Monday, 31 May 2010

Visitors from Hannover

Fachhochschule Hannover is a University of applied sciences and arts. With approximately 7.000 students, it is the second largest university in Hannover. TAMK and FH Hannover have had cooperation for several years. FH Hannover and TAMK have a bilateral agreement for double degree in Engineering and they are both willing to continue the cooperation. Dr. Rosemarie Kerkow-Weil, Dr. Lars Gusig, Dr.-ing. Wilfried Stiller from FH Hannover visited TAMK 26th May- 28th May 2010. Their aim was to get acquainted with TAMK's International services, the open University and TAMK's strategy.

The guests arrived at Tampere on Wednesday evening. First they had dinner in Näsinneula where TAMK University of Applied Sciences' representatives were Marja Sutela (Vice President), Riitta Mäkelä, Olavi Kopponen and Kaarlo Koivisto. On Thursday the guests heard speeches and International services and the open University presented themselves. The visitors heard presentation about TAMK's strategy and visited the laboratories.

Text & photo: Annika Haanpää / Trainee, International Services

German Language Experts from TAMK!

May was certainly an exciting time for those seven students of German for Business Life at TAMK, who also wanted to take the international language test at the end of the course. This goal was very demanding, since an accepted Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International (PWD) proves that the person is able to cover demanding professional and business topics in both spoken and written German. The test is globally esteemed in the business life and industry.

Our students laboured through the first part of the language test on Saturday the 8th of May. The exam consisted of four different reading comprehensions, two listening comprehensions and writing a report and a business letter. The participants only had four hours to complete the tasks, which required quick reacting and a good ability to understand and produce German.

Deutsch-Finnische Handelskammer and Goethe-Institut in Helsinki evaluated the test results, and we waited for them, and the acceptance to the spoken part of the test until last Thursday. On Friday the 21st the atmosphere in the University main building just got more excited, as one participant after another started their 20-minute preparations for the spoken test, and then their 20 minutes of actual testing. The censor of the contents in the exam was Mika Pöpken (Rechtsanwalt, attorney) and the evaluation for language was done by Ulrike Eichstädt (German teacher, Goethe-Institut).

Now all participants have been invited to receive their business German diplomas in the German embassy in Helsinki on Friday the 4th of June. Congratulations to you all - herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Friday, 28 May 2010

New students welcome!

In August we welcome the new students to our BA degree programmes in Environmental Engineering, International Business, Media, Nursing and Tourism.

The results of admission have been public today. Please have a look on who the new TAMK-students are:

Admitted applicants

Monday, 24 May 2010

Cross-cultural communication and project management in Bad Hindelang, Germany

From 1st until 11th May 2010 we representatives of Tampere University of Applied Sciences attended a LLP Erasmus intensive programme (IP) about cross-cultural communication and project management that was organised in Bad Hindelang, Germany. The main study aim during the IP was to learn the main theories about cross-cultural communication and management and to work together in multicultural groups in order to deepen the knowledge and to learn through practical assignments and projects.

The participants came from Germany, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and Finland. All in all we were about 40 students plus staff members. Marketing students from TAMK Virrat Suvi Tanhua, Anu-Eveliina Muuri, Janne Pirttiniemi and Veera Ritola and two students of the degree programme in tourism from Tampere Hazel Yancha & Diego Rivas Rodríguez participated the IP. Pirkko Varis was the coordinator of the group from Finland. At first, we carried out some country presentations and then we were divided into multicultural groups in order to work with some case studies related to cross-cultural management. We presented the outcomes of each group in the end of the IP and got evaluation based upon our work.

During the IP, lectures were given, all related to the topic and how to communicate better in international business management environment. The main idea behind the cases was to get the students familiar with different working styles and main cultural differences and similarities in order to get a better understanding of the cross-cultural management. Beside that we also did some activities in order to create team spirit and cooperation among all members. We also did a project for the town of Sonthofen and created ideas for business development of agricultural tourism in the region. Our group was one of the two ones that won the honorary award of the town of Sonthofen based upon the results of the work.

