Monday, 28 June 2010

Visiting professors from the Michigan State University

Marcia Lampen, Karen Newman and Amanda T. Woodward visited TAMK 15- 19th June. They arrived in Finland on 14th June and spent two days in Helsinki. In Helsinki they visited “ Malmin pienkodit” (sheltered housing) and Helsinki City Social Services Department. The theme of their visit was Finnish social services and social work.

The guests arrived in Tampere on 15th June. The aim of their visit in Tampere was to develop cooperation between TAMK and Michigan State University (MSU). The key person in starting this cooperation was TAMK Master`s Degree student Mirka Häyrynen, who spent three months in MSU as an exchange student in 2009.

The coordinating host in TAMK was principal lecturer Ulla-Maija Koivula. In Tampere the guests visited “Päiväperho” which is a rehabilitation centre for drug addicted pregnant mothers and families with small children, Viola-home, Tampere City Social Services Department and Askel (Askel-course is rehabilitation service for young adults recovering from mental illness).

In the end of their visit the guests had a final meeting considering the future cooperation between TAMK and MSU.  

Story: Annika Haanpää, Trainee, International Services

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