Sunday, 27 December 2009

New eLearning Materials for Adult Students of the Retail Trade

Science journalist Kalle Heiska reports about the EU RetAil (Retail Management for Adults in Lifelong Learning) that now is completed. The aim of the project was to transfer and implement an existing written material for teaching retailing management into an ICT-based learning material based on modules for open learning environment targeted for adult learners.

As a part of the project, eLearning materials have been created for adults working in the retail trade. Tampere UAS (TAMK) was involved in the design of the materials as an expert in adult education and on-line education. The partners included two Icelandic and one Scottish educational institution and the work was mostly financed by the EU Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation programme.

Read the full report
Pictured: Senior lecturer Hanna Torp (left) and project manager Marianna Leikomaa of TAMK have developed new eLearning materials designed for adult students in the retail trade.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Holidays!

The blog wishes everybody easy and happy holiday season!

On January 1st Tampere University of Applied Sciences will be bigger and cover more fields of study due to the merger of TAMK and PIRAMK. (More about that beginning of next year.)

Most TAMK lecturers will begin the new working year on Thursday, January 7. The students begin the spring semester on Monday January 11 with the exception of the new exchange students, who have their orientation January 7-8.

The application period for the international degree programmes also starts on January 11.

Photo: Tampere Christmas Market

Monday, 21 December 2009

Cross cultural project management and marketing - a hot topic!

Our partner university in Gijon, Spain (University of Oviedo) has been awarded the title of "Campus of International Excellence" by the Spanish Ministry of Education. TAMK congratulates!

Our colleagues in Gijon have been very active in developing a 10 ECTS credit study module together with the international coordinator of our degree in business administration at Virrat campus, Mrs Pirkko Varis (photo below). In spring 2010 students from 7 European universties will gather again at TAMK and in our virtual learning environment to develop something new and exciting!

Pirkko Varis
TAMK / Virrat

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Danko Pantovic created the logo for Karate European Championships 2014

Finland and Tampere are to host the Karate European Championships in 2014. The Finnish Karate Federation contacted TAMK in order to have a competition for the logo of the event. The competition was organized as a part of the visual design course for International Media Programme.

Finnish Karate Federation rated highest an entry by Danko Pantovic.
Congrats Danko!

Read Danko's interview here.

Degree Programme in Media

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Interesting Innovation Conglomerate Building at Tampere

The Hub is an initiative to build a network of places around the world where entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers can meet and work together to tackle the world's most pressing social, cultural and environmental challenges. A place is needed to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a radically better world.

In the historical Finlayson district at the heart of Tampere a unique innovation environment is being born. Purpose of this innovation environment is to create social innovations by connecting companies needs and ideas with extraordinary student and professional talents across disciplines. Finlayson also hosts TAMK School Art and Media and Proacademy, a unit for entrepreneurship students bringing diversity and business thinking into the mix.

We saw that The Hub would be a perfect match for this environment. It would build sustainability and social entrepreneurship into the innovation initiatives and new enterprises, it could act as an interface between the parties and facilitate ambitious people and start-ups to work together.

Hub Tampere is currently being established by TAMK Proacademy in cooperation with Hermia and the Creative Tampere programme. Our goal is to open Hub Tampere in spring 2010.

Story: Jukka Siltanen

Hub Tampere Blog

Photo: The planned home of the Hub at Finlayson

Thursday, 10 December 2009

The annual Autumn Symposium of the Finnish Association of Applied Linguistic

The annual Autumn Symposium of the Finnish Association of Applied Linguistics (AFinLA) was held at the University of Applied Sciences, in Tampere, Finland on November 12-13. Welcome speeches were given by Conference Chair Mirja Kinnunen, Co-Chair Mike Garant, and the Head of International Cooperation and Languages Tarja Haukijärvi. Anna Mauranen from the University of Helsinki delivered an excellent plenary on "Speaking a lingua Franca - Redefining relations of language and culture".

Keith Richards from the University of Warwick, England who spoke about "Getting personal in academic argument"

Balázs Heidrich from the Budapest Business School, Hungary who spoke about "Kiss the Prince and Find the Frog - Dreams and reality about effectiveness of multicultural student groups".

In addition, the conference had over 150 participants from 15 different countries and there were over 60 papers and workshops given. The focus areas of the conference included professional communication, education, and (culture and how they all come together. The schedule included lunch and coffee breaks, intellectual discussions and much shared knowledge. Over 50 students participated actively in organizing the conference.

