Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Visitor from the Black Forest: Erich Wascher, Furtwangen University

Director of Centre for Languages and Culture of Furtwangen University, Erich Wascher visited TAMK last week. Furtwangen University is in the Black Forest (Schwartzwald) in southern Germany.

The University is known for its innovative study programmes: Computer Science in Media and Business Applications of Computer Science, for example, were taught there before anywhere else in Germany. Product Engineering, International Business and Computer Networking are model and pioneering programs, too.

Furtwangen University also has a lot to offer when it comes to opportunities for gaining an internationally recognised degree or to study at one of more than 100 partner universities.

Furtwangen University offers a broad selection of subject areas: Bachelor (16) and master programs (9) in the areas of computer sciences, technology, engineering, media, and business studies.

Erich Washer met and discussed with TAMK staff members from various units; the International Office, eBusiness, Virtual Studies, the business development and innovation Study Programme proAkademy, Staff Education Centre and the School of Art and Media. He also followed several language classes and participated in the Tampere Film Festival Party organised by the School of Art and Media. Of course sightseeing and dinner at Näsineula Tower was part of the programme, designed and hosted by Senior Lecturer Eeva Piirainen from TAMK Centre of Expertise of International Cooperation and Languages.

Furtwangen University

Photo: Eeva Piirainen and Erich Wascher at the roof top garden of the School of Art and Media

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