Concerning other activities we could experience the nature surrounding us, the beautiful German Alps, where we did some outdoor activities such as cycling, walking, climbing on ropes, etc. Beside that we also had a day trip to Munich where we attended one ballet performance at the Opera House, too. In general, all these activities were good, enjoyable and well organized.

The main outcome of the IP was to get to know other students from various countries and understand the importance of considering different ways of working and different cultures. At the end of the IP we all noticed that the groups had improved their performance and we can say that all of us gained more confidence once dealing with various cultures and communication styles.

ICC IP student team from TAMK

Friday, 21 May 2010

Summer arrived at TAMK!

Summer came early this year! It has been sunny and temperature has been over +25 degrees for few weeks. After a semester full of studies, this spring's exchange students have had the opportunity to fully enjoy the coming of Finnish summer.

The bravest ones have already swum in a lake and picnics and other summerly activities have officially commenced! Summer's start has affected all students and those who have classes left are spending their coffee breaks outside in the lawn enjoying the sunshine.

Text & photo on campus: Annika Haanpää / Trainee, International Services

Thursday, 20 May 2010

MSc dissertation Vivas and Poster Conference at Tampere University of Applied Science at 18th. May 2010

The first joint programme Sustainable Business Risk Management Master of Science students had their dissertation Vivas last Tuesday 18th - and after that there was Poster Conference organized at Foyer.

Marja Sutela, Vice Headmaster for Tampere University of Applied Science addressed welcome the Vivas and Poster Conference and assigned certificates of Specialisation Studies in Sustainable Business Risk Management.

Now after one and a half years of hard studies, approved dissertation, viva and Poster presentation student will be awarded Master of Science (SBRM) by University of Glamorgan.

Pose of students and teachers at Foyer.
From right: Steve Lloyd (UoG) Jiali Koski, Inga Vinciunaite, Dawn Story (UoG), Riitta Välimäki, Petri Tiihonen, Peter Evans (UoG), Esa Packalén (TAMK) and Kati Hinkkanen. Participants also included Marjukka Dyer (who took the picture)

Riitta (left) and Inga with well-earned certificates in their hands standing besides one of the posters.

Best Regards
Esa Packalén

International teacher mentoring continues at TAMK

Riku-Matti Kinnunen was greeted with a bouquet of flowers by Eeva Piirainen, one of the International Teacher Mentors, for his steering the teacher mentors for two years. The TAMK International Services will take over next year, but the good work will linger on.
TAMK created international teacher mentoring to faciliate the integration of international visiting lecturers and other guests at TAMK, and to enhance knowledge share among colleagues. Eleven active and enthousiastic teacher mentors have welcomed dozens of visitors to TAMK since August 2008 when the first meeting of the International Teacher Mentors was held.

The teacher mentors have grown experts in showing the most interesting faces of Tampere and the surrounding area to their visitors. The mentors have shared meals at the local restaurants and the feelings of cultural and sportive events of the city with their guests. Introducing the foreign colleagues to the business and industrial life in the Tampere Region, as well as making the guests familiar with the facets of TAMK's educational services and know-how - often beyond the guests' own field of expertise - has been greeted with pleasure for the past two years.

Now that TAMK is under a lot of changes due to the merger with PIRAMK since 1 January 2010, the International Teacher Mentors are happy to hear that this kind of mentoring will continue in the Academic Year 2010-2011, too. It seems that even a larger group of internationally-minded TAMK staff will be summoned to host and mentor foreign colleagues.

Story: Riku-Matti Kinnunen
The author is International Coordinator/Study Counselling at Tampere UAS

Monday, 17 May 2010

Tampere Innovation Experience @ Demola 25 May

Tampere Innovation Experience @ Demola Tuesday 25 May 2010 at 10:00-16:30 is a meeting of minds.

The event will bring together the Tampere research community to unleash resources and accelerate idea sharing in the spirit of open innovation.

