Thursday, 20 May 2010

MSc dissertation Vivas and Poster Conference at Tampere University of Applied Science at 18th. May 2010

The first joint programme Sustainable Business Risk Management Master of Science students had their dissertation Vivas last Tuesday 18th - and after that there was Poster Conference organized at Foyer.

Marja Sutela, Vice Headmaster for Tampere University of Applied Science addressed welcome the Vivas and Poster Conference and assigned certificates of Specialisation Studies in Sustainable Business Risk Management.

Now after one and a half years of hard studies, approved dissertation, viva and Poster presentation student will be awarded Master of Science (SBRM) by University of Glamorgan.

Pose of students and teachers at Foyer.
From right: Steve Lloyd (UoG) Jiali Koski, Inga Vinciunaite, Dawn Story (UoG), Riitta Välimäki, Petri Tiihonen, Peter Evans (UoG), Esa Packalén (TAMK) and Kati Hinkkanen. Participants also included Marjukka Dyer (who took the picture)

Riitta (left) and Inga with well-earned certificates in their hands standing besides one of the posters.

Best Regards
Esa Packalén

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