Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Great Opportunity for Teachers...

Dear Potential Exchange Teacher,

In April 2008 I attended ISCAP (School of Accounting and Administration of Porto)
International Week in Porto, Portugal. This event is now an established annual occasion which I highly recommend.

I made acquaintance with colleagues from several EU countries and with some of them the dialogue has continued on regular basis.

The week started with Opening Ceremony and Reception Dinner where members of the local Student Union provided live music, mainly Portuguese folk music known as fado.

During the week my knowledge of Porto and Portuguese culture grew a lot, not to mention the great opportunity to meet ISCAP students and staff. Now I know for sure that Port wine is named after the city of Porto, which is the second biggest city and
considered the economic and cultural heart of the entire region. And I can hardly forget the thousand majestic stairs of Porto - obviously for many reasons.

During the week I listened to many interesting lectures plus visited a trade show organized by ISCAP students. My own lectures covered the following topics: Finnish Success Stories (Nokia Mobile Phones and Marimekko) and Doing Business in Finland (Business Etiquette).

ISCAP International Week was an attractive and well-organized event and great opportunity for any exchange teacher!


Riitta Raimovaara

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