Tuesday, 15 June 2010


The guests of international staff week arrived yesterday and TAMK staff was happy to welcome all of them in Finland for the first time! Guests arrived from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia and Spain.

The programme is a collaboration of all the non-teaching staff at TAMK and Senior Lecturer Mari Rytisalo, who leads us with the theme of the week: “My work in a multicultural working environment”

Rolf Heimdal from a partner university in Telemark in Norway commented on his expectations as follows: "If I'm here to learn anything - it is COMMUNICATION!"

Text: Annika Haanpää
Photo: Mirja Onduso

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Rocio said...

Now that I'm back in Seville I use this blog to thank you all for such a great experience. You are all wonderful human beings and I hope to see you again soon in Finland, Spain or wherever. Special thanks to the people at TAMK for their hospitality. KIITOS, THANKS, HVALA, DANKE, OBRIGADO, MERCI, BLAGODARYA, TAKK, GRACIES...GRACIAS, amigos, y hasta la vista!!! Losts of "kisses" ;)