Friday, 11 June 2010

Summer café done by Voimala

(From left to right) Annika Siuro, Mikko Paavilainen, Nelli Rahikainen, Titta Syväoja, Vilja Vuolle, Ina Suokko, Emilia Palomaa and Mira Mustonen, missing from the picture Janika Kuohukivi

Photo: Miina Makkonen

A new summer café opens up in Koskipuisto on Saturday the 16th June. The name of the café follows the Tampere-spirit and is called “Punane” (“Red”).

The café is maintained by nine 16-19-year-old youths. They have all attended the Voimala Bisnes –course and were selected to take part in the Voimala summer café project.

Each youth has invested 50 Euros into the café to get the first supplies from the wholesale. Voimala initiative offers the youth a red Christmas market cottage along with café equipment. At the end of the summer, the youth get to keep all the money they have made.

The persons running the Café Red did not moan about the lack of summer jobs, but instead did something about it. The café is done completely by the youths themselves: from the name to the products they are selling. These people are entrepreneurial and innovative! Depending on their own activeness, they may make a lot of money during the summer, or in the worst case, not at all. How will it turn out? We’ll have to wait and see.

For more information
Café manager Emilia Palomaa 040 811 1942

Voimala initiative

Voimala is a TAMK project, which coaches upper secondary and university students by using innovative methods. The main idea of Voimala is learning by doing and familiarising and encouraging youth into entrepreneurship. For teachers, coaching at Voimala offers tools for entrepreneurship and coaching.

Voimala is funded by ESR, Pirkanmaan ELY-keskus and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

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