Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Greetings from Charleston, SC!

Two of TAMK’s teachers, Hanna Torp and Marianna Leikomaa, travelled all the way to Charleston, South Carolina, to participate and present a paper at the SITE conference (Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education).

Charleston turned out to be a beautiful old city with a lot of history and lovely buildings (as well as food). The conference has been extremely interesting so far! Things got off to a bit of rough start, with the first keynote speaker being absent altogether (because of the horrible weather East coast). Luckily she had Skype and was able to attend after all…

Hanna and Marianna did their presentation on Collaborative Knowledge Construction in an On-line Vocational Teacher Education on Tuesday afternoon and while the audience wasn’t very large, the presentation was received well. Tuesday evening the SITE conference

celebrated its 20th birthday with a Hawaiian theme party! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite up to Hawaiian temperatures…

Charleston is certainly a fabulous place and the SITE conference one of the most interesting and important teacher education conferences all around! We’ll definitely have to come back (both to Charleston and to the next SITE conference)!

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