The one-day program will feature short technology presentations by experts during which researchers, students and professors can engage old and new colleagues in conversation, challenge each other with ideas and come up with new ways to combine technologies. What?s more, we will have over 40 (TBD) demos on display representing cutting-edge technology in the ubiquitous digital society.

Read more about the event and register by 17 May:

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Night of Museums tonight!

The Night of Museums
May 15 6pm-12pm

The Night of the Museums takes place tonight in Tampere, with several museums being open from 6 pm to 12 am. In addition to the beautiful exhibitions, the museums and galleries taking part in the Night of the Museums also offer various kinds of special events for their visitors. The Tampere Night of the Museums is part of a European series of events. Welcome on board!!

Entrance fee: 5 €, group ticket 12 € (max. 5 persons/group)

An old tourist bus from 1957 travels all night between the participating museums. Attendees of the Night of the Museums can get on board for the price of the entrance fee. Hop on board!

TAMK School of Art and Media is of course an active part of the event:

Fine Art graduation show "Sold Out" is open at Mältinranta and TR1. In the latter you can also see the Korean Wave photo exhibition by our Korean partners.

The Promoting Changes art exhibition is open at Labour Museum Werstas, you can also see a part of it on ste street outside.

Hysteria Publishing will perform The Great Hunt with you around Mältinranta and TR1.

You can participate in a street art act hosted by our fine art students on Väinö Linna square starting 6pm.

And finally if you're lucky; Megagagaa is open at Gallery Nottbeck, or at least you can enjoy it trough the windows.

The night of museums

Monday, 10 May 2010

TAMK media cooperative MusicActive gets a university entrepreneurship prize

MusicActive was evaluated as the best entrepreneurship concept in the national Entrepreneurship Forum for Universities of applied sciences. MusicActive operates in Virrat, and offers valuable work possibilities for students of digital sound and commercial music.

”MusicActive focuses on producing music in all its fields”, tells the current head of the cooperative, Teemu Kinnunen, who has already graduated as a Bachelor of Culture and Arts from Virrat.

The Head of the Degree programme in Media, Timo Kivikangas, and the teacher instructor of the cooperative, Harri Karvinen, state that an especially important factor in the operations of the cooperative is to enable the students to complete real productions and to lower the threshold of becoming entrepreneurs. The concept was developed in collaboration with the vocational and business schools of the field, other student collaboratives at Virrat and the local companies. The number of students being employed and new companies founded are great.

At the Entrepreneurship Forum for Universities of applied sciences, Teemu Kinnunen from MusicActive and Head of the Degree Programme Timo Kivikangas highlighted the actions of MusicActive: events, concerts, tour arrangements for non-Finnish artists as well as several companies founded by the students. The jury appreciated MusicActive’s direct connection to business life, the impressive goals of the participants and the professional aspect of working. Music was also seen as a field of the future, and culture could be even more extensively exported.

11 universities of applied sciences participated in the Entrepreneurship action of 2010. The winner was announced in Seinäjoki. Program Manager Sinikka Seppänen was also present accepting the award. She also welcomed the universities to take part in the competition next year, when the current winning organisation, TAMK, is in charge of organising the competition.

Friday, 7 May 2010

TAF – How can universities give students a kick to go global?

The international seminar "How Universities give students a kick to go global?" was kicked off in Demola by Jukka Siltanen and Taru Söderlund. Jukka invited the audience to ponder: "What can I learn?" and "How is it important to me personally?"

As Jukka pointed out, most importantly, TAF seminar is a day to celebrate TAMK students and their achievements! The speakers spoke of art and internationalism from different perspectives.

Andrea Zapata Girau showed a trailer of her up-coming Flamenco Movie, and Pekka Saari spoke about his film Memory of tomorrow, especially about combining the production with postproduction. Pekka Niskanen told the audience of the exhibition his students are having first at Werstas in Tampere and then in Dortmund. He also shared his experiences in the international art world. Then Robert Niva and Martti Sirkkola demonstrated their 3D animation project, in which they had learned the entire process of doing a 3D animation by doing it together, in a group, instead of relying on traditional lecture-based education. They explained the importance of using the wisdom of crowds and social media application in learning and producing art.

