Monday, 24 November 2008

Finnish championship in project management for TAMK students

Antti Korhonen, Jussi Lehtonen and Santeri Lahdensalo, project management students of Business Administration, won the Finnish championship in project management on the 18th of November 2008.

The second place went to Novia from Tammisaari and the third to University of Oulu. The other TAMK team of Business administration (Jaakko Sartjärvi, Christer Törnqvist and Joona Venäläinen) did also well by coming in fourth.

Project management Finnish championship is an event organized by the Project Management Association Finland for the students of Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences. The language of the competition is English. This year over 20 teams from seven universities participated in the qualifying rounds. The six best teams made it into the finals organized during the national Project Management Days. The final consisted of an all-day long project simulation, where the teams had to implement a project as efficiently as possible, taking into account e.g. resources, costs and scheduling. The victory was not possible without top quality, exact work, which most companies doing project work can only dream about.

As one of the prizes from the victory, Antti, Jussi and Santeri will be the Finnish representatives in the World championship competition of project management organized by the International Project Management Association during the IPMA World Congress in Helsinki in June 2009. Next year’s Finnish champions will represent Finland in the World championship in South Africa in 2010.

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