Friday, 5 November 2010

Tere tulemast! Welcome!

Ms Luule Lipp and Ms. Eda Veeroja, two teachers from Vöru County Vocational Training Center in Estonia, lectured TAMK tourism students on sustainable heritage tourism product development and quality management among other topics. The lectures given were a part of our Nature Tourism course.

The way these experts like giving lectures and presentations is easy but very effective - by making them take an active role and speak up! They also had a chance to go on a mini-tour in Tampere city, where they visited the Pyynikki observation tower and Pispala (an old part of town, famous for artist residents), did some shopping and grabbed something to eat on the go in café Europa and in the Viking restaurant Harald.

In their opinion traditions and culture as well as cultural heritage should be passed to the next generation and so forth no matter how fast life is changing. Smoke sauna, good traditional cuisine, and the importance of continuing the traditions and language are “top priority” for the Estonian teachers. As well as Võrumaa, Tampere Region as a rural and traditional place has a lot to offer to the visitor besides technology, fashion, industrial heritage, services and avantgarde education.

It’s possible to step into the forest in less than ten minutes from the center of Tampere. Both universities are willing to continue their mutual cooperation and facilitate students and teachers mobility between TAMK and Vöru County Vocational Training Center.

Pics and text by Felipe Ludena Vaquerizo, trainee.

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