Wednesday, 21 May 2014

International week for nursing and social services 2014

International week for nursing and social services was held at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) on 22nd-25th of April 2014. The week commenced on a lovely Tuesday morning in the Solina –auditorium at Kuntokatu 4 with the guests’ intriguing presentations of themselves and their home institutions. The international week received guests from countries all over the world including: Germany, England, Austria, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, Uganda and Turkey. After lunch the first day proceeded with the basics of Finnish and a tour around the TAMK campus. 

Participants of the international week.
Front row from the left: Núria Obradors Rial, Melitta Horak.
Second row from the left: Ester Colillas, Val Douglas, Päivi Hautaviita, Barbara Städtler-Mach, Feride YİĞİT.
Third row from the left: Carol Wilson, Riikkaelina Susipolku, Elif Dönmez Temucin, Ulla-maija Takkunen, Sanna Laiho, Florence Okecho.
Fourth row from the left: Davide Prette, Katariina Kunnas, Gitte Taulo.

Wednesday began with lectures regarding social- and healthcare services, such as Health care system – the Ugandan experience for example. The day culminated in a calming walk through the woods of Kauppi and an exquisite dinner at the restaurant Astor located at the central square. 

Health care system - the Ugandan experience -lecture, Florence Okecho, Health Science University, Uganda
Dinner at Astor

On Thursday afternoon the stage was given to students who spoke of the city of Tampere from a foreigner’s perspective. The climax of the international week was a Traditional sauna evening. 

Photography: Davide Prette, Päivi Hautaviita & Gitte Taulo
Text: Hannu Kouhia & Saara Pohjola

Thursday, 15 May 2014

European Teams in Advertising Intensive Programme 2014 in the Netherlands

European Teams in Advertising - EUTA IP 2014 was organised in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Altogether around 40 students and staff members from Belgium, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and UK took part in LLP Erasmus intensive programme.

Students of EUTA IP 2014 enjoying a sunny afternoon in Alkmaar

From Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland four students joined the IP: students Lotta Pettersson & Antti Lainas from TAMK Virrat, Degree Programme in Media, Scriptwriting and Visual Expression & Digital Sound and Commercial Music and students from Tampere Andreea Ciobanu & Meril Viitanen from the Degree Programme in Tourism. The coordinator of the team from Finland was Senior Lecturer in Marketing Pirkko Varis

Students from Germany and some staff members (Pirkko the 3rd from the left) after the country presentations

Students were divided into multicultural teams to work with assignments from companies of the participating countries. The main task of the students was to plan a marketing communications and an advertising campaign for the European markets. Special lectures were given by experts in marketing communications and advertising. Staff members of the universities worked as coaches for the teams.

Lotta with the team for the assignment from Finland

Some experiences of the student team from Finland:
"Working in a multicultural team with real existing brands is the best way to achieve experience and to develop your own interpersonal skills. This is a step ahead into the real working life. At the same time you use your strengths and learn how to interact with representatives of other cultures.

Meril and the team for the assignment from the Netherlands

We all know every country has a different culture and it is important to learn the behavior and traditions in order to make the team work successfully and to achieve the goals. At the same time you demonstrate your knowledge, you learn, give and receive feedback, combined with socializing and cultural extra activities. In addition, you make connections with people from different parts of Europe which is very beneficial.

Andreea and her team for the assignment from Spain

In our opinion, everything mentioned before has made this EUTA IP 2014 one of the best experiences of our lives. We would love to be able to repeat it every single year.

Antti and the team for the assignment from Turkey

The team for the assignment from UK

We would like to thank the organization and all the universities involved in this project for making this possible and for such a good care of the students and lecturers. We appreciate the fact that the professors at the end of the final presentations asked feedback from the students in order to improve the IP for the next year. Listening to the opinions proves respect and care.

The team for the assignment from Belgium

Thank you again and good luck for the following year!"

Team Finland – Lotta, Antti, Pirkko (the coordinator), Meril and Andreea

Text: Student team from Finland

Photos: Andreea Ciobanu, a student at TAMK & Ann Gemoets, the coordinator of the EUTA IP, Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen, Belgium