Georg Frömelt, Bauhaus Universität Weimar.

The WSA Finland competition chose the Finnish nominees for World Summit Award and World Summit Award Mobile. The certificates were handed out by WSA Excecutive Board member Jak Boumans (right). Here Timo Koskinen, Newelo Ltd. is awarded.
WSA Finland is organised by TAMK in cooperation with MindTrek Association.
WSA Finland

Friday, 8 October 2010

Passing the torch!

Annika Haanpää worked as a trainee for International Services for five months from May until October and today is her last day. Now she is going back to school in Ikaalinen to finish her degree. But before that, she is going to do her Erasmus exchange at IMC Krems, Austria. And now we have a new trainee, Felipe Ludena, who started this week!

And now Felipe would like to tell something about himself:

Hi! I’m a third year tourism student at TAMK. I’m from Spain and I’ve lived in Finland for almost eight years now. Two weeks ago, I saw on the bulleting board of TAMK intranet a notice for practical training vacancy at TAMK International Services. I thought to myself that it would be a good opportunity for me to get more work experience, and especially, to better know more about how TAMK works not only on the outside but also on the inside. I applied for it and got interviewed... and the best of all is that I got the post!! I’m really psyched about it! At the moment, I’m working and doing my practical training at TAMK and I really feel like I’m an important part of an important entity as well as I’m allowed to have an opinion and help develop TAMK! Honest!

Text: Felipe Ludena
Photo: Elina Mannerhovi

Thursday, 7 October 2010

NBBW in Odense

Hilsner fra Danmark. Jeg kan godt lide. / Greetings from Denmark. I´m having fun here.

Photo (by Suvi Kyyrönen):
This is the way Odense city let us feel welcome to the lovely city. At first evening we saw rainbow and many cyclists. In this picture from front to back seven of our Proacademy students: Katri Hakala, Janita Saarinen, Maria Haapaniemi, Marianne Kankaisto, Vilhelmiina Jalovaara, Heidi Kuivajärvi and Aini Homma.”

The Nordic and Baltic Business Week was arranged in Odense, well-known as a ”City of Cyclists”. Eight students of Proacademy and two adult education students of business studies from TAMK Virrat, Tea Humppi and Salla Ukkonen left exited to meet their colleagues from Norway, Lithuania and Denmark. The idea of the intensive course Business in the Nordic and Baltic Countries is to gather students together, create new ideas and to learn multicultural teamwork. The week is one of the activities of the Nordic and Baltic Business Innovation Network, coordinated by Pirkko Varis. Partner institutions of the network are Tampere University of Applied Sciences, University of Southern Denmark, Tallinn College of Tallinn University of Technology, University of Tromsø and Vytautas Magnus University.

”Many of the team building exercises tested the confidence to the group.”
Photo: Suvi Kyyrönen

This year the task was given by the municipality of Odense. There are as many bicycles as there are inhabitants in Odense city. Our assignment was to develop multi-functional bicycle parking for the pedestrian area. We were divided into smaller groups which were competing against each other. Within three days we innovated, designed models, made calculations and 3D-models, worked hard and had a good time. Finally we had to present our ideas to a jury. The week got a great ending: we had a grill party where the best team was rewarded. In a winning team there were two Proacademians.

”(from left to right) Stellan Hansen, Suvi Kyyrönen and Christian Munk Jensen presented the winning idea “The Bike Wheel” to Connie Juel Clausen, the representative of the city of Odense.
Picture: John Fredy”

What did we learn?

• You get more when you bring differencies together.
• You have to think more about the listener when speaking with foreign language.
• Make a good presentation and practise it.
• In teamwork you have to think about everyone´s skills and weaknesses.
• Be proud of your accomplishments and enjoy your time abroad.

Thank you to the Syddansk Universitet for organisation and your hospitality. See you in NBBW 2011 in Lithuania next autumn!

-This year's participants at NBBW2010 – The eight girls from Proacademy

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Lecturers from the Netherlands visit TAMK this week

A delegation of sixteen media lecturers and professionals from the Netherlands are our guests this week. On Monday they visited Tampere College Study Programme in Audiovisual Communication at Pyynikki, TAMK ProAcademy and Voimala, also and the degree programmes in Fine Art, Film&Television and Media was in their programme. They also met Head of TAMK international services Kirsi Tolvanen.

Yesterday they made Nokia Innovation Centre, the Tampere College Layout Design and Printing Technology Programmes in Hervanta, Demola, Creative Tampere and HUB Tampere. From today until Friday they participate in MindTrek conference.

