Saturday, 27 December 2008

International Week of Artmedia in May

The TAMK School of Art and Media will arrange her second International Week May 11-14, followed by the second Tampere Art Factory (TAF) May 15-16. Invitations have already been sent to partner universities.

The events in May this year became very successful, the week and the festival were visited by 50 professors, lecturers, students and company representatives from 18 universities and three companies from 15 countries.

The core of the International Week was lectures, presentations, tutorials and workshops given by our international guests. The results of the workshops were presented at Tampere Art Factory.

The participants of the International Week and TAF gave very good feedback. They liked very much the opportunity to see the presentations of their colleagues, to discuss during the breaks in the International Teachers’ Lobby, and to network during the evening programme. A lot of new relationships and project ideas were born during the sunny spring days and nights in Tampere.

The networking has continued at several occasions after TAF. Many International Week lecturers met each other again at the Academic Network Conference in Graz, November.

Tampere Art Factory

Photo: The Circle of Friendship at the smoke sauna evening hosted by TAMK International Office Photo by Juha Suonpää

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