Monday, 26 January 2009

TAMK - not only studying but enjoying life as well

(In picture: Environmental engineering students enjoying 'Vappu', 1st of May party together in a picnic last year.)

is a place where one can have a freedom over what to do and when to do it. This has given me the chance to enjoy my studies and lead a relaxed life while still studying and learning at the same time. Its computer centers and labs are well equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies.

One of the most favorite experiences in ENVE is the fact that I was able to study with people of diverse background and cultures. Not to mention, Tampere is a great place for students with lots of fun activities both in summer and winter.

Abel T., Environmental
Engineering, Ethiopia

Sunday, 25 January 2009

TAMK Partner in World Summit Youth Award

The World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) is a contest for youth-led online projects supporting the implementation of the UN Millennium Goals.

WSYA is arranged by the World Summit Award Network which operates in 168 countries in cooperation with UNESCO, UNIDO, Internet Society and other international organisations.

Everybody under 30 can participate in this contest with five categories:

1. Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease !
2. Education for all !
3. Power 2 Women !
4. Create your Culture !
5. Go Green !

Deadline for submissions is February 28. Three winners in each category will be given the opportunity to showcase their platform to heads of state, business leaders and civil society at the World Summit Award (WSA) Gala and Winners Conference in June, 2009 in Monterrey, Mexico.

The organiser of WSYA activities in Finland is TAMK University of Applied Sciences.

UN Millennium Goals
World Summit Youth Award
World Summit Award

Friday, 23 January 2009

1112 students graduated from TAMK

The graduation ceremony took place on the 23r of January 2008. The programme included speeches, music and a break-dance performance “Breakin’ Gentlemen”.

1112 students graduated from TAMK in 2008. Out of these, 844 completed a UAS degree and 268 got their pedagogical teacher qualifications. 17 graduates got their Master’s Degrees.

The new graduates come from different degree programmes and 56 students earned their Bachelor’s Degrees from the international degree programmes of International Business or Environmental Engineering.

”It is significant to see the number of students who graduated from the degree programmes of Business Administration and International Business than was greater than expected”, says the Director of the Degree Programmes Reijo Rasmus.

TAMK has circa 5000 students, out of which circa 900 are adult students.

EU SBRM MSc teaching kicks off at TAMK

TAMK had the honour of hosting the first teaching sessions for EU Sustainable Business Risk Management MSc. Teaching sessions will also be held in other partner locations: Angers, France; Glamorgan, Wales. While our esteemed colleagues were visiting we also had time to have meetings, have a visit to Nokia Hervanta premises and shoot some video, in which eEDU got to show off our expertise. At Nokia our team got to hear about the the precent and future of multimedia which was enormously interesting.

Dawn Story (Associate Dean for Glamorgan University) gets teaching under way at TAMK

From the left: Marianna Leikomaa, Steve Lloyd , Trevor Price, Vincent Short ready for their visit at Nokia Hervanta

Visit to Wales for EU SBRM MSc

Our crack team from Tampere took part in planning meetings for the EU Sustainable Business Risk Management MSc program in December 2008. Finnish participants were Marjukka Dyer, Marja Kokko (pictured) and Jarno Tolonen. Host this time were our colleagues at Glamorgan University. The amenities were wonderful and somehow our hosts had managed to arrange sunny weather for our visit. We got a lot done in the meetings and were confident that kick-off in January at TAMK would be a success.

Marja, Marjukka and Vincent Short (ESAIP) on the way to Glamorgan

Marjukka operating the talking! info board at Glamorgan

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The famous ENVE spirit

Ten years ago I sat on the cold floor of the school's sport hall with ten immigrants. Of the fourty-girl-group, I was the last Finn not to be chosen for either of the teams. The immigrant class was forced to take gym lessons with Finns, Finns were forced to interact with foreigners.

Nobody wanted them to their teams because they did not speak Finnish and had too difficult names to be remembered. I was not regarded any higher even though I was a Finn.

I wanted to say something for them, but was too afraid. What if they do not understand me?

Year 2009. I sit in the cafeteria with people all around the world. We are soon Bachelors of Environmental engineering, friendly Enves. Table with Enves can be seen and heard. People with different clothes, colours, religions, manners...All laughing and having intriguing conversations. No Enves are ever left alone. Somebody being absent is immediately missed. We call up each others, hang out together, have famous Enve parties... Some of us are better in mathematics and physics, some in laboratory works. Sometimes we sit down and help each other in school assignments. Nobody is ever isolated or picked on.

