Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Survival Weekend

Do you think that you could survive without some of the modern day utilities, like electricity, running water, cell phones and central heating? That is what the Survival Weekend is about. The idea of Survival weekend is quite simple; we go to the middle of nowhere to a cottage for one weekend. However, like the name says, we live there without the things we usually take for granted. We have to heat the cottage with wood which, of course, needs to be chopped first. Sauna and the water are heated with wood also. If you want to have hot water, first you need to heat it in a boiler in the sauna. And where does the water come? Well, you need to carry it there, naturally. You just can’t turn a tap and you get hot water from there. On top of that, it is quite dark in the middle of forest during the evening and the night and since we don’t have electricity to light the cottage, we use storm lanterns to provide light indoors and outdoors. But even with the lanterns, it still is quite dark. One of the first things that need to be done when we arrive to the cottage is setting up the tent. There is not enough space in the cottage for everyone so some of us need to sleep in the tent. The tent is much easier to set up when there is still natural light than try to set it up in the dark.

The Survival Weekend is about surviving but we do have time to have fun also so it is not all about chopping wood or carrying water. The main event during the weekend is the Survival Checkpoint Race. The idea of this race is that the survivalists are divided into groups and they go from a checkpoint to another doing different kind of tasks. After that there is possibility to go for a walk in the forest. Other activities during the weekend are sauna of course and the camp fire where you can grill your sausages or other meat. If there is snow on the ground, it is really nice to try to roll on the snow right after coming out of the sauna. It feels quite interesting on your body.

At the end of the Survival Weekend, the cottage needs to be clean and the rubbish needs to be taken away. After the Survival Weekend, you have experienced a nice and interesting outdoor weekend in the Finnish forest. It is quite an experience, you should try it out yourself!

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