Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Good day from chilly but sunny Oita-city!

Exchange students doing zazen, a Zen Buddhist meditation practice.

Because of nation-wide entrance exams, all the lectures are cancelled, and I have unusual spare time to report to TAMK's blog about my exchange.

We, the exchange students, began our semester in Oita University in the 1st of October, at the same time as all Japanese university students start their school year. That is quite late in comparison to Finland.

For the past two months, despite the variety of fields offered by Oita University, the selected exchange studies have concentrated in two subjects: economics and Japanese language. And for my good, both have proven to be extremely informative.

In my view, Oita University is a fruitful choice for anyone with a desire to learn business economics, Japanese management, social studies or even chemistry alongside of Japanese language. Japanese language classes are divided into six levels, allowing everyone from no prior knowledge to extremely advanced to receive suitable teaching.

To give a quick coordinates, Oita University locates in the Oita-city. City of Oita then again is a prefectural capital of Oita prefecture and Oita prefecture is in the north-west of Kyushu island, in the southern Japan. Hmm... it might be better to look it up from a map.

The main reason why I wanted to come to Japan, besides learning the language, is its peculiarity. Japan has been subject to countless studies, doubtlessly because there is no culture alike. For myself, the time here is an unique chance to receive firsthand knowledge of the distinctiveness of Japan. And I am grateful for both TAMK University of Applied Sciences and Oita University for giving this opportunity!

Lauri Aho, Oita University, Japan

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