Tuesday, 26 June 2012

JULY - the summer holiday month in Finland!

The academic year 2011-12 is almost over and the students and staff members of TAMK are preparing themselves for summer holiday.

The summer holiday month here is Finland is definitely July. What this means in practice is that Finns are then totally enjoying their free time. Workplaces are empty, schools are closed and most Finns are on the countryside…far from the cities.

Many Finns have a summer cottage near by the lake. Spending a holiday in a cottage is a nice way to relax and have a good time with a family and friends. There are thousands and thousands of lakes and cottages in Finland. Majority of Finnish people live in South Finland but the summer cottages are located all around Finland. Summer cottages are usually well equipped and there Finns can live there “luxuriously” but close to nature. Also many overseas visitors rent a summer cottage where they can spend their vacation in Finland.  

But what else can foreign visitors do in Finland during the summer time than spend some time in a summer cottage? Visitors to Finland will find that there are always plenty of things to do there. Those who love the outdoors will discover a country just waiting to be explored, whether by foot, by bicycle, by boat or by car. And other visitors who want explore more cultural things can visit the museums, galleries, exhibitions or historical buildings and monuments. And one great option is also to visit our numerous summer events and festivals where it is possible to mingle with Finns. But whatever you decide to do in Finland or other destinations in the world during your summer holiday, don´t forget to relax and enjoy your free time!

And now when my summer holiday is about to begin I want to thank all our foreign partner universities for a great cooperation during this academic year. I really look forward to work with you again after the summer break!

Kirsi Tolvanen
Head of International Services

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