Monday, 24 November 2008

Environmental Engineering 3rd Years Iceland Excursion

The 3rd year of Environmental Engineering Program went to a study excursion in Iceland. To 3rd year IENVE degree student added one exchange student and three 4th year IENVE degree student.

Iceland is an unique country, sitting on the bridge of europe and america continents it is providing some magnificent and devine sceneries.

during the trip the group visited the hyrdopower and geothermic plants at the north of the country. The University of Akureyri provide its presentation about the special programs it offers such as RES (Renewable Energy Science) and Polar law.

During the stay in north of iceland the group went visiting the geothermic phenomenon.
Krefla power plant was the main site and followed by visit at the smoking lava fields.
The group visited two public hot springs lagoons - the Green lagoon near Krefla in the north of Iceland and the Blue lagoon in the south of Iceland, near Reykjavik.
Last day in Iceland contributed to Svartsengi geothermal powerplant, which its waste water runoffs forming the famous Blue lagoon.

From my point of view Iceland is such a unique place and it was amazing experience just to be able seeing it, something that might never happened in the future and for that i have to say thanks for TAMK and the IENVE degree program.

Yoav magen.

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