Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Greetings from London!

Business Administration students had a trip to London from 16th to 20th March. On our journey there were 22 3rd year students who had studied some of the voluntary courses related to economics such as bookkeeping, financing and financial management.

On Monday 16th of March we took a bus from Tampere to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Everyone was expecting the trip very much and was eager to get to London. We continued our trip with an EasyJet aeroplane and arrived to London at 10.30 pm local time. After a long day we were very tired when we arrived at our hotel Norfolk Plaza which was located near Paddington underground station.

Our group in front of the hotel.

On Tuesday morning we left from our hotel quite early and headed to our first visit at Finnish Institute. We learned that the Institute promotes the export of Finnish culture in the UK. We also had a Finpro consultant who describing us how their organisation works and how they help Finnish enterprises to get to the UK’s market. It was surprising to hear how much British people appreciate Finnish knowledge and expertise. In the afternoon we went to London Metal Exchange were we saw how the brokers waved their hands oddly and almost fought with each other when they tried to get the deals done. In the evening we went shopping, sightseeing and visited some local pubs.

Tower Bridge in the evening

On Wednesday we had a school day because we visited Anglia Ruskin University. We had several lectures from different topics like the ongoing financial crises and we also played some games related to business world. It was quite a long day but it was interesting to get to know this school. We were warmly welcomed and our hosts had planned a very interesting day for us. In the evening we had spare time and we did some shopping again and wandered around the town.

On Thursday morning half of our group went to visit Bank of England Museum. There we get to know bits of the history of the Bank of England. Among other things we get to try how heavy a gold bar is and it was very heavy because the weight of it was about 13 kilos. In the afternoon the other half of us visited BBC television centre. In the evening the whole group gathered to our hotel to reminisce the highlight of our trip.

On Friday it was time to say goodbye to London and leave home. At the Gatwick airport we had

time to do some last minute shopping before our flight. We arrived at Helsinki-Vantaa at 8 pm where we continued back to Tampere. We were home just before midnight very tired but happy after a successful journey.

Text by Sonja-Maria Korhonen

Monday, 30 March 2009

The Electrician: TAMK - Salford Collaboration

"The Electrician tells the story of Marvin, an executioner in charge of an electric chair. After becoming unemployed when the government prohibits executions, and with his profession now illegal, Martin struggles to find a new way to use his unusual skill - showing no emotion at people's deaths."

The shortfilm "The Electrician" is a collaboration between TAMK School of Art and Media and School of Media, Music and Performance of Salford University.

The film was shot in Manchester last spring, from Tampere there was a crew of ten students.

The script, written by Jussi Jokihaara, was developed during the joint MA in Screenwriting programme. Derek Melling is Marvin, and the 14-minute film is directed by Miina Alajärvi. It is also the graduation work of four students at TAMK School of Art and Media.

You can enjoy a trailer and "making of" of the film at the film website. The Electrician was screened at Tampere Film Festival. Next change to see this film is at Tampere Art Factory, May 15-16.

Electrician website

Tampere Art Factory
MA in Screenwriting (TAMK School of Art and Media blog)

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Transition towns and peak oil to Enve students

The Environmental Engineering student Association G.L.O.B.E. arranged an event for students to hear more about PEAK OIL and TRANSITION TOWNS. The speaker we had an opportunity to hear was Jupiter Cormier, the founder of Transition Network branch in Finland.

What was all this about then? Well, to quote the transition towns’ webpage:

“It all starts off when a small collection of motivated individuals within a community come together with a shared concern: how can our community respond to the challenges, and opportunities, of Peak Oil and Climate Change?”

Jupiter, a graduate with a masters degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from SOAS, University of London explains to us: “we will never run out of oil, but the time of cheap and plentiful oil is over”. “Oil is everywhere, usually we do not even understand in how many things in our lives it plays such a big role” he continues.

According to Jupiter there is a need for huge socio-economic restructuring. Today’s global economic system is not working for the majority of people in world, including most people in developed countries as can be seen in the current collapse of the global financial markets. This combined with climate change and soon to rise energy prices creates a necessity to decentralize and localize. Jupiter also said that we can talk about nuclear and hydrogen as resources and alternatives to oil, but in reality, we can measure and estimate that they are not even close in meeting the current demands of energy and cannot help us to carry on the lifestyle we are living at the moment in western countries.

