Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Day Two in Pictures

For me the start of the day two was bit rough when I accidentally (well, I don't know who does it on purpose) overslept. Fortunately I managed to be on time at TAMK and I was only late from my own schedule. If my word for yesterday was hectic, this morning it wouldn't been even close to describe my feelings.

Despite of the hasty morning I had, the day has been another success so far. You might easily think I need a dictionary because my lack of variety in adjectives and descriptive words, but I still think there isn't any other word for today. 

So far this day has consisted of Dr. Irja Pietilä's second lecture, Special Interest Groups and visits either to Demola or Polamk. 
This day isn't over yet though since we still have a sauna evening and dinner in Marttilan pirtti ahead of us. Because pictures speak a thousand words, here are some from today.

Text & Pictures: Sanna Hosike, Trainee, International Services

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