Monday, 11 June 2012

The Kick Off

The first day of the International Week for Non-Teaching Staff is over and I can't say anything else than it really was a success. I met alot of new great people and I can't wait to get to know even more of them. As a Finn I'm used to the silent moments but with this group it's not going to be a problem since there's so much to talk about; there's no room for silence. 

Today the group got a kick off for the week's theme by a opening lecture called Intercultural Communication Skills in Own Professionalism by Dr. Irja Pietilä. The participants had to think in groups what does it mean to be interculturally awere and where do they need intercultural awareness in their work. They also had to put their ideas to paper by drawing them. This caused some amazement among the people and lot of "But I don't know how to draw" comments. After all the outputs of the groups were great and you were able to see that they put a lot of thought to them.

The programmed part of the day ended with a guided city bus tour and even though I have been on the same kind of tour four times before, I was still able to learn some more about the town where I'm living. Though that was not a surprise since this was the comment also from people living here almost 15 times longer than I have.

At the beginning of the day we were suppose to introduce ourselves and give an adjective that descripes best the feeling at the moment. I forgot to say my adjective since I was trying to do too many times at the same time. My adjective for the day would be hectic but even though I have been running from place to place for most of the day, I must say this day has also been really exciting and I would have not wanted to be anywhere else.

But let the pictures speak to themselves :)

Text & Pictures: Sanna Hosike, Trainee, International Services

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