“We have to realize that we are consuming more than the Earth has to offer and at the moment 2/3 of natural resources are depleted already” Jupiter explains. The triple challenge of climate change, peak oil and an economic recession, according to him, offers the possibility for change. It is therefore a challenge that can be turned into an opportunity. As we might have learned from research results, the happiness in many western countries has not increased since the 1980’s which means that more consumerism and economic growth does not necessarily bring more happiness. Jupiter’s solution to create sustainability, resilience and happiness is to use the transition town model with the idea of local production, permaculture and sustainable living to transcend our oil dependent society into a more sane and fulfilling way of living.

Jupiter will continue to open up minds in Finland and to speak about peak oil and the transition that is needed now. He offers practical steps to people and has started his transition town in his hometown Hämeenkyrö already. Jupiter offered the students also a possibility to join and the interested audience seemed to grab the opportunity and joined first of all to the mailing list in Finland.

To learn more about transition towns visit at the website: www.transitiontowns.org or contact Jupiter: Jupiter.cormier AT gmail.com.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Practice Enterprise Trade Fair Report

Culture shock in an hour

The arrival to Salzburg was a bit of a shock for most of us. From what we saw from the bus, the city didn’t look quite as magnificent and glorious as everyone had expected. And as for our hotel – well, I think those stories of horror might turn into urban legends within a year or two.

The first challenge (after surviving from the shock at the hotel) for our first group was to find the exhibition centre and put up our stand. With a little help from our teachers the centre was easily found and our team was ready for action. A couple of hours, many rolls of tape, some ironing, a few pieces of iron wire and a lot of patience was needed to make it look like this:

Lights, camera, action!

The first morning wasn't quite what we had hoped for (cold shower, poor breakfast, heavy boxes to carry around, traffic jam, and fallen paper signs at our stand...) but as the trade fair started at nine o'clock we were there - enthusiastic and eager to make the best of it. And I think we really succeeded in doing that. Everyone had a good time selling our products, getting to know new people, having conversations in foreign languages and experiencing what it's like to work in an international environment.

At the end of the day we headed to the old town and its numerous alleys. After a nice dinner that we had together some of us stayed behind exploring the local night life as the rest of us went back to the hotel having their minds set up for the next (and last) trade fair day.

Mozart and some other new friends

A perfect blend of sightseeing, trade fair work, shopping and socializing with old and new schoolmates - that's how I would describe our last day in Salzburg. The trade fair ended before it really even began but no one seemed to mind that as it gave us more time to explore the city and its wonders. (Everyone should know by now where Mozart lived his life.)

In the evening it was raining cats and dogs so we stayed in the hotel, having a nice little party on our own - singing, dancing, chatting and enjoying each other's company. Not even a little catastrophe called water damage could ruin our night.

All well that ends well

So we're back in Finland, back at school. And luckily also our dear coach managed to escape from the unforgettable Herr Böse.

Before we left for Salzburg we were told that after the trade fair we might feel so tired that no work would be done for a while. But something weird happened and we've been more active and efficient than ever before.

All in all, it was a great experience and should anyone ask me - I would definitely recommend participating in such an event if given the possibility!

Text by Minnaliisa Laaksonen, HY d'Sign Oy

Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award 2009 Launched

The third Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award is now open. The purpose of the award is to encourage makers of digital media to generate ideas and develop new innovative ubiquitous media products and services. The most innovative products coming from artists, practitioners, and industry are awarded with a price sum of 7.000 Euro.

Deadline for entries is August 7th.

The competition is organized collaboratively by MindTrek, Tampere Region Centre of Expertise in Ubiquitous Computing, New Ambient Multimedia Group (NAMU)/Tampere University of Technology, TAMK University of Applied Sciences, and Nokia.

Photo: In the centre 2008 First Prize Winner Peter Frohlich (Point-to-Discover, Telecommunication Research Centre, Austria), on left Head of Jury Bjoern Stockleben, RBB, Germany and on right Competition Chair Artur Lugmayr, Tampere University of Technology. This year the competition will be co-chaired by Cai Melakoski, TAMK School of Art and Media.

Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Award

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Demola Selected as Activator of the Year

TAMK is a proud member of Demola. We are happy to publish the Demola press release:

The Demola open innovation environment was awarded "Activator of the Year" during the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day on 10th March 2009.

The World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is arranged by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Demola is a service offered by higher education institutes in Tampere, ICT and Media companies and the Technology Centre Hermia to multidisciplinary student teams in order to develop digital products and services based on companies' concepts. Companies ranging from local SMEs (small to medium-sized companies) to international large-scale enterprises collaborate with the teams. The companies bring their project ideas for student teams to cultivate. Demola offers the teams the tools but the teams need to come up with the solutions themselves. The results are honed into real products and services to be part of the companies’ operations. An additional objective is to spawn new companies.

