Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Mysterious Finland

In the picture: Ms Marja-Liisa Laaksonen, Mr Su Xiangdong & Mr Jiao Zhi-gang.

In China, there are 630 million cell-phone users, who seldom know the name of Nokia. How come is this Nordic Company so successful around the world? Thus, Finland, Nokia’s motherland, is a mystery to Chinese.

Since my arrival to Finland on February 10 everything in Tampere, the third-biggest city covered with white snow and forest, is quite strange to me. Tampere is not bustling like Chicago (the third-biggest city in the USA) or München (the third-biggest in Germany). Everything is so quiet here. Everywhere I meet things very different from those in China e.g. handmade PUUKKO, the bending Tampere city buses, Sauna in the forest, local Karaoke house around the street corner, the 100-year old KAUPPAHALLI, a modern K-market, Finlayson area or Kalevan kirkko Church. All these give a very mysterious color to this SMALL, QUIET city.

Also the Finns here are very different from Chinese people. Everyone is busy and so quiet in the city. There is playing at weekend in the stadium, but there is no happy scream or noise inside. However, there are a lot of Karaoke houses, originating from Japan. Normally Western people do not like this entertainment form, but it is welcomed by Finns.

Sauna is the most important Finnish word that exists in every dictionary in every language. Finland also provides Nokia and Linux as gifts to the nations around the world. So, the next three months which I stay here will be very important to me. I hope I will get deeper knowledge of Finland, which is one of the strangest nations of the world.

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