Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bits from TAMK's International week in RDI

TAMK's 3rd International Week in Research, Development and Innovation took place in Tampere, Finland, on 10-13 February, 2014. The international week was aimed at RDI staff of TAMK's partner universities as well as for other partner organisations involved in RDI activities with TAMK. The overall theme of the week concentrated on "Sharing views and ideas at the dawn of Horizon 2020".

Here are some selected photos from the week!

Our International Week for Research, Development and Innovation 2014 gathered participants from 13 countries.

During our international week we had workshops in the following themes: Ageing Europe, Entrepreneurship and Light & Health.

Our guests from Czech Republic and Germany found the most relaxing place from the entrepreneurship campus (Y-kampus).

Some people dared to dip in to the icy lake and made even snow angels after the lovely smoke sauna experience.

We finished our innovative week in Demola.

Photos: Essi Kannelkoski

Monday, 10 February 2014

TAMK’s Blog Award 2013 to Finnish Language and Culture for Foreigners Blog

The blog Suomea oppimaan! - Finnish language and culture for foreigners received TAMK’s blog award of 2013. The blog was founded by Senior Lecturer Marja Oksanen, who teaches Finnish language at TAMK.

The awarded blog was selected by TAMK’s social media pioneer Cai Melakoski.

– The blog is a great achievement of a teacher who is up to speed. It helps creating a place and time independent learning environment. Students’ participation is the most important feature of Marja Oksanen’s blog. The blog is a great example of collaborative learning, Melakoski praises.

Oksanen founded the blog with the thought of inspiring foreign students to study Finnish. The blog includes Finnish language exercises and links to diverse themes students can learn by themselves.

An important part of the blog are the stories, photographs and videos of foreign exchange and degree students. The topics cover hobbies, events in Tampere, nature experiences, winter swimming, and sauna culture.

– Foreign students have so few Finnish language lessons that there is not enough time to bring up cultural issues. I was surprised by how eagerly students have shared their experiences in the blog. It is important that foreign students have a channel to tell about their experiences here. Incoming students and those considering coming to Finland can also find interesting stories in the blog, Oksanen tells.

Oksanen especially wants to thank the diligent contents producers. Anzhelika Manasheva, Russian student from the Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering, has written about her hobby, volleyball. Dumitru Coretchi from the Degree Programme in International Business is also interested in making videos. Moldovan Dumitri collected a Finnish story on celebrations in other countries into the blog together with other students.

Go to the blog Suomea oppimaan! - Finnish language and culture for foreigners

Photo: The blog is being developed continuously but every now and then there is time for taking pleasure in the successes. Dumitru Coretchi (left), Anzhelika Manasheva, Marja Oksanen, and Cai Melakoski.