Soon I will not see my precious friends every day. After practical training I will graduate. My foreign friends will probably move back to their own countries. But never will I forget the years I spent in TAMK, Environmental engineering.

That was the best time in my life.

(Written by a 3rd year environmental engineering student)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Conference on Climate change in New Zealand - lessons learned

The Snowchange Conference was held in year 2008 in New Zealand. In the conference a group of students and a project coordinator from TAMK R&D learned more about: climatic change, Maori culture, microhydropower, ecological neighbourhoods and about wastewater treatment in Sydney, Australia.

Come and hear more on Tue 27.1.2009 at 10. - 12.00 in TAMK, (Teiskontie) auditorium E1-06.

The event is free and open for everyone, no enrolments are needed. The seminar will be held in English. Welcome to hear about the experiences and more importantly about the future plans and how you might be able to participate!

(Click the poster to enlarge it)

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Want to Study in English at TAMK? Apply Now!

Applying to programmes conducted in English at Finnish universities of applied sciences (UAS) takes place through a System of Joint Application (Yhteishaku in Finnish). Prospective students can apply to four different degree programmes at UAS using the same application form.

The application period for studies starting in August 2009 started last Monday, and will close on Friday February 13th 2009, 4:15 PM Finnish time (+2 GMT).

Applicants to TAMK Media programme also need to return the pretask to TAMK by February 13th.

The entrance examinations at TAMK will be:
  • Media April 21
  • International Business April 28
  • Environmental Engineering May 5
The Universities of Applied Sciences announce the results by 21 July 2009. TAMK aims at sending admission results out by mid-June.

Admitted students must confirm their study places by 4 August 2009 at 4.15 pm Finnish time at the latest.

The Joint Application period for UAS study programmes taught in Finnish or Swedish is March 23 - April 9.

Bachelor's Degree applications at TAMK

Photo: TAMK main campus early one winter morning

Monday, 12 January 2009

The New Exchange Students Have Arrived

TAMK University of Applied Sciences is truly international. There are 175 degree students from 45 countries studying at TAMK. Next year there will be more, as the new Degree Programme in Media taught in English will start.

Also the exchange students coming from the 160 international partner universities add to the international atmosphere. Last week 70 exchange students from 20 countries started their studies with the orientation studies, today they already took part in classes in our degree programmes.

Photo: A group of the new exchange students who study at TAMK main campus made an excursion to the Finlayson campus in the city center, and learned about the TAMK School of Art and Media and the ProAcademy. The tour ended at the roof garden.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Colin Muir, Mr. MA in Screenwriting

Colin Muir, Programme Leader of MA in Screenwriting - the Salford University and TAMK joint programme, is a frequent visitor at TAMK School of Art and Media.

The MA in Screenwriting works half time in Tampere, half time in Manchester, UK. Colin just spent a week in Tampere, meeting the students and discussing the further development of the programme.

The students of the first MA in Screenwriting group are graduating in January 2010, and the second group started in September.

Colin says that this programme differs in some ways from the ordinary programmes arranged in one university only. There is a better balance between the creative possibilities of the individual and the common interests of the film industry.

Another difference is that we are maintaining the relation to students after they graduate, Colin points out. We assist the students with the best scripts to Cannes, Berlin Film Festival and even to the American film market in Los Angeles.

The results seem good. Studying in a new place gives time and space to the students, a chance to see the world in new ways - this helps to be creative.

Colin tells that in the future students will not be recruited in Finland and UK only, there are discussions to extend the activity to Germany and Austria, even USA.

Colin was born in Edinburgh. He has an MFA in Theatre Directing from the University of Connecticut and an MFA in Film and Television Directing from Temple University in Philadelphia. He worked in USA as a director, producer and scriptwriter. Since 1991 he has been teaching at the University of Salford. He is Programme leader for the MA in Television and Radio Scriptwriting and the MA in Film Screenwriting. He is also a director of the Film Production Company.

Master of Art in Screenwriting

Photo: Colin Muir at the roof garden of TAMK Finlayson Campus