Saturday, 13 December 2008

Joint Entrepreneurship Project with Polytechnic of Namibia and TAMK ProAcademy is nearly there

For the past year Polytechnic of Namibia and TAMK’s special unit in entrepreneurship, ProAcademy, have been working together on a project to create a degree program in entrepreneurship for the Polytechnic of Namibia.

The project hosted a one-month fieldwork period in August-September in Namibia for four ProAcademy students and two coaches. During this fieldwork period a feasibility study on the model was completed together with the local students, faculty and businesses. The feasibility study established that the ProAcademy model would work well in the local context supporting entrepreneurial development and the state of Namibia in its Vision 2030. Polytechnic of Namibia decided to start their own proacademy already in February 2009 with a pilot team.

In continuation to the feasibility study two Namibian students Karen Vries and Lennord Eiseb from the pilot team and two upcoming coaches Suleiman Mbaziira and Carlos Ndjavera come to ProAcademy at the end of the October for two weeks of training. Objective of the training was to become acquainted with methods of ProAcademy and open the visitors’ understanding of the concept of these entrepreneurship studies. During their stay the Namibians took part in a lot of exercises and gained good tips and practical tools for studying and learning in a new way.

Karen and Lennord especially liked the good spirit and culture of TAMK’s ProAcademy. Suleiman and Carlos took notice of students’ creative and innovative thinking. Everybody thought however that the most important things in ProAcademy are definitely the trust between team members and taking responsibility for the team.

Karen, Lennord, Suleiman and Carlos have learned a lot but there are still some things to work on. When they are starting the proacademy in Namibia next spring, they will get assistance from Jutta Myyryläinen, a ProAcademy student, who is going to Namibia for the spring to complete her final thesis.

There are some pictures of the fieldwork period in TAMK Business School's blog.

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