This is the fourth Dutch media professional delegation arranged to Tampere by Media Update in cooperation with the Degree Programme in Media of TAMK. Several active partnerships have started during these visits.

Follow reports of the trip on Jak Bouman's blog
Media Update 

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Visitors from Nizhny Novgorod are interested in collaboration in the fields of nursing and social services

A group from Nizhny Novgorod visited TAMK on the 27.9 - 1.10.2010

The group consisted of members Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Continuing Education Centre for Health Care Specialists, Nizhny Novgorod Diabetic League and ZAO “Transport” company. The delegation visited various organisations in Tampere and participated in collaboration meetings with TAMK representatives.

The aim of the visit was to extend the collaboration between PIRAMK and Nizhniy Novgorod Diabetes Association which begun in 1997 – 2006.

The group visited TAMK’s ITSE-premises, Pirkanmaa hospice, Viola home, occupational safety exhibition and the Hyvä Ikä –fair.
The visitors were especially interested in TAMK degree programmes and projects, well-being technology, solutions to help the elderly, Finnish nursing and living arrangements for the elderly. They were also very eager to continue a joint TEMPUS project.


Nizhny Novgorod is Tampere’s friendship town. Collaboration in Nizhny Novgorod begun in 1997. The City of Tampere was involved in the collaboration since 2004. The aim of collaboration has been to gain experts for nursing the Russian patients living in Tampere and to increase cultural knowledge. The collaboration project has involved approximately 250 nursing students and a few business administration students.

PIRAMK implemented the TEMPUS project ”Health Promotion and Nurses’ Guidance Skills” in 2005-2008 in collaboration with Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Tallinn Health College, Nizhny Novgorod Diabetic League and Bogorodsk Medical Institute.



С 27.10 по 1.11.2010 группа представителей из Нижнего Новгорода побывала с визитом в Университете прикладных наук города Тампере.
В состав группы входили представители Нижегородской государственной медицинской академии, Нижегородского областного центра повышения квалификации специалистов здравоохранения, Нижегородской диабетической лиги, предприятия ЗАО "Транспорт".
В программу пребывания входили ознакомительные посещения организаций города Тампере, а также рабочие совещания с представителями Университетa.

Задача встречи заключалась в развитии и раширении сотрудничества, которое было начато в период с 1997 по 2006 год между Университетом прикладных наук региона Пирканмаа и Нижегородской диабетической лигой.

Группа посетила Среду самостоятельной дееспособности «ITSE» («ИТСЕ»), Дом ухода региона Пирканмаа, Дом пристарелых «Виола», выставку охраны труда и выставку «Hyvä Ikä» («Хороший возраст») . Особенно заинтесовали гостей учебные программы и проекты Универитета, технологии здравоохранения, решения, обеспечивающие поддержку пожилых, финская система сестринского ухода, обслуживание престарелых людей на дому. Представители из Нижнего Новгорода также заинтересованы в продолжении сотрудничества в рамках программы TEMPUS.

Для справки:

Нижний Новгород является городом - побратимом города Тампере. Совместное сотрудничество в Нижним Новгородом началось в 1997 году. Администрация Нижнего Новгорода принимает участие в сотрудничестве с 2004 года.

Задачей являлась повышение навыков по уходу за пациентом и знаний в области культуры российских специалистов. В проекте принимали участие также 250 студентов специальности "Сестринское дело" и факультета экономики.

Университет прикладных наук региона Пирканмаа, PIRAMK, совместно с Нижегородской медицинской академией, Таллиннском медицинском колледжем, Нижегородской диабетической лигой, Богородским медицинским колледжем, осуществила проект Health Promotion And Nurses´Guidance Skills (2005 -2008) в рамках программы ТЕМПУС.

4th manSEDANse started last night

manSEDANse 2009. Photo Sakari Karipuro
The manSEDANse is a festival of electronic music, art and culture. It is arranged by MARry, a non-profit organisation based in Tampere. The mission of MARry is to promote electronic music and culture in Finland.

manSEDANse is arranged in cooperation with Tampere Film Festival, Media Museum Rupriikki and Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK, the Degree Programmes in Fine Art, Film&Television and Media.

In addition to the music and club events taking place from Thursday to Sunday at Telakka and Klubi, manSEDANse presents exhibitions, seminars and workshops. Some of them are in English:

  • Mansedanse Play, game workshop, Tue 5.10 14-18, Exhibition Hall TR1, Finlayson, presenters Score, Eric Svedäng, Petri Purho, Olli Sotamaa.
  • Puredyne and livecoding Fri 8.10. 17-18, Exhibition Hall TR1, Finlayson, Dave Griffiths
  • The Halldorophone and instrument building as art Sat 9.10. 15-16, Werstas auditorium, Finlayson, Halldór Úlfarsson
There is also an exhibition of ArtWorks and Game Lounge at Exhibition hall TR1, Finlayson. The exhibition features also works by TAMK fine art students Mirka Kinnula, Matti Sampela, Marko Vierimaa and Tiina Lehikoinen, the Game Lounge games by Score, TAMK students' game develop,emt club.

