Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Increasing efficiency and sustainability in Azerbaijan water safety plan

The opening ceremony of the ecosan toilet build in SuGovsagi village/ Sabirabad.
Four pilot projects were implemented on alternative sources of energy In the project localities: Sabirabad, Saatli Shemakha and Ismayili: The construction of an ecosan (which  opening ceremony was  done the 11.11.2010 by Ke Tu ry , TAMK. The toilet was build for Gosvsagi village),  a water destilator and a solar panel  and two food dryers. Two students of TAMK, university of Applied Sciences environmental Engineering and one of TAMK teachers were actively involved in the project activities in Azerbaijan during three months (May-July 2010)

During the week trip to Azerbaijan made with the objectives to well know the  project implementations of KOVA which is  financed by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign  affairs and managed by KeTu ry  and TAMK, University of Applied Sciences, the project is implemented  for community approaches  to a better environment for all and poverty reduction in out of reach communities of rural Azerbaijan.

A meeting was held in the office of the European Union in Azerbaijan with its representative who has gotten acquainted with all project activities in all localities.

Together with the local Partner in Azerbaijan, the director of EKOT NGO, some results and presentations were giving to the representative of the EU including some details about the project proposal for the upcoming years of this cooperation.

Other meetings were also organized with the representative of WCEF : Women in Europe foe a common future, in order to look forward of a good cooperation for a better situation of the localities of this project. From the European Union representative point of view, all project activities are excellent and its future is very promising.

During the mentioned week 08.11-14.11. 2010, 8 schools were visited (SuGovshag school,  Axtachi school, Guragli school, Beylik school…..) and meetings were organized with the local teachers and the students, sometimes including the local inhabitants, in order to discuss about the water safety plan and all knowledges that were introduced to them during the project implementation since the first of January 2010 till November 2010.

Text and picture: Mina Bouhlal

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