Wednesday, 26 November 2008


During the last 3 years i have been participating in a unique idea, combining travelling and culture exchange. The idea of Couchsurfing is simple: instead of staying in a hostel and finding yourself surounded by turists, you are invited to people's home, share their lifestyle and get to know how they live.

Couchsurfing helped me a lot when i decided i would move from Israel to Finland. When i came to do the entrance exam i was hosted in Stockholm, Tampere and Jyvaskyla. After i got invited to study in TAMK, I already knew some members who later become good friends till today.

It helped a lot for the idea of being with new cultures all around while im part of an international study program. Couchsurfing opened my eyes to the simple fact that there are many nice people around you and sometimes our culture stops us from meeting them.
If you do not travel and hesitate of inviting strangers to your home, there are meetings events all the time or you can create one of your own. Meeting for coffe, for beer or just a small picnic can be aranged easily.

In the last 2 and a half years since i have been living in Finland i have hosted dozens of guests from all around the world such as Australia, United States, Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, Israel and more. Some stay for a day or over night while some stay for a few days or even a week.

If you are tarvellers by blood or looking for some culture exchange and different experiences, you are more than welcome to join the ride. I'm sure you will find it just fit to you as a glove to your hand.
For me, Couchsurfing is a perfect place to gain friends and colleagues, a way to make connections around the world and most important: Have fun !

p>Yoav Magen.

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