More information about
manSEDANse events

Monday, 4 October 2010

TAMK at Saint Petersburg Student Film Festival Beginning

The ninth Open Saint Petersburg Student Film Festival "Beginning" October 1-6 will show four TAMK film&tv student films. This is a nice achievement: By deadline 668 films from 100 film schools from 50 countries were sent to the festival, and the 60 best will be seen at the festival.

The competition programme for fiction films includes Memory of Tomorrow directed by Pekka Saari. The Chainsaw Poet by Lauri-Matti Perppei competes in the 5-minute fiction films category.

Cine Parallel non competition programme features Speakeasy! musical directed by Juha Kuoppala and Whistle While You Work by Jussi Sandhu and Ville Hakonen.

Last year the Miina Alajärvi film "The Electrician" won three awards at the festival. On Wednesday we will know how successful we will be this year!

Beginning Festival Home

Picture: From Speakeasy! musical. Heidi Lindén, Hiski Grönstrand, Jane Kääriäinen, Panu Mikkola. 
Photographer: Jatta Oksanen

Friday, 1 October 2010

A visit from Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool/ University of Applied Sciences

Mr Ruus Rein, the Head of Centre of Sciences from Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool /University of Applied Sciences spent a busy week at TAMK.

His programme included talks with lecturers of mathematics and physics about the use of laboratories in teaching and comparisons of contact learning and independent work required from students of Engineering in Tampere and in Tallinn.

As Mr Rein is also interested in formula cars and racing, he wanted to visit TAMK Degree Programme in Automobile and Transport Engineering. The Tampere UAS Motorsport Formula Students had just taken part in the Baltic Open in Tallinn in August.

During his stay Mr Rein also had a possibility to visit the Subcontracting Trade Fair 2010 in Tampere. Luckily, also the yearly Estonian week in Tampere had its starting event during the visit.

Story: Janne Hopeela

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

IP PROMECON - Project Management

Greetings from Greece! We spent two weeks in Larissa and there’s a lot of memories to bring back home.

But let’s start from the basics. Larissa is the capital of Thessaloniki area, with about 200 000 citizens. Nature is beautiful and culture is very Greek. T.E.I. of Larissa (Technological Education Institute of Larissa) had offered us this intensive program of project management (PROMECON 2010) in the middle of Greece. Pandelis Ipsilandis and Vassiliki Kapralou coordinated the IP with the assistance of Thomas Poulious and Greek students. These two weeks have included two workshops, interesting lectures by multinational lecturers, some excursions and of course many new friends from countries all around Europe.

First week started with group work, to make us to know each other and our different ways of working styles. Danish professors gave us punch of ”pipe cleaners” and we were supposed to make a tower. There were some main evaluation criteria: height, idea and design. Below you can see the tower of the winning team.

Julian Schwetz (DE/AT) Georgia Kalampoki (GR) Pia Dag (FIN) Mariela Gotova (BL) Yakim Kastelov (BL) Tzvetelina Martinova (BL)

Students and staff members of 8 universities from Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece and UK representing business, engineering and project management disciplines participated the IP. From Tampere University of Applied Sciences students Pia Dag (TAMK Virrat), Annika Kosonen & Erno Syvälahti (ProAcademy) and staff member Ms Pirkko Varis joined the IP.

The engineering aspect of project management was a new approach to us Finnish business students. The objective of the first week’s workshop was to make plans to develop Lake Plastira area. It’s an area in the mountains, with small villages, small enterprises such as a winery, a knitwear factory and Botanical Garden producing honey, tea, and medical plants. Before the workshop we visited some companies and talked about problems they are facing now. General Director Vasilis Bellis from the Development Agency of Karditsa gave us information, too. The results were presented during the IP. Presentations and the programme of the IP you can see at www.teilar.gr

Lake Plastira area

The second workshop was how to control the supply chain of a bike factory, and how to optimize it’s production. That was totally new to us, but we managed it and we can be proud of ourselves for working harmonically side-by-side with the engineering students 

We would like to say a big thank you to our Greek hosts and all our new friends from other EU countries. We are having a great time, and Greece is a beautiful country

Text & Photos: Pia (TAMK Virrat), Annika (Pro Academy), Erno (Pro Academy)