We hope everyone enjoyed the symposium!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Good day from chilly but sunny Oita-city!

Exchange students doing zazen, a Zen Buddhist meditation practice.

Because of nation-wide entrance exams, all the lectures are cancelled, and I have unusual spare time to report to TAMK's blog about my exchange.

We, the exchange students, began our semester in Oita University in the 1st of October, at the same time as all Japanese university students start their school year. That is quite late in comparison to Finland.

For the past two months, despite the variety of fields offered by Oita University, the selected exchange studies have concentrated in two subjects: economics and Japanese language. And for my good, both have proven to be extremely informative.

In my view, Oita University is a fruitful choice for anyone with a desire to learn business economics, Japanese management, social studies or even chemistry alongside of Japanese language. Japanese language classes are divided into six levels, allowing everyone from no prior knowledge to extremely advanced to receive suitable teaching.

To give a quick coordinates, Oita University locates in the Oita-city. City of Oita then again is a prefectural capital of Oita prefecture and Oita prefecture is in the north-west of Kyushu island, in the southern Japan. Hmm... it might be better to look it up from a map.

The main reason why I wanted to come to Japan, besides learning the language, is its peculiarity. Japan has been subject to countless studies, doubtlessly because there is no culture alike. For myself, the time here is an unique chance to receive firsthand knowledge of the distinctiveness of Japan. And I am grateful for both TAMK University of Applied Sciences and Oita University for giving this opportunity!

Lauri Aho, Oita University, Japan

Monday, 7 December 2009

TAMK R&D visits Uppsala

TAMK Tampere University of Applied Sciences is very active nationally and internationally in research & development, especially in the field of environmental and sustainable development. TAMK was planning to join the Baltic University Programme (BUP) and therefore the R&D group lead by Dr. Perttu Heino (Research director) visited Uppsala University located at Villavägen 16, 75236 Uppsala on 9th of January 2008.

The R&D group was welcomed by the BUP Director, Christine Jakobsson who introduced during her presentation the Baltic University Programme and the project Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Development. This was followed by two interesting presentations: the first one was made by the former Director of BUP Professor Emeritus Lars Rydén who introduced Sustainable Community Development. The second presentation was about The Centre of Sustainable Development in Uppsala by Director Eva Friman.

After lunch the visit continued at the Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI) located on Ultuna. Mr. Ulf Nordberg introduced some research findings:

• Only organic wastes with very low metal content should be digested
• Digestion of source separated organic wastes will give a digestate accepted by
• Transparency in what a plant is treating is very important for confidence
• A certification system is necessary for acceptance from food industry
• A dialog with food industry, farmers and other stakeholders is necessary for understanding each others' perspective

The trip to Uppsala ended by visiting the Eco-Village Hågaby, where Professor Per G. Berg, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, told about the history of the village, schools, composting room.

On our trip back to Finland, me and my colleagues felt ourselves more than welcome to join the network, thanks to the warm reception during our visit to Uppsala.

Mina Bouhlal

Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas Party at Kuntokatu

As Christmas is almost at the door, the Finnish Way of Life Club has ended for 2009. This week was the last event of the club, the Finnish Christmas Party was held at the PIRATE livingroom in Kuntokatu Campus.

Tasting Finnish Christmas pastries, drinking hot glögg, listening to some Christmas tunes and a thrilling Santa Claus trivia! Congratulations to the winners! The atmosphere was warm and discussion about the exchange students' own Christmas traditions was exciting. At the end of the party it was time to take the last photos together and wish a Merry Christmas to everyone. For the Finnish Way of Life Club this was an eventful year with lots of good moments!

Thank you all for making the semester G-R-E-A-T!

Text and photo: Miia Lehtinen

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

DETVET Blog Launched

DETVET (Development of Educational Techniques in Vocational Education and Training) is a Leonardo da Vinci Programme funded partnership project which started August 2009 and will last until July 2011. Partners are from Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy and Finland.

The kick-off meeting in Klaipeda in October decided that the project website would be a blog - easy to update for all project partners. The first posts and much of the informative content on right hand of the blog was made already at the meeting. It was however decided to launch the blog later, when there is more for to explore.

The aim of the project is to form an international sustainable partnership in order to improve VET teachers’ competencies in education techniques.

The main role of Tampere UAS (TAMK) in this project is to contribute to the expertice of using Social Media in education and training.

Previous posts about DETVET