Sunday, 27 December 2009

New eLearning Materials for Adult Students of the Retail Trade

Science journalist Kalle Heiska reports about the EU RetAil (Retail Management for Adults in Lifelong Learning) that now is completed. The aim of the project was to transfer and implement an existing written material for teaching retailing management into an ICT-based learning material based on modules for open learning environment targeted for adult learners.

As a part of the project, eLearning materials have been created for adults working in the retail trade. Tampere UAS (TAMK) was involved in the design of the materials as an expert in adult education and on-line education. The partners included two Icelandic and one Scottish educational institution and the work was mostly financed by the EU Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation programme.

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Pictured: Senior lecturer Hanna Torp (left) and project manager Marianna Leikomaa of TAMK have developed new eLearning materials designed for adult students in the retail trade.

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