After the break it was time for Jukka Siltanen to take the stage again. Jukka talked about Hub Tampere and entrepreneurship. Hub Tampere is all about joint entrepreneurship and sharing both skills, ideas and resources. Hub Tampere has already had some excellent success, and Jukka sounded very optimistic about its future. The Proacademy students presented their projects: a Tampere guidebook for exchange students, a football tournament and its afterparty. Then producer Timo Vierimaa, spoke about his film, the "Steam of Life" ("Miesten vuoro") and how he succeeded in making his film truly international. According to Vierimaa, the keys to success are good presentation and communication skills along with patience.

The final speaker of the event was Juho Hartikainen from Score game development club, who explained how the Score game club came to be. Hartikainen emphasised the fact that the students who have the enthusism and drive to do new, innovative things, should be supported and encouraged. The students should feel like they are working for the school instead of just in the school. Siltanen, Vierimaa, Niva and Sirkkola as well as the highly interesting Proacademy projects, all highlighted the fact that so much of today's learning takes place outside the traditional classroom environment. This type of learning must be supported and nurtured, for it is the key to national and international success.

Andrea Zapata Girau final thesis work at TAMK


Welcome to Tampere Art Factory

The third edition of Tampere Art Factory Festival (TAF) started today at the old Finlayson cotton mill in the heart of Tampere, Finland. TAF is above all a demonstration of the skills and talent of the graduates of the School of Art and Media at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and their friends.

TAF is several fine art exhibitions, animation and film shows, interactive media, installations and performances. The fifty international guests of the International Week which started on Monday will also participate in TAF. Several works of the week workshops hosted by international lecturers will be seen at TAF.

Tampere Art Factory May 7-9 at Finlayson 

TAF today, Friday:

9.30-12.00 Seminar: How can Universities Give Students a Kick to go Global? (Demola)
12-17 Films, Interactive Movies, Animations, Visuvaara final thesis exhibition  of  visual design students (School of Art and Media)
12-16 Timo Wright's Long Sunday photo exhibition (Ikuinen Gallery)
12-18 Open Studio: MEGAGAGAA (Nottbeck gallery)
13-16 Demos at Demola
13-19 Graduation work films at Vooninkisali
16-18 I Love  Photography exhibition opening, School of Art and Media, 3rd floor
19-21 Promoting Changes Fine Art exhibition, Labour Museum Werstas
21-02 TAF party at Klubi

Open doors 13-16:

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Korean Waves photographic exhibition at TAF

From Alice in wonderland by Kang Seulgi
Korean Wave
Photography Exhibition
May 8 - 30

TR1 Exhibition Centre
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson, Tampere
Open: Tue-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun  11am-6pm (Mon closed)
On Fridays free admission

One of the partner delegations visiting TAMK School of Art and Media International Week is the group of professors and students coming from the Chung-Ang University, the Korean top university for photography.

The guests bring with them the Korean Wave photography exhibition. The exhibition has already been shown last year at Month of Photography in Bratislava, Slovakia and will be seen later this year at Galerie Lampingstrasse, Bielefeld, Germany

Professor Walter Bergmoser, curator of the exhibition:

"Korean Wave is usually connected to popculture and soap-operas. Althought the
expression “Korean wave” might not be known very well in the western part of the world, it had and still has a strong influence in whole Asia like Japan, China and South East Asia.

Nowadays it becomes more and more known to the rest of the world. It has even spreat
further to countries like South America, Russia, Hungary atc. It started in the late 1990s and improved the country‘s image considerably. The impact was so strong that it even caused some backlashes, some countries had difficulties to accept the popularity of the “korean wave”.

