Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Erasmus IP Program of Forestry - Bazas, France

TAMK just took part in an Erasmus Intensive Programme of forestry in Bazas, France. Six fourth-year students of forestry and one teacher joined a group of French, Spanish and Romanian partcipants getting to know the local forestry and especially the local storms and effects of storms in forestry.

Photo: Lecturer Manne Viljamaa and students of Erasmus IP project observing french forest

The programme was organized in a local school of agriculture and forestry in the town of Bazas in south-western France, 60 kilometers from Bordeaux. The hospitable hosts and the surrounding massive forest area of Landes gave an excellent setting to explore the case! The first week of the programme was spent mostly in lectures and field trips lead by local professionals. To ease the understanding the lectures were translated in two languages, english and french.

On the second week the participants were divided in six groups with a specialized task for each group. On the weekend the participants were able to visit the beautiful city of Bordeaux and also the Atlantic dynes nearby.

Thanks again to our hosts - next year in April 2011 we will meet in Rovaniemi!

The participants of TAMK:
Manne Viljamaa
Anne Haukkovaara
Markku Laine
Jonna Ritala
Anne Pöyhönen
Sonja Nurmi
Tuomas Kähö

Text: Tuomas Kähö

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