Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Students did well in the hotel and restaurant competition in Lisbon

The 23rd annual conference and hotel and restaurant competition organised by AEHT (The European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools) took place in Lisbon, Portugal on 5.-10.10. The competition, which was aimed for students, was organized by the Lisbon Hotel and Tourism School. There were over 700 participants from 31 countries and 150 schools.

TAMK Hotel and Restaurant Management student Johanna Miettinen and her German partner Angela Inglisa performed fantastically by coming in second. The winning team consisted of students from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and Slovenia, and the third place went to Denmark and Holland.

The Management competition was for the first time divided into two categories: university students took part in Hospitality Management and upper secondary level students in Management. The task was the same in both categories, but there were differences in evaluation criteria.

The participants had to renew the business of a bankrupt, 80-room Lisbon hotel. The judges evaluated the SWOT analysis, the innovations in the business idea and management. They also evaluated team work, English language and presentation. In addition to the judges, the student groups also gave and received peer feedback.

Smooth collaboration was rewarded by second place

Even though Johanna and Angela had never met each other before the first day of the competition, their collaboration was even and natural: they supported each other during the presentation instead of having a clear division of presentation roles.

The central ideas in Johanna’s and Angela’s business renewal were the visibility of environmental factors in the hotel’s structure and products, offering healthy and low-fat restaurant food for the customers, lowering the hierarchy in the organisation and minimising marketing costs through the use of social media. They also planned to outsource spa and exercise services as well as day-trips in order to concentrate better on hotel, restaurant and conference business.

The aim of AEHT is to increase international collaboration and skills and to offer the participants interesting experiences in travel. The next competition will take place in Haag, Holland.
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Text: Riitta Brännare

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