According to Jukka Saarinen, Demola’s contact person at Nokia Research Centre, an essential ingredient of Demola is the unique approach: the teams take the bull by the horns and get to work without being stifled by bureaucracy.

A developing concept

During the first five months, 12 projects have been underway within the framework of the Demola project. Some 100 students have been involved in the projects and their number is constantly growing.

The students taking part in Demola have had positive experiences: they have felt that they have learned a lot and formed connections with real companies. Demola’s premises are located in Tampere city centre. "In the future, Demola will be further extended and developed", says Brand Manager Petri Räsänen from Technology Centre Hermia.

More stories about Demola (TAMK School of Art and Media Blog)

Photo from the gallery at Demola.fi

Friday, 20 March 2009

Work opportunities seminar for Environmental Engineering a success

The students of Environmental Engineering had an excellent opportunity to hear experiences and tips from former TAMK students on a sunny afternoon in TAMK. The seminar was continuance for a similar event arranged last year.

Speakers in the seminar were Sari Lappi from Finnish Meteorological Institute, Badal Ahmed Hassan from University of Helsinki and Henna Tanskanen from Niras Finland Oy. They proved with their experiences to students that hard work, ambition and strong will can take anywhere after graduating from Environmental Engineering program in TAMK. The speakers emphasized to students such issues as the importance of practical training in studies as a guide and pacemaker to future working life and that it would be good for the students to determine and define their goals and interests and understand to aim towards them with ambition.

All three agreed that the Environmental Engineering program had given them excellent tools for further studying and work. The unique holistic perspective and versatile study program were in their opinion worth a lot in life and in finding a suitable career; their success and careers after 6-8 years from graduation definitely proved that right and gave lot to think for the current Enves.

The multitude of questions and the motivation shining from students’ faces at the end of the seminar showed that the Student Association G.L.O.B.E. had, in co-operation with the Environmental Engineering department, succeeded in its mission to be there for the students of Environmental Engineering and for enabling more green jobs pathways and insights of them to students.

Aino-Maija, IENVE-3

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Greetings from cloudy Austria!

The practice enterprise trade fair was organised in Salzburg on the 11th and 12th of March 2009. Practise enterprises from different countries took part in the international trade fair and our company ProExperience Ltd was one of them.

Our stand was a great success and it attracted many fair visitors. Our sale increased enormously and we got a lot of new contacts around the world. Other practice enterprises had also prepared well for the fair and everyone seemed to be very professional. We made business for example with practice enterprises from Russia, Spain, Italy and Austria. As a whole the trade fair was good practice for international business.

None of us had ever visited Salzburg before and therefore also the beautiful city gave us new experiences. The old town amazed us with its medieval buildings and narrow alleys. Salzburg is also the birth town of Mozart and there is still a house where he was born. That is one of the greatest sights in Salzburg!

We really recommend other practice enterprises to take part in similar fairs if it is possible.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Mysterious Finland

In the picture: Ms Marja-Liisa Laaksonen, Mr Su Xiangdong & Mr Jiao Zhi-gang.

In China, there are 630 million cell-phone users, who seldom know the name of Nokia. How come is this Nordic Company so successful around the world? Thus, Finland, Nokia’s motherland, is a mystery to Chinese.

Since my arrival to Finland on February 10 everything in Tampere, the third-biggest city covered with white snow and forest, is quite strange to me. Tampere is not bustling like Chicago (the third-biggest city in the USA) or München (the third-biggest in Germany). Everything is so quiet here. Everywhere I meet things very different from those in China e.g. handmade PUUKKO, the bending Tampere city buses, Sauna in the forest, local Karaoke house around the street corner, the 100-year old KAUPPAHALLI, a modern K-market, Finlayson area or Kalevan kirkko Church. All these give a very mysterious color to this SMALL, QUIET city.

Also the Finns here are very different from Chinese people. Everyone is busy and so quiet in the city. There is playing at weekend in the stadium, but there is no happy scream or noise inside. However, there are a lot of Karaoke houses, originating from Japan. Normally Western people do not like this entertainment form, but it is welcomed by Finns.

Sauna is the most important Finnish word that exists in every dictionary in every language. Finland also provides Nokia and Linux as gifts to the nations around the world. So, the next three months which I stay here will be very important to me. I hope I will get deeper knowledge of Finland, which is one of the strangest nations of the world.

