Wednesday, 17 November 2010

TAMK and TAPS working together again

Once more, TAMK University of Applied Sciences received students from USA, who will have a brilliant opportunity to "go international" at TAMK. EU-US Atlantis Funding makes this possible - the coordinating university in Europe is Hochschule München in Germany, and our long-time counterpart in the United States is University of Wisconsin. Thís particular group of American students is From Wisconsin (Stevens Point) and North Carolina (Raleigh)

TAPS stands for "Trans Atlantic Paper Science". and the group aims at getting to know how paper science and technology is studied in other countries, and as a more general goal to have a chance to discover Europe, Finland in particular. They will submerge themselves in paper manufacturing, printing, coding, inking and so forth.

At this midway point, I sat down to talk to them a bit and was quite surprised that they are able to form some Finnish sentences already! In their opinion, even though Finnish society and life may be different from that in the US, they’re really enjoying their stay in Finland! For their last month, the group has planned travels to nearby Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and all over Finland - the full-on experience!

Text & photo:
Felipe Ludena Vaquerizo (trainee at intl. services)

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