Thursday, 3 June 2010

Goodbye Finland!

This semester is over and it’s time for the exchange students and trainees to travel back home. Niels Devissch is a biomedical science student from Bruges, Belgium. Niels has been doing his clinical training in Tampere for the past 3,5 months and is now excited to travel back home. “It feels good to leave Finland, but I’ll miss the friends I made here,” he says.

Practical training in Finland differs from Belgium. “Here the laboratories are bigger and the people are less stressed”, Niels thinks.
TAMK has been a positive experience for Niels and he has enjoyed his time here. Niels even took two Finnish courses and can now introduce himself in almost perfectly pronounced Finnish.

Text: Annika Haanpää, Trainee, International Services

Photo: Marika Kyllönen, International Coordinator, International Services

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