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European Advertising Teams – EUTA IP

European Advertising Teams – EUTA IP

European Advertising Teams - EUTA IP 2012 was organised  by Plantijn Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium. The coordinator was Ann Gemoets. Altogether more than 40 students took part in the IP. From Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland students Pia Dag, Annika Dillenburger, Daniela Siegismund, Oana Syrjäläinen and Minea Tarkiainen participated the IP.  The coordinator of the team from Finland was Pirkko Varis.

Anni and smile!

Students were divided into 8 multicultural teams to work with company assignments. From each of the countries one company had given an assignment to the IP. The main task of the students was to plan a marketing communications and an advertising campaign for the European markets. Special lectures were given by experts in marketing communications and advertising to give students guidance in their work. Staff members of the universities worked as coaches for the teams. Students built up marketing communications strategies, campaign plans and produced creative solutions for the companies. Each of the team worked hard across the multinational boundaries. They produced excellent campaigns for the companies.  

Think Today multicultural team, Pia the second on the left
From Finland the assignment was given by THINK TODAY, a SME located in the Tampere Region. The SME has several target groups. The assignment was about raising brand awareness of the selected products and the SME among the selected target audience in some European countries.  The objective was to design an integrated marketing communications campaign including both traditional media and internet, online & social media keeping in mind the mentioned three products and selected target audience. The student team from Finland did a market survey before the IP and the multicultural team worked with the assignment in Belgium. Smile was in the focus of the campaign and we could see a lot of smiling faces in Antwerp. The company got the results of the work and is able to use suggested ideas in its operations. In the following you can find the statement of the company owner concerning the work of the students:

Hi from the THINK TODAY company in Finland,

Thank you for the ideas of your EUTA IP meeting in Belgium. The student team informed me about the new ideas and results for the THINK TODAY company’s marketing communications and advertising campaigns that the student team discovered at the time in the meetings in Belgium. Many of the ideas are really good and realistic to do. I found many issues to do better the marketing communications of the company. Some ideas are maybe useful later with some changes to do first. Everything was done with smile so the spirit has been good, thank you for that! It was great to be a part of this work.

Best regards
Susanne Hamari

Oana presenting the Think Today survey results

To work in a multicultural team with a real-life assignment was a very positive experience. More about the experiences and feelings you can find in the Facebook.

The team from Finland

Photos: Pia Dag

Minea, Anni, Daniela & Oana enjoying Antwerp

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