Monday, 7 December 2009

TAMK R&D visits Uppsala

TAMK Tampere University of Applied Sciences is very active nationally and internationally in research & development, especially in the field of environmental and sustainable development. TAMK was planning to join the Baltic University Programme (BUP) and therefore the R&D group lead by Dr. Perttu Heino (Research director) visited Uppsala University located at Villavägen 16, 75236 Uppsala on 9th of January 2008.

The R&D group was welcomed by the BUP Director, Christine Jakobsson who introduced during her presentation the Baltic University Programme and the project Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Development. This was followed by two interesting presentations: the first one was made by the former Director of BUP Professor Emeritus Lars Rydén who introduced Sustainable Community Development. The second presentation was about The Centre of Sustainable Development in Uppsala by Director Eva Friman.

After lunch the visit continued at the Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI) located on Ultuna. Mr. Ulf Nordberg introduced some research findings:

• Only organic wastes with very low metal content should be digested
• Digestion of source separated organic wastes will give a digestate accepted by
• Transparency in what a plant is treating is very important for confidence
• A certification system is necessary for acceptance from food industry
• A dialog with food industry, farmers and other stakeholders is necessary for understanding each others' perspective

The trip to Uppsala ended by visiting the Eco-Village Hågaby, where Professor Per G. Berg, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, told about the history of the village, schools, composting room.

On our trip back to Finland, me and my colleagues felt ourselves more than welcome to join the network, thanks to the warm reception during our visit to Uppsala.

Mina Bouhlal

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