Monday, 31 May 2010

German Language Experts from TAMK!

May was certainly an exciting time for those seven students of German for Business Life at TAMK, who also wanted to take the international language test at the end of the course. This goal was very demanding, since an accepted Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International (PWD) proves that the person is able to cover demanding professional and business topics in both spoken and written German. The test is globally esteemed in the business life and industry.

Our students laboured through the first part of the language test on Saturday the 8th of May. The exam consisted of four different reading comprehensions, two listening comprehensions and writing a report and a business letter. The participants only had four hours to complete the tasks, which required quick reacting and a good ability to understand and produce German.

Deutsch-Finnische Handelskammer and Goethe-Institut in Helsinki evaluated the test results, and we waited for them, and the acceptance to the spoken part of the test until last Thursday. On Friday the 21st the atmosphere in the University main building just got more excited, as one participant after another started their 20-minute preparations for the spoken test, and then their 20 minutes of actual testing. The censor of the contents in the exam was Mika Pöpken (Rechtsanwalt, attorney) and the evaluation for language was done by Ulrike Eichstädt (German teacher, Goethe-Institut).

Now all participants have been invited to receive their business German diplomas in the German embassy in Helsinki on Friday the 4th of June. Congratulations to you all - herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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