Friday, 20 March 2009

Work opportunities seminar for Environmental Engineering a success

The students of Environmental Engineering had an excellent opportunity to hear experiences and tips from former TAMK students on a sunny afternoon in TAMK. The seminar was continuance for a similar event arranged last year.

Speakers in the seminar were Sari Lappi from Finnish Meteorological Institute, Badal Ahmed Hassan from University of Helsinki and Henna Tanskanen from Niras Finland Oy. They proved with their experiences to students that hard work, ambition and strong will can take anywhere after graduating from Environmental Engineering program in TAMK. The speakers emphasized to students such issues as the importance of practical training in studies as a guide and pacemaker to future working life and that it would be good for the students to determine and define their goals and interests and understand to aim towards them with ambition.

All three agreed that the Environmental Engineering program had given them excellent tools for further studying and work. The unique holistic perspective and versatile study program were in their opinion worth a lot in life and in finding a suitable career; their success and careers after 6-8 years from graduation definitely proved that right and gave lot to think for the current Enves.

The multitude of questions and the motivation shining from students’ faces at the end of the seminar showed that the Student Association G.L.O.B.E. had, in co-operation with the Environmental Engineering department, succeeded in its mission to be there for the students of Environmental Engineering and for enabling more green jobs pathways and insights of them to students.

Aino-Maija, IENVE-3

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