Greetings from Reykjavik

There's a small but enthusiastic group of students of Finnish language in the University of Iceland in Reykjavik. At the moment there are 20 students enrolled, 5 of them majoring, which means that they can do their Bachelor of Arts in Finnish language.

The classes are held in Alvar Aalto's classic Nordic House, where the students can also do Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. The University of Iceland collaborates with a number of international universities and research institutions in regards to research, student exchange, staff exchange, and more. All students at the faculty are given the opportunity to complete part of their studies abroad, and a large group of international students comes each year to study.

There's greeting from three of the majoring students:Katie, Kata and Sara in the lobby of Nordic House

Katelin Marit Parsons: Olen Katie ja opiskelen kääntämistä täällä yliopistossa. Opiskelen kyllä kääntämistä islannista englantiin, mutta suomi on niin hauska kieli, että haluan kääntää joskus suomestakin! Olen opiskellut suomea noin 2 vuotta ja kesällä olin Savonlinnassa opiskelemassa. En ole vielä käynyt Tampereelle, mutta se olisi hauskaa! (My name is Katie and I study translation here in the university. I study translating from Icelandic to English, but Finnish is such a nice language that I'd like to translate from Finnish too one day. I've studied Finnish for two years and in the summer I went to Savonlinna to study. I've not visited Tampere yet, but that would be fun!)

Sara Eik Sigurgeirsdóttir: Minä olen Sara, olen 22 vuotta vanha islantilaistyttö. Minä olen Höfnista, Kaakkois-Islannista. Asun nyt Reykjavikissa ja opiskelen suomea Islannin yliopistossa. Minä olin au-pairina Suomessa joulukuusta 2006 heinäkuuhun 2007. Asuin Nurmeksessa ja vietin ihanaa aikaa Suomessa. Kun tulin takaisin Islantiin, aloin opiskella biolääketiedettä, mutta jo vuoden päästä syksyllä 2008 vaihdoin suomeen. (I'm Sara, 22-year-old icelandic girl. I come from Höfnis, south-east Iceland. Now I live in Reykjavík and I study Finnish language in the University of Iceland. I worked as an au-pair in Finland from December 2006 to July 2007. I stayed in Nurmes and I had lovely time in Finland. When I came back to Iceland I started studying biomedicine, but changed to Finnish language as soon as after one year, in the autumn 2008.)

Katrin Erna Thorbjörnsdottir: Olen Kata, 21-vuotias islantilainen. Opiskelen suomea Islannin yliopistossa. Olen opiskellut suomea aikaisemmin vaihto-oppilaana lukiossa, ja nyt vuoden täällä yliopistossa. Mun mielestä suomi on hauska kieli ja aika erilainen. Pidän Suomesta, ja asuin siellä Tuusulassa 2004 - 2005, ja haluan asua siellä taas tulevaisuudessa! (I'm Kata, 21-year-old Icelander. I've learnt Finnish as an exchange student in upper secondary school and now for one year here in the University. I find Finnish a delightful language, and quite different. I like Finland and I stayed there in Tuusula 2004 - 2005, where I'd like to live again in the future!)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Alumni seminar of Environmental Engineering at TAMK

The Environmental Engineering students and their student Association G.L.O.B.E. arrange activities for students in TAMK. Everyone is welcome to this seminar, but the special focus is on Environmental Engineering and the future jobs in this field.

The annual Alumni seminar co-organised between the Environmental Engineering department and GLOBE is back this year. It can be said that in the current economic climate that finding a job of any sort is a difficult task, let alone the type of job you have always strived for.

When you come along to the seminar we all hope that you will learn from the experiences of the people speaking. Most probably their avenues of pursuit will open up new ideas and possibilities for you.

WHERE: TAMK University of Applied Sciences, Auditorium A3-27

WHEN: Thursday March 19th 12:00 until 16:00

Sari Lappi, Finnish Meteorological Institute.
Badal Hassan, PhD -student on forestry, University of Helsinki
Henna Tanskanen, Niras Finland

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Find the Animal - Win a Two-Day Ticket to MindTrek

MindTrek is the most important annual digital media award, conference and festival in Nordic countries. It has been arranged since 1997, when cd-roms where the multimedia platform and webmedia young and innocent.

We are happy to announce the MindTrek Conference 2009 will be arranged October 1-2 with the pre-conference workshop day September 30. Last year MindTrek Conference had 900 participants from 30 countries.