Though “Korean Wave” may not so strongly be connected to fine-arts, I see a potential of the same impact in the Korean photography of the new generation as in its original field. The images in this exhibition are made by young photographers from the Chung-ang University, the Korean top university for photography.

The artists are showing us their guilts, fears and hopes in a very personal way. But they also explore the contemporary Korea in a genuine combination of western influence
and Korean identity. Confucianism with its boundaries of inner world and outer shame,
the “losing face” and filial piety are still strong in the Korean society, whereas the technical standards are far ahead from us in daily life."

The artists:

Hong Bonggi
Kang Dayoung
Kang Seulgi
Kim Jihye
Kim Minjeong
Kwon Jihyun
Park Serry
Park Siyeon 
The Exhibition is a part of  TAMPERE ART FACTORY (TAF)

Monday, 3 May 2010

TAMK students in Shanghai World Expo

Five students of Mechanical and Production Engineering, who are specialising in Industrial Engineering and Management, travel to work in the Shanghai World Expo. The World Expo will be open from the 1st of May until the 31st of October 2010.

The students are Tuomas Oikkonen, Tuomo Liukku, Jarno Lammenaho, Ville-Veikko Virolainen and Rami Iskanius.

The students will work in building services engineering repair and maintenance tasks in the Finnish Pavilion. These include the maintenance and night duties regarding the building’s security devices, communication devices, waste management and logistics.
The Expo area is five kilometres long, and about 100 million visitors are expected to visit the Expo, so there is a lot to do.

”It seems like a big challenge to go, but the biggest challenges are also the most important ones, careerwise. The future usually favours the bold. When thinking about our futures, we feel this opportunity opens up a lot of new doors in the working life, and elsewhere. The atmosphere in the team is really high and enthusiastic”, commented Iskanius.

The students were selected for the World Expo through a vast application process, and the final interviews for the applicants were carried out by the Finnish Commissioner General for Expo 2010 Pertti Huitu.

Hands-On practical training in Ethiopia

We had a chance to do our practical training in a country known for its long history, great coffee and 13 months of sunshine. An NGO called Sustainable Future (Kestävä tulevaisuus ry., KeTu ) in co-operation with TAMK’s R&D gave us opportunity to visit Ethiopia.

Project partners work in co-operation with a local partner NGO, Lem Ethiopia, enabling sustainable energy solutions and improving waste & sanitation as well as self-sufficiency in the city of Bahir Dar.

Bahir Dar is a city by Lake Tana, largest lake in Ethiopia and also the source of the Blue Nile. Ethiopia is located in the African horn and is a home for over 80 million people. About 80 % of the people in Ethiopia live in the rural areas and get their living from agriculture. At the same time only about 18 %of the households have access to proper sanitation facilities and about 31 % have access to safe water.

Our mission was to teach about hygiene and sanitation in local schools in Bahir Dar. We visited five schools and did a few hour training about personal hygiene and motivated students with awakening pictures and examples. It was a great experience and we had an amazing time teaching those eager and respecting students about hygiene. There are a lot of cultural challenges to be won, but one step at a time they can maintain a better health and demand better sanitation facilities.

At the same time we implemented a study about using urine as a fertilizer when growing cabbage. The plan was to implement a demonstration field and show the benefits of using urine in order to get a bigger yield. Unfortunately the land needed was provided by the government, but still faced challenges in order to be able to start up the real work. Therefore we implemented the study in a rather small-scale and in private in our own front yard. Did not quite serve as a demonstration, but we left some evidence to our local partners that urine is worth promoting as a free, safe and natural fertilizer.

The 2-month training taught us a lot. We were happy that we could exchange knowledge with the locals. All in all this was an once-in-a-lifetime possibility which will stay with us for the rests of our lives.

Text & photos: TAMK’s environmental engineering students Suvi Pielismaa and Salla Jokela

More about the project, project manager at TAMK's R&D: aino-maija.kyykoski(AT)
More about Sustainable Future NGO/ Kestävä Tulevaisuus ry:
More about Lem Ethiopia :