Wednesday, 27 October 2010

TAMK’s team won the load bearing capacity calculations in Span 2010 bridge design competition

TAMK’s team won the load bearing capacity calculations series of the Span 2010 bridge design competition. The finals of the competition were organised at the FinnBuild 2010 fair in October.

The aim of the Span 2010 bridge design competition is to increase the students’ interest towards construction design. The students of construction technology and construction engineering competed in three different categories.

TAMK’s team took the gold in the load bearing capacity calculations. They exceeded their own capacity calculations by only 7 kg ending up with 209 kg. The winning team won 1000 Euros. The most robust bridge –category was a tie between the teams from Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu. The most aesthetically pleasing bridge –category went to the team from Tampere University of Technology.

In the competition, the students designed and built a miniature bridge out of wood, after which the bridges were tested. In the qualifying rounds, the teams drew plans of their bridges, consisting of calculations, CAD drawings and 3D presentations. The teams which were selected to appear in the finals built and tested their bridges on the 6.-9.10 at the FinnBuild fair. Four teams were awarded in the finals.

TAMK’s participants were future engineers of construction technology: Arttu Lehtonen, Jarkko Koli, Petri Timo and Iiro Villman.

For more information: Heikki Saarenpää, senior lecturer of construction engineering,

Picture taken by Jorma Kylliäinen

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