You can ensure your free seat at the conference by proposing the best theme animal of the conference:

"MindTrek will have a theme animal of the year, and you can be the one that suggests the perfect animal to us. What animal represents MindTrek best and why? Last time it was the geese. We somehow felt they represented well what was going on in the world of the internet and social media. What animal would do that job this year? The person who has the best idea will win a two day conference ticket to the MindTrek 2009 Conference. Fire away! Send your suggestions to info (at) mindtrek.org"

TAMK has been one of the key organisers of MindTrek from the very beginning.


Photo: MindTrek Conference 2008 flyer with the MindTrek 2008 animal

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Visitor from the Black Forest: Erich Wascher, Furtwangen University

Director of Centre for Languages and Culture of Furtwangen University, Erich Wascher visited TAMK last week. Furtwangen University is in the Black Forest (Schwartzwald) in southern Germany.

The University is known for its innovative study programmes: Computer Science in Media and Business Applications of Computer Science, for example, were taught there before anywhere else in Germany. Product Engineering, International Business and Computer Networking are model and pioneering programs, too.

Furtwangen University also has a lot to offer when it comes to opportunities for gaining an internationally recognised degree or to study at one of more than 100 partner universities.

Furtwangen University offers a broad selection of subject areas: Bachelor (16) and master programs (9) in the areas of computer sciences, technology, engineering, media, and business studies.

Erich Washer met and discussed with TAMK staff members from various units; the International Office, eBusiness, Virtual Studies, the business development and innovation Study Programme proAkademy, Staff Education Centre and the School of Art and Media. He also followed several language classes and participated in the Tampere Film Festival Party organised by the School of Art and Media. Of course sightseeing and dinner at Näsineula Tower was part of the programme, designed and hosted by Senior Lecturer Eeva Piirainen from TAMK Centre of Expertise of International Cooperation and Languages.

Furtwangen University

Photo: Eeva Piirainen and Erich Wascher at the roof top garden of the School of Art and Media

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

World Water Day at TAMK on 24th of March!

Environmental Engineering students at TAMK University of Applied Sciences with cooperation of Ekokumppanit Oy organize WATER DAY event at TAMK Teiskontie campus on Tuesday 24th March. The event is held between 12-16.

International World Water Day has been held annually on 22nd March since 1993 as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. An international day to celebrate freshwater was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro.

World water day has a different theme every year and this year it is TRANSBOUNDARY WATERS meaning those water resources that cross boarders and link people of different nations together. Nurturing the opportunities for cooperation in transboundary water management can help build mutual respect, understanding and trust among countries and promote peace, security and sustainable economic growth.

Water Day at TAMK will be presented with information stands, lecturers, panel discussion, short movies, small happenings and lots of information on water. There is also special programme for kids (the children groups are asked to enroll by 2nd March to event coordinator).

Busses 8, 16, 18, 19, 20, 28 and 29 come to TAMK from Tampere city centre so as Environmental Engineering students we kindly encourage the guests to use public transportation, bikes or their own feet.

Further information about the detailed schedule follows later in March.

The event is open for everyone.

"Sharing benefits, Sharing responsibilities"

Monday, 9 March 2009

Practical training and sunshine

I work in the National Center for Mari culture which operates under the Ministry of National Infrastructure and during the following year (2009) will go under the Ministry of Agriculture and under the national Agriculture Research Organization (ARO) - The volcanic center. The Mari culture National center is located between the city of Eilat and the city of Aqaba, right next to the border.

The project I work on now is a test of aquaculture growth of Groupers, a red sea fish type. The grouper fish is a coral reef predator fish, and can grow up to 12 kg (Red sea species) and up to 100 cm long.

My research handles the growth of the grouper in Recirculating aquaculture Systems (RAS) which provide less "fresh" (red sea) water. The system takes advantage mainly of nitrification process and uses biofilters. The biofilters using macaroni shaped plastics are a base for aerobic bacteria for the nitrification process: they break the ammonia to nitrate since high percentage of ammonia is too acidic and will kill the fish.

Other research I might be part of is growth of the Gilt-head Bream, another red sea fish and the main fish being researched. The research is about the usage of a denitrifying reactor which uses anaerobic bacteria to break the nitrate back to pure nitrogen and by that prevents it from going back to the sea.

