Thursday, 24 June 2010

TAMK R&D: Well-being tourism to attract people to the Tampere Region

Helvetinkolu in Helvetinjärvi National Park. Photo: Seppo Pajari
Science journalist Kalle Heiska has published a reportabout the development project of Tampere UAS that has created major impetus for the development of the northern Tampere Region as a well-being tourism destination, even internationally.

Local enterprises offering nature and culture services, Metsähallitus (a state enterprise administering state-owned land and water areas) and experts in tourism and well-being at TAMK have arrived at a common vision to make well-being tourism a major occupation in the area.

Erkki Kelloniemi (right), project manager at Tampere UAS describes the song ritual of a pair of diver birds in Soljanen March in the Seitseminen National Park. Photo: Seppo Pajari

Read the entire story by Kalle Heiska

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