I could write so much more, especially after I will learn more when my practical training goes further on. To me this is all really great and I enjoy every second of it :)

Regards to Finland and will send some warmth and sun there too!

a 3rd year Environmental Engineering student doing his practical training in Eilat, Israel.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Getting ready for the take-off!

d'Sign's week before the fair in Salzburg has been fairly busy as there were a bunch of other things to take care of before we could totally set our minds on the upcoming event. Even though the task list was quite long and we seemed to run out of time, the atmosphere in our class has been amazingly good. Laughter and enthusiasm in our class room have convinced me that our trip will be a success. And it's not every school day that you get sew, nibble, put stickers on papers and do all kinds of fun stuff. So you've got to enjoy it while you can!

Getting ready for Salzburg

Kameleont is very excited about the trade fair in Salzburg. We are ready for the fair and we're doing some last minute preparations. The journey has been thrilling and we have had our ups and downs but we're ready to get down to business. We are not quite sure what's ahead of us but we'll take it easy and keep in mind that it's also about having fun. The fair is a great opportunity to do business and we hope to get some great deals for our practise company. We hope to get new contacts and friends from the fair and it's also great to visit Salzburg.

Kameleont Ltd

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Greetings from Charleston, SC!

Two of TAMK’s teachers, Hanna Torp and Marianna Leikomaa, travelled all the way to Charleston, South Carolina, to participate and present a paper at the SITE conference (Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education).

Charleston turned out to be a beautiful old city with a lot of history and lovely buildings (as well as food). The conference has been extremely interesting so far! Things got off to a bit of rough start, with the first keynote speaker being absent altogether (because of the horrible weather East coast). Luckily she had Skype and was able to attend after all…

Hanna and Marianna did their presentation on Collaborative Knowledge Construction in an On-line Vocational Teacher Education on Tuesday afternoon and while the audience wasn’t very large, the presentation was received well. Tuesday evening the SITE conference

celebrated its 20th birthday with a Hawaiian theme party! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite up to Hawaiian temperatures…

Charleston is certainly a fabulous place and the SITE conference one of the most interesting and important teacher education conferences all around! We’ll definitely have to come back (both to Charleston and to the next SITE conference)!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

TAMK Goes Tampere Film Festival

Tampere Film Festival 2009 will begin tomorrow Wednesday 4.3. and runs until on Sunday 8.3.
During the week there is a lot of events where TAMK School of Art and Media present or graduated students are involved.

Wednesday 4.3.
2.30-3 pm: Film Festival Studio: Live screening produced by TAMK and Tampere University students.
Film Festival Studio

11 pm Cinema Niagara: Tampere premiere of the thriller Piilo and preview of the crimeshortfilm Rahavalta.
Piilo (in Finnish)
Rahavalta (in Finnish)

Thursday 5.3.
10 pm Plevna 2, international competition 3: Familia 068
Director/Scriptwriter Toni Edo has been exchange student in School of Art and Media Interactive Media Programme.
Presentation of the films of the screening (In English)
Story about Toni and the film in our blog (In English)

12 am Hällä: New Films from TAMK School of Art and Media
Presentation of the films of the screening (In English)

2.30-3 pm: Film Festival Studio: Live screening produced by TAMK and Tampere University students.
Film Festival Studio

10 pm to 2 am yo-talo: TAMK School of Art and Media Film Festival Party (In English)

Friday 6.3.
12 am Plevna 2, domestic competition 6: Expensive Shit
Graduation Work by Antti Tuomikoski
Presentation of the films of the screening (In English)

2 pm Plevna 5, domestic competition 10: The Treasured Waters
Graduation Work by Ilkka Rautio
Presentation of the films of the screening (In English)

2.30-3 pm: Film Festival Studio: Live screening produced by TAMK and Tampere University students.
Film Festival Studio

8 pm School of Art and Media Studio: Vialliset otteet
Live film by Hannaleena Hauru, graduate from School of Art and Media:
"My new film by is an experimental work that is screened with live actors interacting with the screen. The film is a part of my studies in the University of Art and Design Helsinki (becoming a master of arts). It's not sure yet, if we'll be having enough time to make English subtitles to the film before Tampere, but in the premiere the non-finnish-speaking spectators said that the film gives a lot even though not understanding Finnish. A seat can be reserved by contacting me." (hhauru{att}taik.fi)

8 pm Plevna 5, International Competition 3: Familia 068
Director/Scriptwriter Toni Edo has been exchange student in School of Art and Media Interactive Media Programme.
Presentation of the films of the screening (In English)
Story about Toni and the film in our blog (In English)

Saturday 7.3.
4 pm Plevna 1, domestic competition 10: Treasured Waters
Graduation Work by Ilkka Rautio
Presentation of the films of the screening (In English)